Is the Nike Air Jordan logo coming back?

Is the Nike Air Jordan logo coming back?

Several Air Jordan 1 versions have returned with the "Nike Air" mark over the years, however models 3-6 have yet to resurface.

Are there any new Air Jordans coming out?

Indeed, Jordan Brand has a couple more Air Jordan 4 releases planned, including two "Do The Right Thing" colors and an NRG WMNS "Hot Punch" hue. Among the 2019 Air Jordan releases is the reintroduction of the Air Jordan 4 "Bred" from 1999, replete with "Nike Air" branding. A black-and-white variation also makes its debut at this year's Olympics.

In addition to the four releases mentioned above, expect to see more color options for certain models. For example, we know that the Air Jordan 4 "Metallic Gold" will be available this summer, so look for another gold option as well as other colors such as green, white, and purple to release around the same time. Also, don't be surprised if a one-of-a-kind model emerges from the brand's archives to celebrate a special event or milestone.

As far as prices are concerned, you can expect to spend between $150 and $200 on a new pair of Air Jordans. However, if you find a good deal or someone who is willing to negotiate, then you might be able to get a pair for less.

What is the Jordan logo?

The original two Nike Air Jordans had a specific emblem for Jordan; however, for the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2, designers Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore utilized the Air Jordan Wings logo. The picture above, however, was utilized as Nike's first technical application of the Jumpman emblem on the Air Jordan 1 hangtag. This marks the first time in NBA history that a single team has worn every single color available in order to represent each of its players.

The logo you see today was introduced in 2003 and it's been used ever since. It consists of two colors: black and red. Around the logo are six black stars inside a white circle. Five of the stars contain red dots within them while one contains a white dot.

This logo was designed by former NFL player and artist Michael Jordan. He also designed the logos for both Nike and Reebok. The Black Stars with White Dots logo was used from 1983 to 2004. In 2005, another new design was adopted by Nike. It features colored shoes with a black bottom and a red top. The colors are reversed for men's shoes and the pattern is also different. This new design remains in use today.

Here is how Michael Jordan described his inspiration for the logo: "I wanted to create a mark that was unique but still represented the ideals of teamwork and success. The six stars were chosen because they're classic and they stand for excellence.

Do Air Jordans have the Nike logo?

The Air Jordan Shoe Designer Discusses Replacing the Nike Swoosh with the Jumpman Logo. The Nike logo was prominently displayed on the first six incarnations of the Jordan sneaker. The Nike swoosh never reappeared, instead being replaced by the brand's famous Jumpman emblem. Although not as recognizable or popular as its more famous sibling, the adidas jordan shoe also features a distinctive three-stripe design along the side of each shoe.

In 1984, Michael Jordan and several other former University of Chicago basketball players filed a lawsuit against Nike claiming that their use of the word "Jordan" in conjunction with any type of footwear constituted trademark infringement. The case was tried before a jury in June 1985 in Federal District Court in Chicago, but at the end of the trial the jury was unable to come to a decision on whether or not Nike had infringed on the players' trademarks. As a result, the jury was dismissed and a new trial was ordered. The second trial began on February 13, 1986, this time before Judge James B. Zagel. At the close of the evidence on March 5, 1986, the judge granted Nike's motion for judgment as a matter as a matter of law. The plaintiffs had no legal right to prevent others from using the term "Jordan" in connection with shoes.

Nike acquired the rights to use the name "Air Jordan" in 1997.

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