Who are the golfers on the PGA Tour who smoke?

Who are the golfers on the PGA Tour who smoke?

On the PGA Tour, smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is fairly widespread. Dustin Johnson is one of the golfers who smokes. He's a top-10 player in the world and has been named to play in the Presidents Cup in 2017. (Johnson announced in November 2016 that he was quitting smoking.) Other smokers include Jason Dufner, Brooks Koepka, Bubba Watson, and Tiger Woods when he was playing well.

Smoking cigars is also popular among golfers. John Daly is known for his love of cigars. And Gary Sinise, who plays Lt. Col. Frank Pollard on the TV show "Gone Country", is a heavy smoker.

There are also some golfers who smoke marijuana. Steve Young was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but now works as an analyst for ESPN. He says that getting high before games helps him relax and not worry about what might happen on the field. Paul Gilbert, a professional wrestler, openly admits to using marijuana daily. Joe Montana, who played quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, says that using marijuana daily for several years helped him deal with the pain of repeated concussions.

Some golfers use steroids to help them play better.

Do any pro golfers smoke?

Only on the PGA Tour, one of golf's main leagues, do golfers openly smoke on the job. Sure, a decreasing number do, and the majority are in their late 30s and early 40s. Some marijuana users would rather tell you how they made a double bogey than how many smokes they smoked throughout the round. But as far as anyone knows, no pro smoker has ever tested positive for THC.

The only way to test for marijuana use is with a drug test. Most major league baseball players, NBA players, and NFL players must submit to drug tests at some point during their careers. However, there are ways around this requirement if you're a professional golfer looking to keep your career alive after being arrested for smoking weed. A positive test could result in a suspension from all sports including golf. However, since there are no guidelines regarding what level of marijuana causes a violation, it's possible to play at a high enough level to avoid detection.

Since there are no rules against smoking marijuana before or during a game, most pros do so anyway. Out of respect for those who don't want to be inhaled by someone else's jay-smoke, most play while still on the course so the scent doesn't attract other players or fans.

However, not all smokers are willing to share their weed. There have been incidents where players have argued about who gets to stay high first.

Can caddies smoke on the PGA Tour?

Most golfers today are under pressure from sponsors not to smoke on the course. While on the course, many caddies will smoke. Some of the more renowned smokes on tour in recent years have been John Daly and Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Smoking on the golf course is not only allowed but encouraged during play. The practice dates back to at least the 16th century when it was reported that "smoking menservants" helped servants focus on their games while waiting for orders at great houses across England. Today, smoking helps caddies stay alert and focused while working long hours in extreme temperatures. Without smoking, some caddies may find themselves distracted or tired after a hard day's work.

In addition to being one of the most efficient ways of staying awake, smoking also has other benefits for caddies. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve muscle tone and bone health, and even increase appetite.

Many smokers report feeling much happier when they go out to play, which is probably why some caddies will often be found smoking near the tee box or putting green. Smoking before playing a game can give you extra energy and focus, helping you perform better on the course. After the game, smoking can help release tension and stress from your body and mind.

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