Who is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Who is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Following Lesnar's victory, the WWE Championship became exclusive to SmackDown, prompting Eric Bischoff to announce the World Heavyweight Championship as a Raw-only championship. As a consequence, the WWE title was contested until WWE Champion Randy Orton beat World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on December 15, 2013 at WWE TLC. The match ended in a no contest after Cody Rhodes and Goldust interfered, leading to Triple H making his return by attacking both men with a sledgehammer.

He officially regained the title at the 2014 Royal Rumble when he entered the ring at #1 and won the match after he cashed in his shot at the briefcase given out by Vince McMahon at #1. He lost the title to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31.

Since then, he has tried twice but failed to regain the title. First, at SummerSlam 2015, he was defeated by Brock Lesnar after Goldberg attacked him from behind. Then at Survivor Series 2016, he was again defeated by Lesnar after Paul Heyman (who was representing Brock) obtained an advantage by having Chris Jericho stand in as a referee during the match.

He has been scheduled to face Lesnar for the title at UFC 199 on June 4, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the event was canceled due to the retirement of Vince McMahon following an injury he received while exercising with his dog.

Who has the most WWE Championship reigns?

The title was first used by the World Wrestling Federation in 1963. (WWWF). It is often regarded as the WWE's most prestigious championship. John Cena holds the record for the most World Heavyweight Championship reigns, with 13. The Record is tied by Triple H and Shawn Michaels with 12 each. The only other person with more than one title shot is Ric Flair, who had 14 title shots over 20 different championships.

Cena's 13 reigns are the most of any male wrestler. Only The Rock (16) and Hulk Hogan (14) have more championship runs. Women's wrestling has never been strong enough to support its own division, so there have only been two female wrestlers to hold the World Title: Shawn Michaels and Triple H. They both hold the record for most consecutive titles won at 2.

Triple H's second title run was actually split between the WWF and WCW. He started out with the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, but after they merged with another company to form WCW, Triple H retained his title instead of splitting them up. So he actually has two separate records for one title run: one for the WWF and one for the WCW.

Is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship still active?

This championship is presently in progress. This signifies that this title is still being defended in a promotion and must be updated on a regular basis. World Wrestling Entertainment's WWE Title is a professional wrestling heavyweight championship (WWE). It was founded in 1963 as part of the WWWF. For much of its history, it has been one of the most important titles in the company, usually ranking right along with the WWF World Tag Team Championships as the top prize in wrestling.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is held by Goldberg (real name: George S. Goldberg) in honor of his father, Karl Goldberg. The title was originally established in 1983 under the name International Television Championship when Greg Valentine defeated Bob Backlund to become the champion. When the original WWF broke away from World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in January 1992, they continued to use the International Television Championship as their primary championship. In June 1993, the title was renamed World Heavyweight Championship after Backlund acquired the rights from Valentine. In April 1994, the title was again renamed after former champion Hulk Hogan left the company following a legal dispute with Vince McMahon over his contract. In August 1996, the title was renamed a second time after Terry Bollea (the real-life persona of Vince McMahon) claimed he had invented wrestling and named the title WrestleMania after the event at which it was first won by Hogan.

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