Who would win: Sasuke or Madara?

Who would win: Sasuke or Madara?

8 IS CAPABLE OF OUTPERFORMING Sasuke Uchiha, MADARA Sasuke Uchiha has battled and matched the likes of Momoshiki Otsutsuki in a fight, cementing his standing on the list even more. While some fans claim Madara is the strongest known Uchiha, this is a myth, as Sasuke is unquestionably stronger. However, what Madara does have that Sasuke doesn't is experience, having fought for years against Danzou Shimura and others. This experience will prove to be invaluable when facing off against him.

In terms of physical strength, there's no doubt that Sasuke is the better fighter by a wide margin. However, what makes Madara such a dangerous opponent is his ability to use that strength to his advantage. He knows how to fight on a level field with his opponents, using his experience to his benefit. This will prove to be important when they face off in the final battle later on in the series.

Sasuke is considered by many to be the greatest ninja in history, but he also has a lot of flaws that make him vulnerable to attack. One of these is his obsession with revenge, which keeps him from seeing the big picture. If Madara can find a way to exploit this weakness, then he could bring Sasuke down. However, if Sasuke manages to stay focused, then he should be able to defeat his old friend.

Madara has been called "the greatest genin instructor in history", which isn't too far from the truth.

Who is stronger: Madara or Tobi?

Apart from Madara Uchiha, 9 has no chance. Sasuke, Madara is without a doubt the most powerful known Uchiha in the series' history. Madara was already considerably stronger than Obito, and the fact that his version of the Ten-tails was flawless further added to his might. Even if Tobi somehow managed to create an infinite number of clones with the same genjutsu as him, they would still be useless against someone who does not need their hands to fight.

As for now, it is safe to say that Madara is strongest out of all of them. He was able to defeat both Sasuke and Hashirama simultaneously with little effort. Tobi is probably around his level right now. However, given time, Madara could easily become stronger than him.

In conclusion, there is no way that Tobi can beat Madara unless someone else more powerful comes along. Even then, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Can Sasuke beat Madara?

Naruto and Sasuke have each of the Sage of Six Paths and Rinnegan, hence technically, Naruto and Sasuke cannot fight Madara one at a time. Hagoromo can do so since he owns both as well as other, more powerful trash. Madara Uchiha is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters in the whole Naruto series. Even with that said, it is unlikely that Sasuke will be able to defeat him.

Sasuke has been shown to be almost equal to Itachi in terms of skill and power. However, unlike Itachi, who had help from his brother during their battle, Sasuke has never even come close to having an ally besides Neji. Also, while Itachi was given a chance by Hashirama to learn how to control his powers, Sasuke has not been given such a chance. As you might expect, since Madara is also a highly skilled fighter he gives his students the same opportunity that Hashirama gave Itachi. This means that if Sasuke wants to win he will need help from someone else.

As for someone else helping him, there are two possibilities: One is that Sasuke could gain another Jinchuuriki and together they could face off against Madara. Since this would mean sharing power, it isn't likely to happen. The other possibility is that someone stronger than Madara could help out Sasuke. But since we know that Madara is too strong for anyone to challenge him directly, this option is also very limited.

Is Sasuke stronger than nine tails?

Uchiha Sasuke In the Naruto series, Sasuke is the most powerful known Uchiha. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke easily enslaved and stole the chakra of all nine tailed animals. He has, without a doubt, outperformed them in terms of strength. However, since he only uses their power to heal himself, it can be assumed that his actual strength may be lower than what it originally was.

Sasuke's strength lies in his ability to use other people's chakra effectively. This allows him to use incredible amounts of force with little effort. Even after devolving into madness, his strength did not decrease. Instead, it increased dramatically. This shows that even at the lowest point of his life, Sasuke remained strong enough to overpower even a legendary beast like Nine Tails.

Even so, Sasuke is not as strong as one would think. Just like an ordinary human being, he cannot defeat either Itachi or Kishimoto on his own. But what makes him special is his ability to absorb other people's chakra. This gives him the strength to fight off multiple opponents at once, subdue giant monsters, and perform unbelievable feats of agility and speed.

As you can see, Sasuke is definitely not weak. He is actually one of the strongest characters in the series. His main problem is that he loses most of his battles because of a reason other than his own weakness.

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