How did the bullets get to Elvin Hayes?

How did the bullets get to Elvin Hayes?

Bullets of Baltimore/Capital/Washington On June 23, 1972, the Baltimore Bullets acquired Hayes from the Rockets in exchange for Jack Marin. Hayes and Wes Unseld led the Washington Bullets to three NBA Finals (1975, 1978, and 1979), as well as the 1978 NBA championship over the Seattle SuperSonics. During that time, Hayes established himself as one of the best power forwards in the league. In 1980, he was traded to the Chicago Bulls. There, he helped the Bulls win their first championship in 1990. After one more season with the Bulls, he was sent to the New York Knicks. He played one final season with the Knicks in 1991 before retiring.

Hayes' career ended early due to a knee injury. However, he still managed to play in 930 games during his 12-year career. He averaged 25.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game.

After retirement, Hayes became a successful business owner in Baltimore. In 1994, he started a food service company named The Hayes Company. Three years later, it became one of the largest black-owned food services companies in America. In 1998, Hayes also began working with Gatorade on its innovative program designed to help high school athletes improve their skills. He eventually became one of the company's key advisers. In addition, he has been involved in several other business ventures including a car rental company, a basketball training facility, and a soccer team.

When did Gus Williams join the Washington Bullets?

The Seattle SuperSonics transferred him to the Washington Bullets on June 19, 1984, in exchange for Tim McCormick and Ricky Sobers. On January 6, 1987, he signed as a free agency with the Atlanta Hawks; in exchange, the Washington Bullets got a 1990 second-round selection pick (A.J. English was eventually picked). He played only five games for the Hawks before being released on February 13. As a Bullet, he averaged 7.6 points per game.

Williams came out of retirement in 1989 to play for the New York Knicks, but he was sidelined by knee problems during the season. The Bullets traded him to the Knicks in exchange for Charles Jones on November 28, 1989.

He finished his career after one season with the San Antonio Spurs. In 40 games, he averaged 4.4 points per game.

After his playing days were over, Gus worked as an assistant coach under Paul Silas at the University of Kentucky and at Kansas State University. He has been an assistant coach at several other colleges as well, including Louisville, West Virginia, and George Mason.

Gus Williams is married to a former WNBA player named Stacy King. They have two children together: a son named Giddy who plays basketball at William & Mary and a daughter named Glory who attends Radford University.

As for Gus himself, he retired from coaching in 2000. He now works as an assistant manager at Walmart.

How many points does Elvin Hayes have in his career?

Hayes played 1,303 games over 16 seasons with the San Diego/Houston Rockets and the Baltimore/Capital/Washington Bullets, scoring 27,313 points (ninth all-time) and grabbing 16,279 rebounds (fourth all-time). He is the Washington Bullets and Wizards' all-time leading scorer.

His best season was 1989-90, when he averaged 28.4 points per game for Houston, earning First Team All-NBA honors. That year, he also led the league in rebounding with 14.8 per game. Hayes was selected as the MVP of the 1990 NBA All-Star Game. He ended up winning the award over Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.

During his 16-year career, Hayes never missed a single game due to injury, playing 1,303 contests spread over 1,410 consecutive games. His longest absence was due to suspension during the 1994-95 season. He did not play again until January 5, 1996, after which time he appeared in 29 more games before retiring at the end of that season. He finished with 2,928 points scored against him by the opposition and 19,312 rebounds gained against him by the team.

Elvin Hayes died on March 23, 2010 after suffering from leukemia for several years. He was 48 years old.

He currently ranks ninth all-time in points scored and fourth all-time in rebounds per game.

When was Earl Monroe drafted for the bullets?

On May 3, 1967, he was picked by the Baltimore Bullets in the first round (2nd selection) in the 1967 NBA Draft. On November 10, 1971, he was dealt to the New York Knicks by the Baltimore Bullets in exchange for Mike Riordan, Dave Stallworth, and cash. He played only five games for the Bullets before being traded back to Baltimore where he finished his career. Overall, he played in 179 games (178 starts) for the Bullets/Wizards and is considered one of the best power forwards in NBA history.

Earl Monroe was born on January 4, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended high school in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The 6'10" swingman from Duke University was selected by the Baltimore Bullets in the first round (second overall) of the 1967 NBA Draft. In his only season with the Bullets, he averaged 26.4 points, 12.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.5 blocks per game. On November 10, 1971, he was traded to the New York Knicks in a three-team deal that also involved the Bullets. With the Knicks, he won an NBA Championship in 1970. After one more season with New York, he ended his career on February 8, 1974 against the Washington Bullets.

Monroe died on August 5, 1999 in Charlottesville, Virginia at the age of 45. The cause of death was heart disease. His body was transported home for burial in Huntingdon.

When did Elvin Hayes join the Houston Mavericks?

The San Diego Rockets and the Houston Mavericks both selected him. Hayes debuted in the NBA in 1968 with the San Diego Rockets, when he led the league in scoring with 28.4 points per game, averaged 17.1 rebounds per game, and was chosen to the NBA All-Rookie Team. He played for Houston from 1969 to 1971, when he joined the Seattle SuperSonics. In 1972, he signed with the Boston Celtics, but was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers before appearing in a game for them. He finished his career with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1973.

He was born on January 4th, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother died when he was young, and he lived with his father, a construction worker. At an early age, he showed an interest in basketball, and at 13 years old he started playing in neighborhood tournaments. After graduating from high school, he attended Temple University, where he stood out as one of the best college players ever. In 1967, after only one season, the San Diego Rockets drafted him with the third overall pick. That same year, the Milwaukee Bucks selected John Havlicek with the first overall pick, and the Chicago Bulls took Bill Walton with the second pick. It proved to be a good decision, as Hayes became one of the best scorers in NBA history. In 1970, he led the league in scoring again with 29.0 points per game while also averaging 12.6 rebounds per game.

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