Which NFL team has had the most starting quarterbacks?

Which NFL team has had the most starting quarterbacks?

What is the most starting quarterbacks an NFL team has ever had in a single season? — Quora. As far as I know, the 1987 New England Patriots set the record with five quarterbacks in a single season. They started the regular season with the unproven Scott Zolak at quarterback and ended it with Brian Griese.

Other than New England, no other team has more than three starting quarterbacks over the course of a single season. The Dallas Cowboys have used at least two quarterbacks in every game they have played this year, which means they have currently got four starters - Dak Prescott, Ryan Tannehill, Tyrod Taylor, and Doug Pederson are all expected to be good players, but they aren't yet top-tier options.

In addition to having many different quarterbacks play for them, the Patriots also changed their offensive system a lot during that season. Originally, they ran a West Coast offense under Bill Walsh, but by 1987 they were running a more traditional pro-style attack under Bucky Brooks. This makes them unique among major-league sports teams when it comes to changing their offense so much within one season.

Another unusual thing about that Patriots season was that third string quarterback Scott Zolak actually had a better winning percentage than both of the players he was protecting - Terry Bradshaw and Steve Grogan.

How many quarterbacks have the New England Patriots had?

There have been 28 starting quarterbacks in the franchise's history. The Patriots have had five starting quarterbacks in a single season only before, in 1987. Past Patriots quarterbacks include Hall of Fame honorees Babe Parilli, Steve Grogan, and...

For the remaining two games of the season, he was replaced by Tom Greene. From 1961 until 1967, the Patriots' next starting quarterback was Hall of Famer Parnelli. New England's starting quarterback for the 2018 season is Tom Brady, whom the Patriots drafted in the sixth round (199th pick overall)...

Who was the first quarterback in NFL history to score 10 touchdowns?

The Broncos were the first NFL team to have five players with at least ten touchdowns. In the defeat to Seattle, the great quarterback finished with 280 yards and one touchdown pass, and if he had won on Sunday, he would have completed the finest single-season performance by any quarterback in history. John Elway is also a candidate for the most valuable player award.

In fact, if Peyton Manning had won on Sunday, he would have become only the third quarterback in NFL history (Elway being the other one) to win the MVP award three times: 2004, 2005, and 2006. The Denver quarterback has already won it twice before becoming 30 years old - which is very young for a football player!

Manning was responsible for eleven touchdowns this season, including nine passing scores and two rushing scores. He also completed 70 percent of his passes during the regular season.

The first quarterback to score ten touchdowns was George Blanda of the Houston Oilers. He did so in 1969 when he played in only six games that season and threw for eight touchdowns vs four interceptions. He also ran for another two scores that year.

Blanda's record was broken by Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1975. Bradshaw led the league in scoring with 147 points and was named MVP. He passed for 1,845 yards and 20 touchdowns and ran for another seven scores that year.

Which quarterback has the most Super Bowl starts?

Starting quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl appearances

NameSuper Bowl AppearancesSuper Bowl Record
Tom Brady10 107-3
John Elway5 52-3
Terry Bradshaw4 44-0
Joe Montana4 44-0

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