How did Mark Boucher's career end?

How did Mark Boucher's career end?

Boucher's career was cut short due to an eye injury. Mark Boucher has retired from international cricket after receiving surgery for a serious eye injury suffered on the first day of the match against Somerset. Boucher revealed on Monday evening that his three-hour procedure had left him with a "uncertain recovery." He added: "I've made a full recovery before but this is different - I don't want to risk further damage to my eye."

Boucher was hit in the face by a ball thrown by Andrew McDonald during a domestic game for Surrey against Somerset at Taunton on September 1st. The blow broke two bones in his face and caused significant trauma to his eye. He spent five days in a coma before being flown by air ambulance to Birmingham Children's Hospital where he underwent an operation to insert a metal plate into his skull to hold his damaged eye in place.

Boucher returned home to Australia earlier this year but had to stop playing international cricket because of the lingering effects of the injury. He has been replaced by Matt Henry as Australia's bowling coach. Before joining Surrey, Boucher had coached Australia's under-19 side since 2011. He also worked with Queensland between 2003 and 2010, taking them to the final round of the state championship in 2008 before they were beaten by South Australia.

In addition to his role with Surrey, Boucher has continued to work with Australia's team as they prepared for their series against England.

What happened to Boucher's eye?

On July 9, 2012, Boucher suffered a significant eye injury after being hit in the left eye by a bail. Boucher was ruled out of the rest of the tour after undergoing eye surgery. Boucher, who had planned to retire at the end of the tour, announced his retirement from international cricket on July 10 due to the severity of his injuries. In September 2017, it was reported that Boucher had been diagnosed with glaucoma as a result of the injury.

Why did Mark Boucher retire?

After a nearly 15-year international career, Boucher was forced to announce his retirement after being hit in the eye by a bail during a warm-up game on the trip to England in 2012, which would have been his final series otherwise. The injury required three surgeries and ended his tour of duty before it had even started.

Boucher said at the time that he decided to call it a day because he couldn't see out of his injured eye and didn't think he could play football as well with one eye. He also cited family reasons for his retirement. His wife has cancer and his son is currently serving a sentence for drug trafficking.

In addition to playing for Australia, Boucher also appeared in two World Cups for his country. He retired just before his 37th birthday.

When did Brian Boucher join the Philadelphia Flyers?

Boucher signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers on July 1, 2009, to be the reliable, seasoned backup to starter goalkeeper Ray Emery. However, when Emery was injured in the middle of the season, Boucher was thrown into the limelight, with only poor results. He was replaced by Jeff Deslauriers after Emery returned from injury.

Boucher is a veteran goalie who has had much success in the NHL. After playing his first nine seasons with the Washington Capitals, he signed as a free agent with the Flyers in 2009. During that time, he made the All-Star Game twice and won the Jack Adams Award, given to the league's best goaltender.

He started his career well, helping the Caps win the Stanley Cup in back-to-back years in 2005-06. But over the next several seasons, he fell down the depth chart and was eventually traded to the New York Islanders in 2008 for future draft picks. There he regained his starting job and played extremely well, helping the team reach the playoffs for the first time since 2007.

On July 1, 2009, the day he signed with the Flyers, Boucher was announced as the winner of the Jack Adams Award, given to the league's best goaltender.

He is the second Flyer to win this award, following Bret Hedican in 2003.

When does Chris Boucher start?

The argument for and against Toronto Raptors center Chris Boucher starts. Boucher has been Toronto's most consistent center to begin the 2020–21 NBA season, although he is still a bench player. He averages 5.8 points and 4.3 rebounds in 16.5 minutes per game.

Boucher was drafted 46th overall by the Raptors in the 2010 NBA draft. He started 33 games his first season, averaging 10.4 points and 6.6 rebounds per game. In 2011–12, he started 75 of 76 games played and averaged 12.1 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. In 2012–13, he was named an All-Star reserve. The next year, he started all 82 games and averaged 11.4 points and 6.9 rebounds per game. In 2015–16, after one season with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he finished fourth in MVP voting, Boucher returned to the Raptors where he started 80 of 81 games played and averaged 13.3 points and 7.0 rebounds per game.

In 2016–17, he had another strong season starting 78 of 79 games played and scoring 12.7 points per game. In 2017–18, after missing the first eight games of the season with a knee injury, Boucher started 75 of 77 games played and averaged 12.3 points and 6.7 rebounds per game.

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