Where was the Super Bowl played in 1978?

Where was the Super Bowl played in 1978?

On January 15, 1978, the game was held in the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was the first time the Super Bowl was held within a dome, and it was also the first time the game was held during prime time. The Cowboys' current quarterback, Roger Staubach, faced off against their old quarterback, Craig Morton, in the game. Although Dallas won 21-17, this was only their third victory ever (and last until 1993). The stadium has been renovated since then, with some changes for basketball.

The 1978 Super Bowl drew a record crowd of 79,878 people. It was the largest audience to date for any sports event in the state of Louisiana and one of the largest in American history at that time. The record has since been broken several times over the years for regular season NFL games.

Interest in the game was high because it was between two teams who had never before appeared in the championship game: the Cowboys, who had just moved from Texas, where they were originally from; and the Steelers, who had come out of Pennsylvania. Also contributing to the game's success was its location within the city limits of New Orleans, which encouraged fans from all over the country to attend the game.

In addition to having never been there before, the Cowboys were also considered long shots to win the game. They had lost many players through retirement or trade and had not made the playoffs since 1977.

What was the score of the Super Bowl in 1978?

The Cowboys won their second Super Bowl by defeating the Broncos 27-10. The National Football League (NFL) awarded this game to honor its players who had been active in 1976. However, since this was before the start of the regular season, there was no official championship for any team to claim.

In 1977, the NFL changed its schedule so that the championship game would be played at the end of the season instead of at the beginning. This prevented teams from winning or losing games that might have affected their chance of appearing in or leaving the playoffs with an advantage.

There were two requirements that had to be met for a team to win the title. They had to be the best record in the league and they had to be ranked highest by the selection committee. The Cowboys matched these requirements and won their second Super Bowl victory over the Broncos.

The scoring system used in this game was similar to that of college football. There were two periods of play, each ending when the teams exchanged kicks after touchdown (TDs). In addition, there was one sudden death overtime period if the teams remained tied after both periods of normal play.

What city hosted the 2005 Super Bowl?

The game took place on February 6, 2005, at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, marking the first time the Super Bowl has been held in that city. The host Jaguars lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 27-17.

The stadium is located about 20 miles north of downtown Jacksonville. It can hold approximately 70,000 people and was built for the 1995 World's Fair but not completed until after the Olympics had ended. It is owned by the City of Jacksonville.

The game was widely expected to be played in Miami because it is home to two of the three remaining NFL teams (the other being the New York Giants) and because the league wants to make sure it does not have another unsuccessful season like it did in 2004 when none of its four games were played in South Florida due to labor disputes with the Dolphins and Marlins. However, when Jacksonville agreed to pay $20 million to be awarded the game, there was speculation that the city might want to host it again; this speculation increased when it was revealed that former Jaguar Fred Dean was hired by the Jacksonville organization as its new president and CEO.

Dean had been the chief operating officer of the NFL's Carolina Panthers since 2001 and had been responsible for hiring Mike Shula as head coach of that team.

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