How many games has Andorra won?

How many games has Andorra won?

Andorra has qualified for every European Championship and World Cup, but has had limited success. They've only ever won six games, four of which were at home. Their best performance was in 2008 when they finished third in the EuroBasket Women's Tournament.

They first entered an official international tournament at the 2004 Summer Olympics where they failed to win a single game. At the 2008 Games in Beijing, China, Andorra again failed to win a match as they went 0-6. The only other time they have beaten more than one country is when they defeated France 5-4 in 2007. That's it: their entire international record consists of six wins and two losses.

The most games any team has lost while still qualifying for the Olympic tournament is Spain's previous employer, FC Barcelona. In 1992, before Spain joined UEFA, Barca played in its first European Championship. They entered the tournament after finishing second in its host nation and were drawn into a group with Denmark, England and Yugoslavia. Barca lost all three matches - including one on home soil - and thus was eliminated from the competition.

Spain joined UEFA in 1993 and was assigned a place in the newly formed European Championship. It took them until the 1996 edition before they finally broke their duck by winning the title.

How many goals has Andorra scored in a game?

Andorra lost all 10 games but scored four goals, breaking the national team goal scoring record in a European Championship qualification group. Andorra defeated San Marino 2-0 in a friendly match on February 22, 2017, breaking a 12-year and 132-day drought. Before this match, no one had scored for Andorra since it entered the European Union in 2004.

The record was previously held by Wales, who scored six goals in a single game in 1912. The six goals were scored at Cardiff's Vetch Field by Wales (then known as the Welsh Rugby Union) in a 13-3 win over England. This is the only international match ever played at the venue which is now used as a sports stadium named Principality Stadium.

Wales broke their own record two years later when they scored seven goals against France at Parc des Princes in Paris. This record was also soon broken when they again scored seven goals in a game this time against Germany at Stadion an der Altenberger Strasse in Munich.

In 1951, Andorra played its first official international match when they took on Switzerland in a 1958 FIFA World Cup qualifier. The match was won by Switzerland with a score of 7-1. Andorra did not qualify for the World Cup even though they were placed in Group 4 along with Belgium, France, and Spain.

How many goals did Andorra concede in World Cup?

Andorra allowed 28 goals in the qualifications, including a 6-1 loss to Russia on the road. Andorra was placed in a group alongside Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Portugal for their first World Cup qualification campaign. They were drawn into a three-team group with England and Wales.

The team's best performance at a major tournament was reaching the quarter-finals of Euro 2008. That was followed by a last-16 exit at the hands of Germany in 2014. Andorra has never reached the knockout stages of a FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship.

They will face England in their first match on June 16th at St. George's Park, where Gareth Southgate's side are expected to win easily. The game is being held just an hour's drive from Wembley Stadium, so there should be plenty of support from fans across the country.

England qualified for the World Cup with a perfect record, while Andorra finished second in Group I behind Ukraine. Therefore, the match could well be close but it is likely to be decided by form: England are the clear favorites.

In other news, France won the right to play England in Moscow by finishing first in Group B. France played its first match of the tournament against Uruguay on June 17th, losing 1-3.

Where did Andorra play in the UEFA Nations League?

Andorra made their debut in the newly formed UEFA Nations League in 2018. They competed in Group 1 of League D, where they ended last with four draws and two defeats, however they were unbeaten at home.

The country's only competitive match was a first-round exit from the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. Andorra was given a draw by France but lost 3-0 on penalties after the game finished 2-2 after extra time. The French team went on to win the competition.

Since then, Andorra has failed to qualify for any other major international tournaments. However, they did reach the final of the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, losing to Portugal on penalties after the game had ended 0-0 after extra time.

The nation's only official cap is that of Jaume Matxin, who played one game for Spain in 1995. He came on as a substitute in the second half of a friendly match against the United States held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 9 January 1995.

Matxin scored his only goal for Spain while he was still playing with FC Barcelona. He netted the only goal of the game in the 93rd minute to give his side a famous 1-0 victory over England at Wembley Stadium on 7 September 1993.

What was the biggest defeat for Andorra's football team?

The club struggled especially on the road, losing each game by at least three goals. Andorra only scored three goals, two of which were penalties and two of which were on the road. This is the worst performance by any country during qualification.

Andorra finished last in its group with one point. This also marks its first failure as an independent nation to make it into the finals since its introduction in 2008.

However, the team did win 3 out of 4 matches against France, thus becoming the first team to qualify twice through play-offs. The four points earned against France were enough to secure a spot for next year's tournament as well.

Also worth mentioning is that Andorra played England in the final match of the group stage, but this game was not used for qualification purposes. Both countries had already qualified before this match was played. However, if England had won this game, they would have also qualified. As it turned out, Andorra won 1-0 thanks to a late goal from Albert Celades. This was their first victory over England since 1993.

Qualification took place between November 2015 and May 2016.

Where does Andorra's national football team rank in the world?

Andorra climbed 57 places in the FIFA rankings to 129th, their second highest position ever, thanks to these two victories and a draw against the Faroe Islands on July 6, 2017. Rebes scored the sole goal in a friendly game over Liechtenstein in Spain on March 21, 2018, giving Andorra their third victory in the past 13 months and sixth overall.

Andorra's all-time best ranking is 135th, which they reached twice, in 1994 and 1995. The country has never been ranked 1-nations by FIFA.

The team's first appearance in the World Cup was in 1978 when they were accepted into FFA as an "entity" rather than a country. They have yet to win a match or advance from the group stage of the competition.

Andorra's only other major tournament success is a one-off gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics. The team has never qualified for any other global tournaments including the UEFA European Championship or the Confederations Cup.

Andorra's biggest rival is France. Both countries are similar in size (population: about 70,000 people) but France has been ranked higher at various points in time. This may be because France has played more international games over the years while Andorra has always been ranked very low and has never even made it to the final round of qualification games for the World Cup or the European Championships.

But recent developments may change this situation soon.

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