Why is LeBron so good?

Why is LeBron so good?

LeBron James personifies this more than any other player in the NBA. He can essentially play all five conventional positions, giving you the variety in your lineups that the sideline gurus want. LeBron fits in nicely with his contemporary period, which may be what distinguishes him. He's one of the most popular athletes in America, and his success has helped usher in a new era of basketball popularity.

James' talent is obvious to anyone who watches him play. However, what makes him unique is his ability to understand how to use that talent to its fullest potential. He constantly works on improving his game by watching video of great players such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and then using their techniques to become better. This understanding of the game combined with his intense desire to win have made him one of the best players in NBA history.

Another reason why he's so good is his work ethic. Before every game, regardless of whether he'll be playing or not, James will go over film of the opposing team and figure out their defensive schemes so he can attack them straight away when the ball is passed his way. He also studies the strengths and weaknesses of each of the players on the roster of his current team (Cleveland Cavaliers) and uses this information to help him exploit them on offense. Finally, James never, ever quits on a shot and often takes huge shots from downtown even if the score is well beyond single digits.

Why is LeBron a small forward?

LeBron James plays small forward, but because to his stature and skill, he is capable of playing at any position. He has changed basketball, and not only the small forward position, but he is one of the most athletic players in history, despite being 6'8 and 250 pounds!

When you look at today's NBA, it is not uncommon to see players who can play all five positions. This is because there are so many great players out there that no team can keep them all on their roster. Thus, they have turned to small forwards, who can score in a variety of ways, defend multiple positions, and use their athleticism to help out their teams on the court.

In addition to this, there is not much of a difference between small forwards and shooting guards. They both tend to be more offensive-minded players who can shoot jump shots or drive the lane. The main difference between the two is size: shooting guards are usually taller than small forwards. However, some small forwards are also able to shoot well from beyond the arc (such as Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson).

The evolution of the small forward position is due to the fact that teams want to maximize their talent, so they often ask players to do things they aren't really qualified for.

What are LeBron’s strengths?

His vision and passing abilities distinguish him. A guy with his stature and point guard abilities is quite unusual. Magic Johnson was the only player in history to have this. There are just five players in the NBA who have LeBron's vision and passing talents. He can see over the defense and find open teammates.

Another strength of his is his ability to take opponents off the dribble, either by himself or with a partner. He's one of few players who can consistently pull this off against bigger defenders. James also has excellent ball-handling skills for his size and position. He can run the floor and hit jump shots comfortably.

As far as shooting is concerned, LeBron is one of the best perimeter shooters in NBA history. He has a smooth stroke and knows how to use both hands well. His release is very quick which allows him to shoot over smaller defenders.

LeBron also has good post-up moves and is able to score in the paint against bigger players. He uses a simple but effective move called the "stepback jumper", which always gets him into the lane where he can finish at will.

Finally, he has excellent leadership qualities which have helped him lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to two NBA Championships so far.

These are just some of the many talents that make up Lebron James' game.

Is LeBron better than MJ?

LeBron James' statistics show that he is a far superior overall basketball player. While Jordan had a higher overall scoring average, LeBron is a more efficient player who shoots better from two and three-point range. LeBron is also a far superior passer and rebounder than Jordan was. However, what makes LeBron different from Jordan is his ability to lead his team on and off the court. Although Jordan was able to win with help from his teammates, he knew how to take responsibility for his mistakes as well.

LeBron has already won more championships than Michael Jordan did in his career. If he keeps playing at this level, there is no reason why he can't go ahead of Jordan in terms of total victories.

However, it is hard to compare one player to another because every player has their own unique qualities. Therefore, it all depends on what you like about each player. For example, some people may say that Jordan is the more talented player because he was able to bring attention to himself by wearing number 45 when he came into the league. Others may say that LeBron is the more talented player because he was able to lead his team to victory even though he didn't score many points. The only thing we can do is look at what they have done in the past and see who has more wins so far.

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