Where can I sell my NBA cards?

Where can I sell my NBA cards?

Basketball cards may be sold on online markets such as eBay and Craigslist. You get to choose your own price for your cards when you sell them online. Just make sure your asking price is realistic, or you might not receive any buyers. Card collectors usually pay between $10 and $100 per card for basketball cards.

There are also few places in the United States that buy cards from individual collectors. Some places that may interest you include: State College, Pennsylvania; Golden, Colorado; and Roseville, California. Each of these locations buys cards from different sets so you should try to represent every player with at least one card in order to maximize your sales potential.

The last option for selling your cards is to put an advertisement in a card magazine. Not only will this method get your cards seen by more people, but it will also give you something to write about on your resume! The best magazines to advertise in are Sports Illustrated (for baseball cards) and Basketball Magazine (for basketball cards). However, there are many more card magazines out there so do some research before putting money into an ad campaign.

In conclusion, basketball cards can be sold for money. There are several options available for doing so, depending on what kind of card collection you have and how much money you're willing to spend.

Where to sell football, baseball, and other sports cards?

1 eBay Consignment Shops There are businesses in numerous cities that sell stuff on eBay for a charge. There are two message boards. You may sell your cards on sports card message boards on the internet to avoid paying fees and commissions. Three sports card dealers Of course, there are many sports card sellers out there.... More

2 Card Kingdom They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but we all know that looks can be deceiving. Thus, we also know that books can look interesting or uninteresting based on their covers. The same thing goes for cards. So, if you want to determine how good of a dealer is, you should look at their cover. Two card shops In California's San Fernando Valley, one shop is located in Tarzana and the other is in Woodland Hills.

3 Heritage Auctions-Card Gallery They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but we all know that looks can be deceiving.

Where can I sell football cards online?

8 Best Sports Card Selling Websites and Apps

  1. Beckett. Beckett is one of the most popular online marketplaces where you can sell your sports cards.
  2. Dave & Adam’s. Dave & Adam’s will purchase your sports cards directly.
  3. SlabStox.
  4. EBay.
  5. 5. Facebook Groups.
  6. COMC.
  7. Blowout Forums.
  8. PSA Card Forums.

Who can I sell my football cards to?

Where Can I Buy Football, Baseball, and Other Sports Cards?

  • Selling Sports Cards on eBay. eBay is a popular place for collectors to buy cards, and it is a good place to sell your cards yourself.
  • EBay Consignment Stores. In many cities there are businesses that sell items on eBay for a consignment fee.
  • Message Boards.
  • Sports Card Dealers.

How do I sell my Michael Jordan rookie card?

EBay is the quickest method to sell your graded Michael Jordan rookie card. Here you may join up to purchase and sell. There are several other online sites that offer an alternative method for selling your card, such as Graupner/PGS which I have also listed below.

Your first step is to decide how much you want for your card. Then use the value chart on page 2 to grade it. Finally, list the card on eBay or one of its equivalent sites like Cardpool, etc. If someone is interested, they will contact you directly. You can choose whether or not to sell it at once in a single transaction or over time in multiple transactions.

As you can see, there are many ways to sell your card. The easiest way is to list it on eBay and if someone is interested, they will contact you directly. Otherwise, you can keep it and buy another card.

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