Which is the most expensive Michael Jordan basketball card?

Which is the most expensive Michael Jordan basketball card?

There are no other options. Michael Jordan's rookie cards, as well as cards in general, are among the most costly basketball cards available. A near-mint condition 100th Anniversary card sold for $40,000 in 2014.

The highest price ever paid at auction for a sports card was also achieved by an MJ card: a 1991 Upper Deck card that was graded ultra-high grade (UHG) by the grading company, PSA/DNA, sold for $43,052.50.

PSA/DNA assigned this card an unprecedented 9 out of 10 stars, which makes it one of the most valuable cards in existence. It's worth more than $100 million today.

In 2012, an ungraded card from the same set sold for $109,000 at auction. That's more than $220 per point.

A typical card from this set will cost you around $20,000 to $30,000 and up. A very rare card can go for more than $100,000.

This list doesn't include cards that may have been issued with errors, such as duplicates or variants. Also not included are cards that may have been damaged during shipment or storage.

What is the most expensive basketball card ever?

LeBron James' rookie card sells for $5.2 million, making it the most expensive basketball card ever. The card was issued to honor LeBron's first year in the NBA and features him wearing number 23 for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The card came with an autograph from LeBron when he signed it before going on stage at his first press conference as a Cav.

It also comes with a letter that he wrote when he was just a teen-ager playing high school basketball, not knowing that this would one day become a famous card worth millions of dollars.

In the letter, which was published in Sports Illustrated when the card was released in 2004, LeBron said he always wanted to be a superstar player who makes people happy by helping his team win games.

He went on to say that he hopes his cards will help bring some joy to kids who may have lost hope during difficult times in their lives.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the card goes to charities that include Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, the American Cancer Society, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What is the most valuable NBA card?

The most expensive basketball card ever sold is Luka Doncic's autograph, which sells for $4.6 million. (CBSDFW.COM)- The most expensive basketball card ever sold is a signed Luka Doncic rookie card with the NBA Logoman patch from a game-worn Dallas Mavericks jersey, which went for $4.6 million. The sale of this card in August 2019 at an auction house in Fort Myers, Florida, also marked the highest price ever paid for a sports card.

The second most expensive card is a Michael Jordan signature card that sold for $4.2 million in March 2019 at a card show in New York City. This makes him the greatest athlete of all time based on card value.

A baseball card is worth more than $10 million dollars? Yes, but it's not very common. In April 2013, an Upper Deck card featuring Alex Rodriguez was sold for $91,500 at a card show in Rochester, New York. It's estimated to be worth over $100,000 now due to rising card values.

A soccer card is worth more than $10 million dollars? In November 2011, a Puma card featuring Lionel Messi was sold for $107,000 at a card show in London. It's estimated to be worth over $120,000 now due to rising card values.

What is the most expensive basketball?

A rare LeBron James autographed rookie card was privately acquired for $5.2 million, breaking the record for the most expensive basketball card sale ever and tying the record for the biggest sports card transaction of all time. The card was issued to James when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2002. It included in its packet of 100 cards with unique serial numbers.

The previous record was set in August 2013 when a single card from the original 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball card set went for $4.9 million at a Heritage Auctions baseball card auction. That card is now considered one of the best values in sports memorabilia because it sold for more than three times its estimated value.

The highest price that has ever been paid for an NBA basketball game used or licensed product is $2.5 million paid by an anonymous buyer in November 2008 for rights to use the logo of the Boston Celtics in return for permission to sell merchandise featuring the logo. This amount includes a $250,000 bonus if the buyer sells $10 million worth of merchandise in the first year.

The most expensive basketball game ever sold was a collection of 25 games used by Chicago's Dominick's Sports Cards & Memorabilia in February 2014. The collection was bought by an unidentified collector for $4.05 million.

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