How many games did Tony Romeo miss due to injury?

How many games did Tony Romeo miss due to injury?

10 games Romo did not miss a game as a result of his injury. Romo was hurt against San Francisco. Romo missed 10 games but was not put on injured reserve until Week 16. He returned for the final game of the season.

Romo suffered two separate injuries during the season. In early October, he underwent surgery to have a screw removed from his ankle. He returned in time for the Cowboys' week 11 matchup at Washington with the ankle still sore and used it as an excuse for his poor performance that day. The next week against Philadelphia, he suffered a compression fracture in his back during a tackle on quarterback Michael Vick. He remained in the game until he was taken out for good after suffering another injury earlier in the fourth quarter: a puncture wound on his right index finger. He had no idea how he got it but decided to play through the pain.

Despite missing several games due to injury, Romo finished the season strong with four straight wins to close out the year. He threw for over 300 yards in each of those games including three consecutive 400-yard performances.

Romo started every game he appeared in during his rookie season. He missed one game due to injury when he broke some ribs playing football in high school. That's 10 games he missed due to injury during his first season in Dallas.

Why did Tony Romo leave the Cowboys?

Romohas played in only five games over the previous two seasons due to a neck issue. He was succeeded by Prescott by the Cowboys, and he retired prior to the 2017 NFL season. Romo requested his release from the organization, retired, and secured a contract with CBS to announce games. He is currently regarded as one of the top football broadcasters.

Romo left the Dallas Cowboys because of constant pain in his neck. Doctors were unable to diagnose the problem, but they suspected it might be related to his career as a quarterback. The pain kept getting worse, and finally, Romo could no longer play football. He decided to retire at the end of the 2016 season.

After leaving the Cowboys, Romo got a job broadcasting NFL games on CBS. His salary was reported to be $18 million per year. It's believed that Romo received only half of this amount from the Cowboys because of what's called "conflict of interest." The other half came from CBS, which means that Romo made about $9 million last season alone.

During his time with the Cowboys, Romo had several amazing moments. In addition to winning a Super Bowl, he also led the team to the top seed in the playoffs twice. He also threw for over 4,000 yards twice during his time in Dallas.

After leaving the Cowboys, many people didn't think Romo would be able to find another job. However, he proved them wrong by earning more than $100 million since retiring.

When did Tony Romo go to Eastern Illinois?

2003 Romo played three seasons at Eastern Illinois before going undrafted in 2003. He played 14 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys and was a four-time Pro Bowler. He's now a key component of the NFL broadcast crew, working with Jim Nantz on Sundays.

Romo graduated from high school in Monroe, Louisiana, but did not attend college for two years after being drafted by the Cowboys. He finally went to Eastern Illinois, where he stayed for three years before turning pro.

He was named NFC Player of the Month for October 2004 after leading the league in passing yards (3,084) and touchdowns (28). The next year, he led the Cowboys to their first playoff appearance since 1999 and was voted second team All-Pro. In 2007, Romo became the first player in franchise history to start every game during his first five seasons. That same year, he helped lead the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory over Pittsburgh in Santa Clara, California.

After several injuries sidelined him in 2012, Romo came back in 2013 and led the Cowboys to their most successful season ever, finishing with a 13-3 record and winning the NFC East title. He was named the MVP of that season's finale victory over Washington after throwing for 467 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions.

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