Who is the quarterback with the most rushing TDs?

Who is the quarterback with the most rushing TDs?

John Elway, a dual-threat quarterback, has played in five Super Bowls and has the most running touchdowns of any quarterback in Super Bowl history. He has also thrown for at least one touchdown in each game he has played in, including two appearances as a rookie. Elway currently plays for the Denver Broncos.

He was the first player in NFL history to have both a rushing and passing touchdown in the same game six times. The last player to do so was Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

Elway led his team to the playoffs every year he started until he broke his right arm in a November 1993 game against the New England Patriots. He returned the next season and helped the Broncos win their first Super Bowl after the 1994 season. Elway went on to play three more seasons before retiring due to health issues in 1998 at the age of 35. During that time, he made four more playoff appearances with three different teams.

The most recent player to have multiple rushing touchdowns while playing in at least five postseason games is LeGarrette Blount of the New England Patriots. He has eight total touchdowns this season, tying an NFL record for most touchdowns in a single post-season contest. The previous record was held by Frank Ryan of the Chicago Bears who had six in 1950.

Who is the only NFL quarterback to have more than four starts?

John Elway previously held the record with 5. They are the only two quarterbacks with more than four Super Bowl starts. While making it to the Super Bowl is a great accomplishment, winning is the most important. A single quarterback has won six Super Bowls.

Tom Brady has the most postseason victories by a quarterback in the NFL (34), as well as the most playoff games started (45). With 14 post-season wins in non-home games, including Super Bowls, Tom Brady owns the record for most post-season wins by a quarterback in non-home games.

What quarterback has the best stats of all time?

Regular Season Statistics for a Career

NameGamesQB Rating
Elway, John23479.9
Manning, Peyton26696.5
Marino, Dan24286.4
Montana, Joe19292.3

What QB has the most MVPs?

With five career MVP honors, Peyton Manning has the most of any quarterback.

Brett Favre302237.9
Johnny Unitas211190.7
Kurt Warner124260.8
Steve Young169196.0

Who is the fastest quarterback to reach 400 touchdown passes?

Rodgers became the quickest player in NFL history to achieve 400 touchdown passes with a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Rodgers is only the seventh quarterback to achieve 400 touchdowns, and he is also the first to score 35+ throw touchdowns in five different seasons. He is being recognized for his performance this season.

The most prolific passer of all time is Peyton Manning who has 544 career touchdowns. He needs just three more TD passes this season to break Jerry Rice's single-season record of 22 scores set in 1985. The record will be hard to beat since it was reached by a great receiver in Antonio Brown and the current leader Rodgers has already scored 35 touchdowns this year.

It took Rodgers just four seasons to score 40 touchdowns, which is the most of any quarterback in NFL history. He has already surpassed that total this season thanks to his own player Aaron Jones who has run for two touchdowns this year. Jones is the first rookie runner since 1983 to score multiple rushing touchdowns in a game against the Chicago Bears.

In order for Rodgers to become the no. 1 all-time scorer he will need to pass Manning this season or in 2018 when the Indianapolis Colts' quarterback retires. So far this year Rodgers is the most successful passer in today's NFL with 4,845 yards thrown and 36 touchdowns completed out of 42 attempts. He has also been sacked only 26 times this season.

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