Who would win: The Rock vs. John Cena?

Who would win: The Rock vs. John Cena?

In a street battle, John Cena will easily defeat the Rock. I feel he is far more powerful than the rock, owing to his youth and agility. The Rock is also a professional wrestler which makes him more of an entertainer than a true fighter.

Cena's strength lies in his ability to generate a lot of heat through the media. This means that if The Rock were to fight someone who doesn't even exist, then Cena would still be popular because people love seeing him fight. The Rock on the other hand, needs to actually fight to be considered great. He has never lost and is therefore undefeated.

They have both been involved in several controversies during their careers, with The Rock being accused of copying his act from Cena (who had copied himself from Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone). However, despite these controversies, they have never actually fought each other live on pay-per-view.

I believe The Rock is already retired, so there's no point in fighting him. As for Cena, it's possible he may one day face off against Brock Lesnar in a match called "Fatal 4 Way". If this match takes place then Cena would definitely win since he is currently ranked number one with any chance of beating Lesnar completely out of question.

Who is the strongest? The Rock vs. John Cena?

2 John Cena is far more intimidating than The Rock. He has also defeated other wrestlers, including The Undertaker and Rikishi, something The Rock will not be able to achieve. John is also a powerlifter and bodybuilder who works out every day. The Rock may be a celebrity but he's still just a man like us.

1 John Cena is certainly one of the most popular wrestlers in America today. He has won championships across all of wrestling's biggest brands - WWE, WCW, and ECW - and has been very successful in each one. Not only that, but John is also one of the biggest celebrities in the world, having appeared in several movies and television shows over his career. He even owns his own burger chain called John Cena's Fresh Burger which sells items such as "The Fraternity Fry" and "The Big Cinnah Burger".

The Rock was born Robert Lawrence on March 24th, 1964. He started out his professional wrestling career in 1995 after being trained by the legendary Bruce Pritchard. The Rock quickly became one of the industry's top faces thanks in part to his energetic performances and charismatic personality. Today, The Rock continues to appear in television shows and movies while also maintaining his status as one of the world's greatest wrestlers.

Who is stronger, Cena or Rock?

Because you never see John Cena, The Rock is stronger. In fact, The Rock is so strong that he can beat up John Cena in a fight.

Cena was at one time one of the world's best wrestlers when he was in WWE (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment). During his time there, he was ranked #1 in the world for several months in 2008. He has also been ranked #1 in various other polls and lists.

In April 2010, The Rock announced that he was leaving WWE to pursue other interests. However, he did not quit wrestling completely and has continued to make appearances with WWE's rival company, WCW, throughout the years.

So overall, they are about equal in strength but The Rock is still stronger because he can beat up Cena.

Who is the Rock fighting at WrestleMania 29?

The Rock will defend his WWE championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in a fight that will be fought for both men's dignity as well as the title. John Cena was defeated by The Rock last year and has determined to show to himself and the world that he can do it again. He has been training hard for months with help from professional wrestlers including Booker T, The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

The match itself will most likely be short with both men putting their titles on the line. It's an opportunity for either man to prove to themselves as well as everyone else that they are still one of the top stars in wrestling today.

WrestleMania is known for its spectacular matches and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. With both men's careers on the line, there's no way we'll see just one single match at the event.

Who was The Rock’s opponent at WrestleMania 29?

The Rock is without a doubt one of the best performers in WWE history, and his WrestleMania matches are a significant part of his reputation. The match will be awarded by no man after The Rock attacked Cena with an F-5 following their confrontation earlier in the night.

Before The Rock joined World Wrestling Federation in 1995, he worked as a bodyguard for Al "Superfly" Jones during his wrestling career. At age 23, The Rock started his own professional wrestling company, which became one of the largest in the world. In 2001, The Rock left WWF to start his own league, but it failed to catch on and was closed down after only one season. Since then, The Rock has been working exclusively for WWE.

He is the longest-reigning champion in the history of the WWE championship, having held the title for more than 6 years. However, his record may soon be broken by current champion John Cena, who has been recognized as the new champion since December 2009 when The Rock relinquished the title.

It is rumored that The Rock will return to WWE at some point in 2014, possibly at the Royal Rumble event on January 25th. He has not made any official announcements about returning yet so this story should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

How did John Cena win the rock fight?

John Cena would charge out, grabbing The Rock's waist and forcing him backwards, into the wall, the fence, whatever (John appears to be a man who doesn't obey any rules—win at any costs). The Rock twisted John and aimed a hook at his jaw. But Cena blocked it with his hand and then grabbed The Rock by the necktie that was hanging down his back. He pulled him close and slammed him against the wall several times, until The Rock tapped out.

Cena has been known to use illegal tactics to win fights, such as using an illegal headbutt or shooting himself in the foot with a tranquilizer gun. It's possible that this incident took place so recently that no laws have been broken yet!

In case you were wondering how Cena managed to defeat Big Daddy, here's the answer: he didn't. After five minutes of trying to beat The Rock, Cena gave up and let him go. Then he checked if he was alive by touching him and realized that indeed The Rock had beaten him. Realizing that he had lost, Cena decided not to take any more risks and left The Rock alone instead.

Cena has also won fights by default (i.e., without using any illegal methods) many times.

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