What is the longest touchdown throw in NFL history?

What is the longest touchdown throw in NFL history?

According to Pro Football Focus, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield created NFL history on Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens by launching an incomplete Hail Mary pass of more than 70 yards. After the game, I hope he iced his arm. The injury occurred when Mayfield was hit as he threw the ball.

The last time a quarterback launched a football into the end zone from more than 60 yards away with the intention of tying or breaking the all-time record for a touchdown throw, it didn't work out so well for them. Just two days after Mayfield broke the record, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold did the same thing in a loss to the Buffalo Bills. He too, will likely ice his arm following a tough outing from a physical standpoint.

Both Mayfield and Darnold were under center for their respective teams when they attempted the records-breaking passes. In addition to the fact that both players injured their arms throwing the ball at such a high velocity, there are several other factors that make these attempts difficult if not impossible to complete.

First of all, both Mayfield and Darnold were under pressure when they made their attempts. This is important because it adds another element of difficulty to the already difficult act of completing a pass from this distance while being pressured.

What is Tom Brady’s longest throw?

This is part of a six-touchdown victory over the Denver Broncos. Brady threw six touchdown passes of more than 35 yards in the postseason. In 2006, it threw the longest throw of 63 yards to Ben Watson. The record is 69 yards by Joe Montana in 1984.

Brady is 5-1 in playoff games with seven or more touchdowns. He's never been swept in a series.

What was the most ridiculous catch in NFL history?

Before New York Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made a stunning catch in front of a national television audience on Sunday Night Football, Jason Avant of the Philadelphia Eagles made a comparable reception against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Only another juggling effort by then-Detroit Lions WR Roy Williams could trump Holt's juggling act. Williams jumps around two Chicago Bears defensive backs, then smacks the ball back into the air to complete the grab. Butch Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys is ranked 30th. The Cowboys faced a strong opponent in Super Bowl XII, the Denver Broncos.

Which QB holds the ball the longest?

  • If you look at this page on NFL Next Gen Stats it has the stat of time to throw, among other things.
  • According to Next Gen Stats, Baker Mayfield has takes the longest to throw.
  • The quarterback who holds the ball the least per play is Ben Roethlisberger.

Who was the shortest player to throw a touchdown in the NFL?

Tarik Cohen became the 83rd player in NFL history to throw a touchdown pass. Maryland's Baltimore... Tarik Cohen's stature last threw a touchdown pass in 1934, and that player's name was Wee Willie Smith. There has been an 83-year gap between touchdowns thrown in an NFL game by players 5 feet 6 inches or less. Only five players shorter than 5-foot-6 have thrown a touchdown in the NFL: Smith (5-foot-6), Rick Casares (5-foot-7), Timmy Brown (5-foot-7), Eric Dickerson (5-foot-8), and Cohen (5-foot-1).

All but one of these players came from Mississippi or Alabama -- the exception being Smith, who was born in Georgia. Four of them played for the Green Bay Packers; the other two were with the Chicago Bears and New York Giants, respectively. All but one of these players came from Mississippi or Alabama -- the exception being Smith, who was born in Georgia. Four of them played for the Green Bay Packers; the other two were with the Chicago Bears and New York Giants, respectively.

These five players all had similar career totals: 14 touchdowns passed and 12 rushing. Only two others have thrown more than 10 passes in the NFL: Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Both of them are 5-11. Neither man ever threw for over 4,000 yards in a season.

How many yards does the average NFL quarterback throw?

The average quarterback throws his normal pass 8.26 yards in the air (Ryan Tannehill) and his receivers get 5.38 yards after the catch. That gives us an average of 6.64 yards per pass. Since the average MLB pitch travels 95 mph, we can calculate the distance a quarterback's throw travels by using the formula D = H * v, where D is distance, H is height and v is speed. The maximum distance a ball can travel is 3863 feet, which would put it over 100 miles away from where it was thrown.

The best record for throwing game passes in a single season is held by Tom Brady with 4,720 yards in 2007 for the New England Patriots. The worst record was set in 2013 when Ryan Mallett threw four interceptions and lost a fumble in a 28-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He finished the season with 2,175 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and five interceptions.

A quarterback's job is not only to throw the ball but to take care of the football. Thus, another important statistic associated with passing in the NFL is interceptions. In 2007, Brady had 33 passes batted down or intercepted, which gave him 472 yards lost due to interception penalties.

How many TDs did Peyton Manning throw in 2013?

Manning passed for 290 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. 5 September 2013: Peyton Manning passes for an NFL record-tying (and career-high) seven touchdowns and 462 yards as the Broncos defeat the reigning champion Ravens 49-27 on the first night of the regular season. 8 November 2013: In a Monday Night Football game against the Bengals, Manning throws four touchdowns and 419 yards as the Broncos win by a score of 70-33. 22 December 2013: In Denver's final game of the year, Manning throws for 351 yards and four touchdowns as the Broncos beat the Panthers 41-38 in overtime. He finishes the season with 55 touchdown passes to only 13 interceptions.

A quarterback can only be responsible for throwing the ball and having it caught or dropped by someone else. Since we know that all five of Manning's TD passes this season were caught, it can be inferred that he was not responsible for any drops.

In addition to his statistics mentioned above, Manning also had one rushing attempt this season for 1 yard and one failed rush attempt for -1 yard. So in total, he had zero rushes for 0 yards.

Manning has a history of producing great numbers late in the season. In 2009, he finished with 57 touchdowns and 467 yards in the last six games of the season after starting 3-4.

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