Does Tony Romo have a Super Bowl ring?

Does Tony Romo have a Super Bowl ring?

Here's how he got there and what he's up to today in his profession. Tony Romo was one of the most divisive characters in sports during his time in the NFL. Tony Romo retired from the Cowboys without ever winning or even making it to the Super Bowl. He went on to have a successful career in broadcasting where he currently works for CBS.

Romo entered the National Football League (NFL) as a first-round pick of the Dallas Cowboys in 2004. He played only two seasons with them, before being released by the team due to inconsistent play. He then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, but was also let go after one season. He finished his NFL career with the Buffalo Bills, who selected him in the last round of the 2009 NFL draft. He started all 16 games that year for the Bills, but was eventually replaced by quarterback Tom Brady after a series of injuries occurred at the position.

During his time with the Cowboys, Romo became known for his aggressive style of play. This often got him into trouble, as he was penalized 51 times over the course of his two years. In 2007, he suffered a broken collarbone during a game against the Washington Redskins and was later diagnosed with multiple stress fractures in his leg. The injury likely cost him the rest of the season and most of the next year too. In 2009, he broke another collarbone this time playing against the New York Giants.

Is Romo still with the Cowboys?

Tony Romo has announced his retirement from football after 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. His final game will be in December against the Philadelphia Eagles.

He finished with 24,922 yards and 153 touchdowns while being named to seven all-star games. He is the all-time leader in touchdown passes by a quarterback (147).

Romo was drafted by the Cowboys in 2006 and stayed with them until he was traded to the Washington Redskins in 2009. He returned to Dallas for one more season before announcing his retirement.

He stated that he is done playing football and will concentrate on becoming a coach or an analyst for television shows or films.

Here are some of his statistics: 57% completion rate, 333 interceptions thrown, 72% pass ratio, 4,428 passing yards, 30 touchdowns passed, 9 sacks received, 1,311 rushing yards, 16 touchdowns scored.

Romo was the driving force behind many of the Cowboys' great moments during his time there. In two playoff appearances, he helped the team reach the postseason both times. In 2007, he led the Cowboys to their first victory over the New York Giants in years when they won 17-14 in overtime.

How many playoff wins does Romo have?

Romo began his career as a holder before becoming the Cowboys' primary quarterback in 2006. However, Romo's reputation was harmed by a lack of postseason success, as he won only two of six playoff games and never advanced past the divisional round. The next season, however, he led Dallas to its first Super Bowl victory.

In 2009, Romo passed for 4,094 yards with 37 touchdowns against only nine interceptions. He also had three rushing scores on the year. The following season, he improved upon those numbers by nearly 1,000 yards through the air and added four more touchdown passes. He also had one rushing score that season.

In 2011, Romo had 4,928 passing yards with 48 touchdowns against only 12 interceptions. He also had three rushing scores that season.

In 2012, Romo had 4,980 passing yards with 42 touchdowns against only eight interceptions.

Romo has always been able to lead his team to the playoffs, but has never been able to advance very far. He has already announced after this season that he will be retiring at the end of the season. His record is 95-63 as a starter and he has made the playoffs all seven years of his NFL career. That number includes six straight seasons with 20 or more victories and one Super Bowl win.

How long did Tony Romo last?

Fourteen seasons Tony Romo has announced his retirement from football after 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Check out the numbers from his illustrious career. Tony Romo has spent 14 seasons in the NFL, all with the Cowboys, after signing as an undrafted free agent in 2003. He is one of only eight players who have played for both a Super Bowl champion (Romo was a part of the 2015 Cowboys) and a losing team (2016 Cowboys). His career regular season record is 123-77; his playoff record is 12-12.

Romo finished his career with 3,944 yards passing, 30 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 91.0 rating. He also had 1,071 yards rushing and 26 more scores on the ground.

In 2014, Romo led the Cowboys to their first winning season since 2009 by playing in every game he appeared in. He threw for over 4,000 yards for the first time in his career while adding 914 yards and 10 touchdowns through the air and another 99 yards and a touchdown on the ground. He ended his season with four straight games with at least three touchdowns passes and no interceptions.

Romo's retirement comes just two years after he came back from a broken collarbone to lead the Cowboys to their second championship victory over the Saints. He had 468 yards passing and five touchdowns during that postseason run.

What did Tony Romo do after he retired?

Tony Romo has made the decision to retire. Despite interest from at least one playoff-bound NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys veteran and four-time Pro Bowler announced his retirement from the game on Tuesday and was officially dismissed by the team. Romo will join Jim Nantz as an analyst on game broadcasts for CBS this season, the network said Tuesday. He'll also appear on several other CBS Sports programs throughout the year.

Romo's career lasted 16 years and he played in 147 games, completing 70 percent of his passes for nearly 10,000 yards with a 62 percent touchdown rate. He had a record of 93-64 during his time in Dallas and led the team to the playoffs each year from 2006-10 before missing out last season due to injury. The 33-year-old also won three division titles and two conference championships during his time in Dallas.

After being drafted second overall by the Dallas Cowboys in 2005, Romo went on to become one of the best quarterbacks in football over the next six seasons. He was named MVP of the NFL's prestigious annual awards ceremony in 2008 after throwing for 4,057 yards and 31 touchdowns while only committing seven interceptions. He also had at least one pass break up by his defender on 95 percent of his attempts that season.

However, things started going wrong for Romo later in 2008 when he suffered a broken collarbone early in Week 1 against the New York Giants.

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