What are the results for the Atlanta Braves?

What are the results for the Atlanta Braves?

Year Round Opponent 2020 Braves Postseason Results The NLCS is an abbreviation for the National League Championship Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers were beaten by a score of 3-4. The Miami Marlins won the National League Division Series 3-0. The Cincinnati Reds won the National League Wild Card Series 2-0. The St. Louis Cardinals were beaten by a score of 3-2. The Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series 4-3.

The Atlanta Braves are a major league baseball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. They play in the National League East division. Their home stadium is SunTrust Park. The team was founded as the Boston Braves in 1871 and moved to Milwaukee in 1953. They returned to Boston in 1965 and have been playing in Atlanta since 1966. The Braves have won five NL Eastern divisions and have played in the playoffs every year since 1995 when they defeated the San Francisco Giants in seven games. They have also made the World Series twice - in 1913 and 1957 - losing both times to their former archrival the New York Yankees.

In 2019, the Braves finished first in the NL East with 93 wins. They received a bye into the NLDS where they defeated the San Francisco Giants four games to one. In the NL Championship Series, they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers three games to two.

Atlanta has the best record in MLB during the regular season since 1973. The only other team that comes close is the Chicago Cubs who have matched the Braves' record six times.

How did the Atlanta Braves get to the World Series?

The Braves progressed to the final by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series, three games to none, and then the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series, four games to three. It was the Braves' second World Series trip in a row. They lost to the Red Sox in seven games.

The 1996 Braves were the first team from the NL to reach the World Series since the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. The only other time this has happened is in 2002 when the Arizona Diamondbacks took on the Yankees of New York City - a team that makes its home in both the Bronx and Manhattan. The D-backs won that series 3-2.

The Braves played in their new home stadium, Olympic Stadium, for part of the season. It was their first season at the new site after moving from Milwaukee where they had been playing since 1966. The old stadium was known as County Stadium and was used for baseball as well as football. It was built in 1964 and demolished in 2009.

The Braves finished the season with a record of 89-73. This was good for third place out of four teams back then. They scored more runs than they allowed on average (972 to 908) and had a strong offense with Barry Bonds leading the way with 231 hits and 97 RBIs. His batting average of.272 was second only to Joe DiMaggio's.300 mark from 1941.

What are the Atlanta Braves' 2021 statistics?

Atlanta Braves Statistics for 2021 1. ATL (0-1) lost to PHI, 2-3, on April 1. 2. ATL (0-2) lost to PHI, 0-4, on April 3. 3. Apr 4, ATL (0-3) lost 1-2 to PHI. 4 4. Apr 6, ATL (0-4) lost 5-6 to WSN. 5 5. Apr 7, ATL (1-4) won WSN, 7-6. Additional things to know about the Atlanta Braves in 2021: 6. The current batting order is R. BONELLI (1B), S. BROWN (2B), M. BUSTILLO (SS), L. CUETO (3B), K. DEWITT (CF), G. DOBBS (RF). 7. The current pitching staff is A. BETANCOURT (00), J. CISNEROS (01), D. DUFFY (02), T. ELSBY (03), J. FRANCO (04), D. GREENE (05), J. HARPER (06), A. LEIERBACH (07). 8. The current record of the Atlanta Braves is 30-48. 9. Next game: ATL vs PHI, 4/1/2021, at Turner Field.

In 2020, the Atlanta Braves finished with a 70-92 record and last place in the National League East division. They were defeated in their first playoff appearance since 2013 by the St. Louis Cardinals who went on to lose to the Houston Astros in seven games.

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