When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl?

When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl?

Since 1993, few winning teams have returned to the Super Bowl for a second time, or even gone to the conference championship game the following season (the 1994 Dallas Cowboys qualified for their conference title but did not qualify for the Super Bowl). Since that time, only the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and San Francisco 49ers have done so.

The longest active postseason drought in the NFL is by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have not made the playoffs since 2012. The Jaguars missed the 2015 season because of misconduct under Florida's winning lottery system. The Tennessee Titans hold the record for most consecutive playoff appearances with nine from 2004-2012, but they didn't win a single game during that span.

The Dallas Cowboys have been to the playoffs eight times in the past 15 years and won their first Super Bowl title in 1977. This makes them the most successful franchise in Texas sports history.

Where did the Dallas Cowboys win in 1996?

The Cowboys' victory over the 49ers snapped a strange decade-long losing run in Week 10 games (this included an 0-3 record in week 10 games during World Championship seasons). In addition, the Cowboys' victory over the Miami Dolphins at Joe Robbie Stadium was the first time the team had won a football game in South Florida.

1 p.m.: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills The Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl XXVII victory against the Buffalo Bills was their best victory of all time. The Cowboys made it look simple, from Troy Aikman's four touchdown throws to Emmitt Smith's 108 yards rushing.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions went to the Super Bowl?

Since the 1991 season, they have only made it to one conference championship game. Detroit has hosted two Super Bowls: Super Bowl XVI in Pontiac, Mich., and Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Regardless, the Lions have not competed in a conference title game since 1991.

Four current NFL teams have never appeared in a Super Bowl, despite franchise relocations and renamings: the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans, despite the fact that both the Browns (1950, 1954, 1955, 1964) and Lions (1935, 1952, 1953, 1957) had won NFL championship games prior to the Super Bowl's inception.

How many Super Bowls has each club won? Since the inaugural championship game between the AFL and the NFL on January 15th, 1967, there have been a total of 53 Super Bowls played, with a limited group of very successful clubs winning the majority of the global titles granted since that date.

How many playoff appearances did the Dallas Cowboys have?

Seasons in the playoffs for the Dallas Cowboys: 62 (1960 to 2021) record: 526-398-6; playoff record: 35-28. Won 5 Super Bowls (8 Appearances) 5 championships have been won. Tony Romo is the all-time passing leader with 2,829/4,335, 34,183 yards and 248 touchdowns. Emmitt Smith is the all-time leading rusher. 4,052 yards, 17,162 yards, and 153 touchdowns

In 2018, the Indianapolis Colts were defeated in the Divisional Round by the Kansas City Chiefs. How many titles have the Indianapolis Colts won? In 2006, the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl.

What was the last winning season for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys made their last playoffs appearance under Tom Landry, but were defeated in the divisional playoff game by the Los Angeles Rams. With 20 consecutive winning seasons, the team holds the record.

The franchise has earned 31 postseason berths, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for second place, the longest winning streak (20 seasons), the second-most NFC Championship Game appearances (14, trailing the San Francisco 49ers' 15), and the second-most Super Bowl appearances (8 with the Denver Broncos and Steelers).

When was the last time the NFL won the Super Bowl?

The franchise's greatest successful spell was from 1975 and 1980, when they won the championship four times. The Super Bowl is the National Football League's (NFL) annual championship game, which pits the winners of the NFL's two conferences (AFC and NFC) against one other.

The New England Patriots (6-5) and Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) have each won six Super Bowls, while the Dallas Cowboys (3-53) and San Francisco 49ers (5-01) have each won five.

When was the last time the Jacksonville Jaguars won a Super Bowl?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never been to the Super Bowl. They came closest to winning a title in 1996, 1999, and 2017, all of which they lost in the Conference Championship. Their longest active playoff drought is also three years - from 2015 to 2017 - and it started with a first-round knockout loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

They've never even made it to the NFL playoffs during any season that he has not played for them.

Jacksonville was an original AFL team who joined the league after its inaugural 1969 season. The Jaguars played their home games at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium until 1987, when they moved into Jack Murphy Stadium. The team went 0-12 their first season in the new stadium before finishing 7-9 their next year. In 1995, they broke through with their first winning record (8-7) and made their first post-season appearance. They lost to Green Bay 23-16 in the Divisional Round.

The following season, they made it to the AFC Championship game where they lost to Buffalo 31-20. After that, they didn't win another game until 1999 when they defeated Tampa Bay 24-17 in the opening round of the playoffs. They went on to beat San Diego 20-14 in the Conference Championship before losing 27-24 in the Super Bowl to Atlanta.

Did the Texans ever go to the Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans have never been to the Super Bowl. They came closest to winning a championship in 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2019, all of which they lost in the Divisional Round. They've made the NFL playoffs every year since their first season in 2002.

They're only team not named Denver or New England not to have won at least one Super Bowl title.

Houston is also the only Texas city besides Dallas/Fort Worth to have no NFL teams. The Texans are the second-youngest franchise in the NFL behind the Jacksonville Jaguars (2002).

The Texans played their home games at Reliant Stadium until it was demolished in 2014 after suffering from financial issues as well as poor on-field performance. They moved into NRG Stadium the following year. However, they still haven't reached the Super Bowl despite making the playoffs every year since their first season.

There have been other Texan teams that have appeared in the NFL Playoffs including two World Football League teams (1960's), a USFL team (1985), and a XFL team (2001). No active NBA, NHL, or Major League Baseball team is located in Houston but there are plans to move the Houston Rockets to a new arena scheduled for completion in 2021.

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