Who is the greatest packer of all time?

Who is the greatest packer of all time?

Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers have all earned Super Bowl MVP awards and contributed to Green Bay's historic winning streak. The finest Packers teams have always had explosive offenses. They've never had a defense that could be called stifling, but they do rank first in fewest points allowed per game over the last 20 years.

Starr was the star quarterback on these Packers teams, leading them to a NFL-best 10 wins straight after he returned from injury. He went 89-26 as a starter for a lifetime average of 9.4 touchdowns and only 3.5 interceptions. He also has the distinction of being the only player with three consecutive 100-yard games before the introduction of the touchdown pass.

Favre is one of just four quarterbacks to win the NFL MVP award twice during his career. He led the Packers back to the playoffs in each of his final six seasons with the team and won another Super Bowl after retirement. Favre passed for 21 touchdowns and only three interceptions during that span, showing he still had it when many thought he might quit playing.

Rodgers is the most recent superstar quarterback to come out of Green Bay, having taken over as the starter at age 24 after Favre retired.

Who was the greatest raider of all time?

Here are the top 8 Oakland Raiders players of all time.

  1. LG Gene Upshaw (1967-81) 25 of 25.
  2. LT Art Shell (1968-82) 24 of 25.
  3. WR Tim Brown (1988-03) 23 of 25.
  4. C Jim Otto (1960-74) 22 of 25.
  5. QB Ken Stabler (1970-79) 21 of 25.
  6. RB Marcus Allen (1982-1992) 20 of 25.
  7. DE Howie Long (1981-93) 19 of 25.
  8. QB Jim Plunkett (1979-86)

Who is the greatest rusher in NFL history?

Emmitt Smith was the greatest runner of all time. He rushed for 17,162 yards and scored 153 touchdowns in 13 seasons with the Cowboys. The three Super Bowls won by the Cowboys under him would be the pinnacle of Super Bowl XXXVIII's MVP's career. He appeared in eight Pro Bowls and was named to five All-Pro teams. Smith led the NFL in rushing four times. His average of 4.6 yards per carry has never been topped since he retired.

In second place is Jim Brown. The only player in NFL history with at least 15,000 yards from scrimmage, Brown went over 1,500 yards six times and had 23 or more touchdowns seven times. He ended his career as the most productive offensive player in Browns history and one of the most prolific runners in NFL history.

In third place is Walter Payton. Like Brown, he was a running back who played for the Chicago Bears and finished his career as their all-time leading scorer. He also spent ten seasons without a loss during his career. Payton averaged nearly 100 yards per game for his career and holds many team records including most consecutive games with a touchdown rush (28).

Other notable runners include Curtis Martin, Eric Dickerson, Clinton Portis, and Arian Foster. Each one of them is worthy of being in the top 5 - even Smith in first place.

There are two ways to score points in football: run the ball and throw it deep. That's why we see so many different types of runs and passes.

Who is the most famous Packer player?

This list is just for players, not coaches, though Curly Lambeau has done both (Lambeau was actually All-Pro eight times).

  1. WR Don Hutson. 1 of 26.
  2. QB Bart Starr. 2 of 26.
  3. QB Brett Favre. 3 of 26.
  4. RT Forrest Gregg. 4 of 26.
  5. MLB Ray Nitschke. 5 of 26.
  6. CB Herb Adderley. 6 of 26.
  7. FB Jim Taylor. 7 of 26.
  8. S Willie Wood. 8 of 26.

Who has the most Pick 6s of all time?

Leaders, Favre, Brett

Brett Favre+314TM
Dan Marino+29mia
Joe Namath+28nyj
Drew Brees272TM

Who is the greatest 49er of all time?

In celebration of the team's legends, I've chosen to develop a list of the greatest 50 49ers of all time.

  1. Jerry Rice (1985-2000) 50 of 50.
  2. Joe Montana (1979-1992)
  3. Ronnie Lott (1981-1990)
  4. Steve Young (1987-1999)
  5. Bryant Young (1994-2007)
  6. Dave Wilcox (1964-1974)
  7. Jimmy Johnson (1961-1976)
  8. Hugh McElhenny (1952-1960)

Who is the greatest switch hitter of all time?

This, however, is not one of those lists. Mickey Mantle is unquestionably the greatest switch-hitter of all time. Mantle, one of the best baseball players of all time, has 536 home runs, was a three-time MVP contender, and is undoubtedly a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He also switched-hit regularly during his career.

In fact, according to research conducted by Jason Colletto of Baseball-Reference.com, there have been only nine players who have played at least 1,000 games as switch-hitters during their careers: Eddie Murray (Black), Roy Campanella (Yankee), Billy Herman (Yankee), Mantle (Mariner/Met), Al Leiter (Rocky Mountain), Mike Stanton (Padre), Eric Thames (Brewer) and Stephen Vogt (National).

Out of this group, only Mantle played in more than one league during his career; he played with the Boston Red Sox from 1955-1957 and the Washington Senators from 1957-1960. However, because switch-hitting is used almost exclusively as a defensive measure against left-handed pitchers, this list still very much represents active players today.

It's safe to say that Mickey Mantle is the greatest switch-hitter of all time. He had an incredible ability to hit right-handed pitching and left-handed pitching, which isn't something many hitters can claim.

What was the highest-scoring Packer game?

Finally, as time expired, Mark Moseley's 39-yard field goal went barely wide, giving the Packers a 48-47 victory. The 95-point outburst is still the highest-scoring game in MNF history.

It was also the first time the two teams scored over 50 points in a game. These days, such games are common but this was not always the case. In fact, during the 1970s and '80s, there were only four 50-point games across all of sports - three in the NFL and one in the NBA. By comparison, there have been more than 100 games scoring at least 40 points since 1990.

The last time these two teams met with no time left on the clock was 2014. The Packers won that game 49-23.

Here are the other three highest-scoring games in Monday Night Football history:

55 points - 2009 NFC Championship Game (Green Bay vs. New York Giants) - Overtime

54 points - 2007 Wild Card Round (Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts) - Halftime

53 points - 2005 Divisional Round (Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers) - Overtime

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