What does Brady think of Mahomes?

What does Brady think of Mahomes?

Tom Brady believes Patrick Mahomes is the only one who can dethrone him as the best quarterback in NFL history. According to Brady's Buccaneers colleague, LeSean McCoy, who has also played with Mahomes. "'Mahomes understands. Brady says, according to McCoy. 'He's the only one who can take it away from me.' And then he said something about how nobody has ever thrown for 5,000 yards in a season."'

Brady and Mahomes have a lot in common: They're both third-year quarterbacks coming off serious knee injuries, they both have big personalities, and they both love throwing deep passes. It's no surprise that they get along well.

When Brady returned from his four-game suspension following the 2017 season, he went 18-1 during the regular season, leading the New England Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl victory. In his first game back from injury, Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 46-45 win over the Steelers in Week 1 this year. He has not looked back since.

In 2018, Brady threw for 4,057 yards while completing 62.5 percent of his passes to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl appearance. In 2019, Mahomes has been even better - he's already got 4,097 passing yards while completing 67.3 percent of his passes. No other quarterback has reached 4,000 career yards through eight games.

Is Joe Montana better than Brady?

Tom Brady, according to Joe Montana, is the greatest quarterback of all time. In February, Tom Brady won his NFL-record seventh Super Bowl, bolstering his claim as the best quarterback in NFL history. But, according to another all-time great, Joe Montana, the GOAT argument has already been decided. In an interview with ESPN's Mike & Mike, Montana was asked if he thought Brady was better than him. His answer was not what you would expect.

Montana began by saying that it's impossible for anyone to be able to judge how good someone else is because no one can see inside their head. He continued by saying that he believes Brady is a great player and a worthy competitor, but that he's already been judged by the statistics and by himself and has nothing more to prove.

When asked about other players that have been mentioned in this conversation, such as Peyton Manning, Montana didn't hesitate to say that they were both going to go down as top five quarterbacks of all time.

It's interesting to hear someone other than Brady or Manning say that they believe that one of them is currently having a better season than the other. Usually, the opposite is true - people are arguing who is hurting their team more by trying to protect the quarterback or by not playing well on any given week. But, according to Montana, there's no need to try and compare seasons from different times when judging individual players.

Why is Tom Brady the best?

Tom Brady remains one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, even as he aged. He can continue to dominate for many years to come in order to secure his legacy. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history because he has the most rings of any NFL player, he rallied from a 25-point deficit in the Super Bowl, and he has established several postseason records. Brady has also won more games than anyone else except Joe Montana and Roger Staubach, and his.697 career winning percentage is only behind Montana's.737 for number one on the all-time list.

Brady is also the most successful quarterback in the history of the New England Patriots. He has won a record five MVP awards and has been named to eleven Pro Bowls. His presence is so powerful that it has been said that "no one else matters" when the Patriots play against the Steelers.

He is the greatest quarterback of all time or not? You can see why this argument continues to rage on Twitter between football fans from all over the world. It's certainly true that nobody else has won as much as Brady has - including Montana and Staubach - but there are also many who argue that Peyton Manning is currently being overlooked. In my opinion, neither man is better than the other; they're just different qualities you need in a quarterback. However, if we were to rank all time greats by passing yards gained then Brady would be number one while Manning would be fifth.

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