Who is the richest female footballer in the world?

Who is the richest female footballer in the world?

Alex Morgan is the first. Alex Morgan is ranked first on the list of the top ten richest female soccer players in 2021. She has an estimated net worth of $90 million.

The other nine females on the list all came in at number two with a combined net worth of $60 million. They are:

Lorena Fernandez-Hutton (Spain) $20 million

Mia Hamm ($10 million)

Michelle Akers ($5 million)

Becky Hammon ($4 million)

Tierney Mason ($3 million)

Jennifer O'Sullivan ($2 million)

Karina Taylor ($1 million)

There are also nine males on this list. They are: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Muhammed Salah, Harry Kane, Pierre-Gaston Mendiez Marseille, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney and David Beckham. The combined net worth of these nine males is $440 million.

So overall, we can say that Alex Morgan is the richest female footballer in the world. Her net worth is $90 million.

Who is the most famous female soccer player?

Alex Morgan appears to have surpassed Mia Hamm as the most known and marketable female soccer star of her generation. And she has the data to back it up. Morgan was a standout at Cal before joining the US Women's National Team in 2010. She now has 160 caps and has scored 100 goals. Hamm had more success while playing for the Houston Dash of the NWSL, but she only had two seasons there before moving to French club Olympique Lyonnais.

Other notable women's soccer players include Abby Wambach (USA), Michelle Akers (USA), Kristine Lilly (Australia), and Birgit Prinz (Germany).

Akers, who is third on the list of all-time international scoring leaders with 189 goals, won the FA Women's Cup with Arsenal in 1990. As well as playing professional football, she also appeared as a guest player for the USA women's national team at the 1991 FIFA Women's World Cup in Sweden. She currently plays for the Boston Breakers in the NWSL.

Lilly played at three Olympics, winning a silver medal in 2004 as a member of the American squad. She currently coaches Stanford University's women's soccer team.

Wambach is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Women's World Cup with 52 goals. She has won the Golden Boot award twice - in 2009 and again in 2011 - after helping the United States win the cup each time.

Who is the highest-paid female footballer?

Carli Lloyd has surpassed Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe to become the highest-paid female footballer in the world. The American striker made $750,000 (£542,000) during the 2017 season.

Lloyd's salary makes her the first woman to be paid more than Morgan or Rapinoe. The three women were all nominated for the Ballon d'Or but only one was awarded this year: Lloyd. She scored five times in five matches to help USA win the Women's World Cup in July.

Rapinoe said she would not accept any more money from US Soccer while Morgan declined all offers from European clubs after winning the Golden Boot at the Women's World Cup with six goals.

Lloyd joined the United States national team in 2011 and has since gone on to score 46 goals in 100 appearances for her country. The Chicago Red Stars player is expected to play a major role for USA at the 2019 Women's World Cup in France.

She has been named the Best Female Player in the World by The Football Association and was also voted the No. 1 Women's Soccer Player of 2015 by ESPN.com.

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