Why did The Undertaker retire?

Why did The Undertaker retire?

Age and fitness may be the primary factors for The Undertaker's retirement at the age of 55. After losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 in 2017, The Undertaker ditched his gear in the middle of the wrestling ring and left the arena with his family. During an interview with Sports Illustrated a few months later, Vince McMahon said that The Undertaker had retired because he wasn't interested in doing anything else.

In addition to being married to WWE Hall of Famer Vickie Guerrero, The Undertaker has been linked to several other women including X-Pac's wife Nicole, Chyna, and most famously Stephanie McMahon. He has never confirmed nor denied these rumors and instead lets them linger until someone says something that forces him to reply.

The Undertaker first signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) back in 1992 when he was just 18 years old. He quickly became one of the company's biggest stars helping them reach their peak during the 1996 season when they competed in every single match of the annual King of the Ring tournament. This is where we first meet The Undertaker who was then known by his real name of Dennis Kenneth Karzykis. He went on to win the whole thing too. Since then, The Undertaker has failed to recapture this success finishing near the bottom each year since 2001. In 2004, he lost a battle with plantar fasciitis which forced him to miss several weeks of work.

Did the Undertaker return?

The Undertaker Is Retiring From WWE After 30 Years The Undertaker announced his retirement with a poignant speech. The Undertaker, whose true name is Mark William Calaway, formally announced his retirement from WWE in a statement that he issued at the age of 55. Age and fitness may be the primary reasons for The Undertaker's departure. The Undertaker has already "retired" once. Fans are hoping that this will not be The Undertaker's final performance.

He returned on January 22nd, 2017 at a house show in St. Louis where he faced Shawn Michaels in what was billed as HBK vs Taker. He failed to win the match but managed to beat him down with his tombstone piledriver before the referee stopped the match. This led to many fans assuming that The Undertaker had returned.

However, this was just a warm up match for The Deadman at WrestleMania 33 which takes place on April 2nd in Atlanta, Georgia. It was revealed shortly after that The Undertaker would be facing Shawn Michaels again at the event. This time however, they were booked as even matches with both men going all out against each other. The match itself saw Shawn Michaels defeat The Undertaker again with his signature move, the scissors kick. Following the match, both men stood face-to-face across the ring and bowed down to one another before leaving together in the same direction (down).

This did not go down well with fans who assumed that The Undertaker had actually retired for good this time.

Is the Undertaker still a wrestler?

Taker will retire in November 2020, bringing an end to a storied career filled with amazing memories. While injuries have taken their toll, he is still able to wrestle well into his fifties. The Undertaker discussed what his life would be like after retirement in an interview with ESPN's Arda Ocal. "There are definitely plans in place to continue my legacy," he said. "That's something that really matters to me and my family."

In addition to planning to continue wrestling, The Undertaker has other business interests including real estate development, boxing, and music. He also serves as a celebrity judge for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events.

The Undertaker made his professional wrestling debut on February 5, 1992. Over the next decade, he went on to become one of the most popular wrestlers in history while holding the record for the longest running world champion in WWE history. During his time as champ, he played a key role in transforming pro wrestling into a worldwide phenomenon by appearing at major sports events around the world.

So yes, the Undertaker is still a wrestler. He currently works for WWE but is not signed to any particular contract. Instead, he receives a weekly paycheck and uses it to pay the bills. However, he did announce his retirement earlier this year so there's a chance we might see him wrestle again in the future.

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