Is Susanoo stronger than Bijuu?

Is Susanoo stronger than Bijuu?

His conventional Susanoo does have a chance against the Bijuu form, but he will most likely lose in the end since Susanoo requires a lot of chakra (which Sasuke doesn't have at this moment) and the Bijuu mode has full access to the tailed beast's chakra... well, half of it. Also, even if Sasuke survives the attack, it would probably kill him if it hits him.

However, there is a technique called "Susanoo no Jutsu" which allows its user to destroy any one-tailed bijuu with just his mind. Since Kakashi is already using this technique, it means that even if Sasuke doesn't have any chakra left, he could use it anyway by thinking about his enemy and boom! Both tails are gone!

So yes, Susanoo is stronger than Bijuu mode.

Is Sasuke’s Susanoo stronger than Madara's?

As a result, because Kyuubi Bijuu form obtained a Six Paths improvement, it is considerably stronger than anything Hashirama and Madara can hurl at it, and because Sasuke's flawless Susano'o is equal to it, his Susano'o is likewise significantly stronger than Madara's. However, since Sasuke has not yet completed the path to mastery, his Susano'o is not yet at its maximum strength.

Furthermore, even if Sasuke used his complete arsenal of techniques, he would still be unable to defeat the Kyuubi Bijuu form due to one reason: size. Even if Sasuke managed to encase the entire Kyuubi Bijuu form inside his body, it would still be too large for him to handle. Thus, in order to defeat the Bijuu form, Sasuke will need to find another way.

Now, regarding Madara's Susano'o, since it was before its completion, it was only at its base level strength. Also, since it was aimed at destroying something as powerful as the Kyuubi Bijuu form, it must have been particularly strong. However, since Sasuke already surpassed him with his own technique, there is no point in comparing their strengths directly against each other.

Can the Susanoo be defeated?

To be honest, Naruto has a number of options for dealing with the susanoo. The susanoo is the ultimate jutsu of the sharingans. While a complete body susanoo is extremely robust, it is not indestructible. It can be destroyed if attacked with a powerful enough physical or energy-based attack. If one were to defeat every single one of the sharingans in battle, then the susanoo would be no obstacle.

However, it is not impossible to destroy the susanoo. A genin who obtains the assistance of a kage bakenezumi can destroy a complete body susanoo using their chakra. This shows that even a ninja without any special abilities can destroy a full-body susanoo if they work together with another skilled ninja.

Now, this does not mean that the susanoo cannot be defended against. A wise commander will never put his/her troops in a position where they are vulnerable to attack. By doing so, they risk losing the battle before it has even begun. This is why techniques such as self-defense techniques and evasion tactics are important when fighting against the susanoo. A skilled commander will use these tools to keep their troops safe while at the same time putting them in a position where they can fight back.

In conclusion, yes the susanoo can be destroyed but only with a lot of effort.

Who is Susano's strongest?

Sasuke Uchiha, No. 1 Sasuke's Susanoo is the most powerful so far, especially after receiving chakra from Rikudo Sennin. His Susanoo is also adaptable, since it may employ Sasuke's jutsu such as Chidori and Gokakyu no Jutsu. It has been said that even a full-bodied version of Sasukes' Susanoo would be inferior to Obito's Mangekyo Kakuzure.

Obito Uchiha, No. 2 Even though he is an infant, his Susanoo is already powerful enough to destroy worlds. It can also nullify any jutsu used against him, including Sage Mode. As you might expect from someone who survived Mangekyo Kakuzure, Obito's Susanoo is extremely resilient too; it has been shown to survive an attack that should have killed anyone else. Even when exposed to the Sage Mode technique, its power did not falter.

Kakashi Hatake, No. 3 Kakashi's Susanoo is the weakest out of all three Uchiha siblings' abilities, but it is still very powerful for its size. Its strength appears to be proportional to its body size, which explains why it was able to defeat Madara during their first encounter. However, since then, Madara has gained experience while Kakashi has not, making him now more powerful than he used to be.

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