What is the most expensive Alex Rodriguez card?

What is the most expensive Alex Rodriguez card?

In April 2019, the most expensive Alex Rodriguez Baseball Rookie Card (94 SP Foil Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card RC # 15 PSA 10 Super Rare LOW POP AROD) sold for $3777.77 on eBay, while the cheapest Rookie Card (50 CARD ALEX RODRIGUEZ RANDY JOHNSON DAVID ORTIZ RC BOBBY DALBEC ROOKIE LOT) changed hands...

Alex Rodriguez has issued many cards while he was playing baseball, and these are the most expensive ones.

The first Alex Rodriguez card I bought was a rookie card in 2001 when he was with the New York Yankees. The card had an autograph and a photo on it and was priced at $99. It now sells for about $180 on eBay. In 2002, when he was with the American League Champion Anaheim Angels, another rookie card was released with an autograph and a photo on it. This time it was priced at $149. It now sells for around $300 on eBay.

In 2004, when he was with the Texas Rangers, a third rookie card was released with an autograph and a photo on it. This time it was priced at $59.95. It now sells for around $120 on eBay.

In 2005, when he was with the Detroit Tigers, a fourth rookie card was released with an autograph and a photo on it. It was priced at $14.95. It now sells for around $30 on eBay.

What is the most valuable Derek Jeter card?

Derek Jeter Baseball Card Values

  • Most valuable Derek Jeter baseball card ever sold: 1993 SP DEREK JETER ROOKIE CARD (sold for a mind-blowing $180,000)
  • Most common Jeter baseball card up for auction on eBay: Again the 1993 SP Upper Deck RC is the most popular card up on eBay auctions at any given time.

When did Alex Rodriguez get his first deck of cards?

The Upper Deck in 1994 Alex Rodriguez's most memorable rookie was It's one of the most highly acquired Upper Deck basic set cards. The foil finish, participation in the popular Star Rookies subgroup, and a colorful portrait all contribute to its allure.

The shortstop batted.319 in 65 games with the Appleton Foxes, with 14 home runs, 55 RBIs, and 16 stolen bases. This card is frequently available on eBay and is not difficult to locate, but it is still a fantastic card for any ARoD enthusiast. Please keep in mind that this is not the Alex Rodriguez rookie card, but rather an Upper Deck special edition card.

One of the most costly Alex Rodriguez RCs is also one of the most popular. The 1994 Alex Rodriguez SP FOIL RC depicts a happy, smiling A-Rod, as if to say, "Yes, I'm a big deal."

What is the most expensive upper deck card?

On April 26, 2021, it was updated. There's competition for the highest expensive trading card ever sold. At $5.2 million, a LeBron James 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite rookie patch signature set a record for the most valuable basketball card ever sold, tying Mantle for the most expensive card ever. The previous record was $3.25 million, also for an NBA card.

It came with a case and all cards were in pristine condition. The set was released in Japan only and shipped in a special box designed by John Lennon.

It was one of just 2,500 sets produced and is now worth more than $10 million.

The other is the same set but with Michael Jordan instead of Lebron James on the front of the card. It is worth more than $20 million.

A third card in this set has a value of more than $30 million.

It will be interesting to see if these records are still intact after a few more years of card collecting marketshares.

What is the most expensive rookie card?

According to Collectable, a Baltimore News pre-rookie card of Ruth sold for $6 million, making it the most expensive card ever sold. Ruth is depicted in the minor leagues on the card. In 1914, Ruth was a member of the Baltimore Orioles of the International League. The team's owner, Joseph B. Frederick, offered $10,000 for the right to issue cards of his player. The card was issued by an advertising agency in Brooklyn and sold for ten cents.

Ruth went on to become one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He played in New York City for nineteen seasons and finished with a career batting average of.300. During that time, he led the Yankees to eleven World Series victories and earned the nickname "The Man Who Conquered Baseball". In 1939, five years after his death, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law a bill designating October 2 as a national holiday in honor of Babe Ruth. This marked the beginning of what is now called "Babe Ruth Day".

A total of 801 cards were printed by R.H. Cola & Company. Each card is unique and no two cards are exactly the same.

The card is #30 in the series. The highest number ever used was 42; there are still several remaining in the set. The lowest number used was 1; there are also several of these left as well.

Which is the most expensive Trevor Lawrence rookie card?

The Rookie Card Value of Trevor Lawrence The Leaf All American Bowl Auto 1/1 #AU55, which sold for $6,600 via eBay auctions on 1/6/2021, is Trevor Lawrence's most expensive rookie card to date. The 20 Greatest Michael Jordan Basketball Cards of All Time article on ESPN.com lists this card at $10,000.

Lawrence was drafted first overall by the Clemson Tigers in 2019. This makes him the highest-drafted player from a school not in the NCAA Division I FBS football conference (which includes schools such as Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia) since the draft began in 1947. He is also the first player from a school outside the Atlantic Coast Conference to be selected number one overall.

Leaf fans could have bought a complete set of Lawrence cards for $6,600 in January 2021. But on 1/6/2020, an auction on eBay featuring all eight 2020 Topps NBA Draft cards including the one of Lawrence went for $40,400 - more than double the price of the cheapest card!

The highest-ever paid price for a single basketball card was $450,000 in 2011 when Steve Nash was traded to the Phoenix Suns. The card was autographed by both Nash and his new teammate, Amar'e Stoudemire.

What is the most expensive sports rookie card?

The previous record was $4.2 million for a 1995 Pete Incaviglia rookie card.

A 1992-93 John Kruk rookie card is the most expensive baseball card ever sold at $3.6 million.

In 2011, an Eric Gagne rookie card was sold at auction for $2.5 million, setting a new record for baseball cards. The card was authenticated by two different experts, who both confirmed their validity. It was estimated to sell for $1.5-$2 million but no one was willing to pay that much for it.

Finally, a buyer came forward at the end of the auction but only paid $2.3 million, which is still a record for any card in any sport.

The card is now on display at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas.

Heritage Auctions has identified several other rookie cards that could potentially break the $2 million mark.

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