Where is Monday Night Raw at?

Where is Monday Night Raw at?

The final Monday Night Raw from the fan-less Thunderdome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa will take place on July 12. The show will be shown live on WWE Network.

Monday Night Raw debuted on June 7, 1995, from the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. It moved to the TD Banknorth Garden a year later and remained there until 2008 when it left for its current home at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The show has been broadcast every week since then with only two exceptions; one was due to the September 11 attacks and another because of the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony which was held on the night that Raw aired.

Raw is currently the longest running weekly television program in U.S. history. It's also the most watched wrestling show in the world with an average of 9 million viewers per episode.

Raw is part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is the flagship show of their flagship network, WWE Network. The show is hosted by James Corden who takes over for Michael Cole as the announcer for Raw episodes. Charlotte Flair is the ring announcer for Raw events.

There have been 854 matches on Raw with someone other than Brock Lesnar winning every single match.

Who are the WWE Superstars on Monday Night Raw?

"Superstars from both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE will compete at Barclays Center, while the event at Manhattan Center, the site of the first Raw episode, will feature both WWE Superstars competing, as well as special appearances by WWE Legends such as Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin Nash, among others."

Barclays Center is an indoor arena in Brooklyn, New York, that has been the home court for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets since its opening in 2012. It is the largest arena in New York City and one of the largest in the United States. The facility can seat up to 19,099 people for basketball games.

The original idea for Monday Night Raw came when WWF President Jack Tunney proposed the concept to his boss, Vince McMahon. In April 1994, just over a year after it started broadcasting in the United States, Raw premiered on NBC with Steve Austin defeating Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship in what would become one of the most famous matches in wrestling history. The show was so successful that it has never looked back, even after NBC dropped the program in December 1995. In January 1996, WWF Chairman Vince McMahon announced that because of the show's success, he had ordered another season of Raw.

Where is WWE Monday Night Raw at?

With fewer than three weeks until SummerSlam, Monday Night Raw returns tonight from Allstate Arena in the Chicago neighborhood of Rosemont, one of the company's long-time favorite settings. The show will be aired live on NBC at 8/7c.

Rosemont was once home to the headquarters of the Tribune Company, which owned several other major league baseball teams as well as the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. The city is now known for its sports franchises alone thanks to the Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs.

Raw is taped before a live audience at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. The show has been filmed in front of a live studio audience since 2015. Before that, from 2005 to 2015, there were no live audiences at all for Monday Night Raw. Instead, they used video packages to tell stories about upcoming matches.

The first episode of Monday Night Raw premiered on June 23, 1997. At the time, WWF had four weekly television shows airing live (Monday Night RAW, Tuesday Night SmackDown!, Friday Night SmackDown!, and Saturday Night Live) and two more (Sunday Night Slam! and Heat). They needed another night of programming because while most nights of the week are considered "business days" by wrestling promoters, there are certain notable exceptions: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and April Fools' Day.

What channel is WWE on Monday?

"WWE Monday Night Raw" returns to USA Network on Monday, August 9 at 8 p.m. ET. It airs for three hours every Monday at the same time. The show will be live from the Target Center in Minneapolis... More >>

Find out what channel WWE Raw is on Monday night here!

Raw airs on USA Network at 8 p.m. ET every Monday night. Check with your local cable provider to see if they broadcast Raw live.

After more than 15 years on NBC, WWE moved its weekly television show to USA Network last year. The show starts around 10 p.m. EST and runs for about 3 hours. Here are this week's episodes:

August 9th - Raw returns from vacation on Monday night at 8 p.m. This week, John Cena faces Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a six-man tag team match with the winner facing Roman Reigns later in the night.

August 16th - On this week's episode of Raw, Brock Lesnar makes his return from injury to face Braun Strowman in a 30-minute Iron Man match that determines who goes against Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.

What day is WrestleMania in Tampa?


WrestleMania is a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event that is held annually by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The event is known for its massive size and its championship matches. It is the biggest event of the year for both WWE and its parent company, Viacom. The first WrestleMania event was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 31, 1985. The most recent edition of the show was held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on April 10 and 11, 2017. The event will be shown live on HBO this year.

WrestleMania is dedicated to pro wrestling's ultimate prize: the WWE Championship. The match at WrestleMania is considered one of the greatest singles bouts in sports-entertainment history. The winner of the match goes on to become WWE Champion. The inaugural WrestleMania saw Hulk Hogan defeat Pedro Morales in their main event.

The second WrestleMania saw Randy Savage defeat Mr. Perfect for the WWE Championship.

What time is Monday Night Raw?

8 p.m. When is the next episode of 'WWE Monday Night Raw'? "WWE Monday Night RAW" returns to USA Network on Monday, July 19 at 8 p.m. Where can I watch WWE Raw online? WWE Raw streams live on the award-winning WWE Network. The easiest way to watch WWE Raw is by downloading the WWE App from Google Play or iTunes.

In addition to airing new episodes at 8 p.m. every week, WWE Network also features all past episodes of Raw and other programming including WrestleMania events, special episodes, documentaries, and more. For $9.99 per month or $84.99 annually, WWE Network offers more than 100 hours of content with new specials added regularly. There's never a charge for watching WWE Raw television shows; instead, you must pay to unlock downloadable content such as match videos and documentaries. If you don't want to subscribe to WWE Network, then you will need to find another way to stream Raw episodes.

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