When was the last time the Redskins were in the Super Bowl?

When was the last time the Redskins were in the Super Bowl?

The Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl 20 years ago Thursday, defeating the Buffalo Bills 37-24 in Minneapolis. On Thursday, Richard Justice, The Washington Post's beat reporter at the time, addressed your questions on the Hogs, Art Monk, Mark Rypien, Joe Gibbs, and the others. Check out what he had to say.

Whom have the Redskins played in the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXVI: 85 Years of Redskins History The Redskins, coached by Mark Rypien, defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI on January 26th, 1992, giving Washington their third Super Bowl triumph. Prior to this game, the only other team to win three Super Bowls are the New England Patriots.

The Redskins' overall record in the Super Bowl is 3-0. Their winning percentage is 100 percent.

In 1967, when the Redskins were still known as the Boston Braves, they lost to Joe Namath and the powerful Baltimore Colts, 21-17, in Super Bowl III. In 1968, when the franchise moved to Washington, D.C., they defeated Wes Chandler and the Chicago Bears, 16-7, at RFK Stadium to take home their first Super Bowl victory. Two years later, they faced off against John Elway and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XIX. Although they fell short of claiming their fourth championship, they did notch their second consecutive win with a score of 14-7.

Redskins quarterback Ron Jaworski led them to all three victories. He was the MVP of all three games.

Jaworski went on to have a successful career in football after leaving the Redskins, including two seasons with the Houston Oilers where he won another Super Bowl.

Who was the last QB to win a Super Bowl for the Redskins?

Mark Rypien's last Super Bowl triumph gave Washington their final Super Bowl victory before a 20-year skid that continues to this day. The Washington State product led the Redskins to a Super Bowl victory in 1991 and had a solid career in Washington. He finished with 28 touchdowns versus 21 interceptions.

Rypien was drafted by the Redskins in 1989 after winning the Heisman Trophy at Washington State. He replaced Joe Theismann as the team's starting quarterback that year and stayed there until 1995 when he was replaced by Stephen Davis. The Redskins have never recovered from Theismann's departure and have been playing in the postseason every year since 1990 except for 1992 when they were suspended by the NFL due to misconduct by some of its teams. They haven't won more than eight games since their only other winning season in 1992.

After leaving Washington following his one season with the franchise, Rypien went on to play for several other teams including three seasons with the Broncos where he helped lead them to the 1994 AFC Championship Game before losing to the Steelers. He ended his NFL career in 1999 with the Saints.

While playing for the Redskins, Rypien joined a small group of quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl. He is the only quarterback from Washington or any other team within our range (California, Maryland, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Virginia) to do so.

When do the Redskins play in prime time?

In 2019, the Redskins appeared on "Monday Night Football" in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears, and again on "Thursday Night Football" in Week 8 against the Minnesota Vikings. These are all televised games on NBC. The last time the Redskins played in prime time was in 2010 when they hosted the New York Giants on December 15th at 8:30 p.m.

In 2008, the Redskins played their first game in prime time on Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. They lost that game by a score of 23-10.

They've played in prime time every year since then except for 2012 when they played during the NFL lockout. During the lockout season, the Redskins didn't play any regular season games but they did play one preseason game on August 13th against the Dallas Cowboys. That game was also aired on NBC.

In addition to playing in NBC's annual Monday Night Football game, the Redskins have been scheduled for many other late afternoon and evening games over the years.

When did the Green Bay Packers beat the Redskins?

The Packers defeat the Redskins 48-47 on Monday night. On October 17, 1983, the Green Bay Packers faced a huge test when they hosted the Washington Redskins.

The 1983 Washington Redskins season was the team's 52nd in the National Football League (NFL) and 47th in Washington, D.C. The season began with the club attempting to win consecutive Super Bowls after defeating the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.

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