What kind of wheels do you need for a cruising skateboard?

What kind of wheels do you need for a cruising skateboard?

The Fireball Cruiser has 60mm wheels and an 81A motor. This means they're firm enough for ollies yet soft enough to glide about on. It boasts a mellow concave that aids in balancing and a massive kicktail for aggressive riding. The overall effect is of a smooth, comfortable board that is perfect for cruising around town.

If you want your cruiser to handle better or go faster then drop down to 65mm wheels or larger. These will make your board more maneuverable and able to take advantage of better terrain. If you want to cruise around town all day then keep the wheels small. Anything bigger than 55mm will start to become unmanageable.

Cruising boards usually have plastic or metal rims. Plastic wheels are cheaper but won't last as long. Metal wheels are stronger but also costlier. Whatever you choose to use they should be as close to 10 inches in diameter as possible. Anything smaller than this and you'll find it difficult to get good traction when skating on streets that have gravel or pavement. Larger sizes allow for greater speed and easier handling.

You should also get a board that is approximately 1-1.5 inches thick. This will help you maintain your balance while riding down the road.

Finally, look for signs of wear where the wheel bearings are located.

Are 60mm wheels good for cruising?

60mm 81A Fireball Tinder They roll quickly, absorb vibrations, and are excellent for sliding on slick terrain. It's ideal for cruising, freeriding, dancing, and a few tricks if you're skillful enough. However, harder wheels are recommended for stunts.

If you're just getting started, we recommend that you start with 60mm wheels as they are easy to handle and maintain. As you progress, you can graduate to harder wheels which will make riding the board easier.

Hard wheels are usually between 65mm and 80mm in diameter, while ultra-hard wheels are typically larger at 85mm or more. These boards work best when you have some experience under your belt because you'll need to adjust your technique and balance skills to deal with the difference in size between the wheel and the hole. If you're new to skateboarding, we recommend starting with hard wheels and graduating to ultra-hard as your skills improve.

Hard wheels are also better for doing tricks because they won't spin out as easily if you hit a pothole or slide on some dirt. Additionally, hard wheels are usually lighter too, which helps riders who want to push themselves a little bit farther by jumping higher or throwing down one-handed flips.

The most common types of wheels used on cruisers are 60mm, 70mm, and 75mm.

Should I get a mini cruiser or a skateboard?

A mini-cruiser is a good choice if you want a bit of a challenge and something that you can easily transport. Because of its limited surface, a mini-cruiser has a higher learning curve. It's a little more difficult to gain balance on these boards, but once you do, you can skate anything. They are perfect for the beginner or someone who wants to test their skills out.

A skateboard is easy to use and because there are no wheels it is much simpler to control than a mini-cruiser. However, unlike a mini-cruiser which is ideal for all ages and skill levels, skateboards are usually only used by adults. They are not recommended for children under 13 years old due to the risk of injury.

There are many different types of skateboards, such as longboards, cruiserboards, streetboards, and scooters. Each type of board is designed for a different purpose. For example, longboards are best for cruising down the road, while streetboards are the most popular type of board used for riding down the street. Skateboards also come in various shapes and sizes. There are small skateboards for younger people, and large skateboards for older people. Mini-cruisers are usually smaller than skateboards and are good for younger people or those who don't have much space to store equipment.

In conclusion, skateboards are easier to use and have less maintenance than mini-cruisers.

What kind of longboard should I use in a skate park?

A skate park board that travels about the city beautifully. The Landyachtz 26" Floral Dinghy. A single kicktail 62 mm x 82 a Ideal for both youngsters and adults who want to do stunts.

Stick to skateboarding if stunts are your main objective. Some, though, are actually easier on a much longer board, and symmetrical ones also aid. You'll be able to reach height if you select a board with a kicktail (or two). Even if you don't have kicktails, there are hundreds of techniques to try.

Which is better, 78 or 87A skateboard wheels?

The softer 78 wheels provide a more pleasant and smooth ride, but they also produce more friction. They are bouncy, and doing stunts on them is more challenging. Although 87a is still excellent for smooth riding, you will be able to bike quicker. Softer wheels are more forgiving on difficult surfaces; they will not become caught when rolling over tiny rocks and fractures.

Bones and Spitfire both have excellent quality control and use the best raw materials and manufacturing processes. They are a bit more expensive than other brands, but you'll get a decent return on your investment.

Ricta Clouds are an excellent choice. These are the attributes that the greatest wheels for cruising and stunts should have. The finest transition skateboard wheels should have similar characteristics as skatepark wheels. Anything between 53 and 54 mm is OK. The hardness should range from 96A to 101A.

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