Who won the most X Games medals?

Who won the most X Games medals?

McDonald, Andy Andy Macdonald broke Tony Hawk's record for most X Games skateboarding medals with 15 during X Games 14 in Los Angeles. The record had been set just two years earlier by Hawk.

Macdonald won five gold medals and a bronze to tie Tom Wallisch's all-time best at the time for an individual event. The record has since been broken twice more (by Chris Corning and Danny Davis, respectively).

Macdonald also became the first person to win multiple gold medals in a single day when he took home the title in the Big Air contest. He was followed on the podium by Blake Baggett and Alex Ebert, who won silver and bronze, respectively.

Of the 16 medals awarded in total, Macdonald won five - a record that stands to this day.

The other winners of multiple medals were Dave Mirra with three golds and one bronze and Rodney Mullen with two golds and a bronze. All other medalists won one event only.

The X Games began in San Francisco in 1995. Since then they have been held in Los Angeles, London, and Paris, with more cities expected to join the festival in the future.

How many X Games medals has Tom Schaar won?

At the age of 17, Tom Schaar has already appeared in eight X Games, won five medals, and is on track to become one of the most accomplished and winning X Games skaters of all time.

He started off competing in moguls, which are a series of jumps you must clear while spinning around on your skateboard. The first two are called "front-flips"; the third is a "back-flip". Clear all three and you win!

Tom Schaar has won more than any other American male skater and is the only person ever to win gold in both big air and slopestyle. He's also the only person to have ever won multiple X Games gold medals in one season; he did it in 2014.

Here's how many medals each current or former X Games athlete has won:

Name Total Medals Won

Ashton Hagar 2

Gracie Anderson 1

Travis Bagley 1

Dylan Thompson 1

Chris Corning 1

Evan Brown 1

Hunter Stewart 1

Who are the winners of the X Games?

Scotty James of Australia is still on our heads after capturing SuperPipe gold at the X Games Aspen 2019. He currently has two gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze medal from the four most recent X Games SuperPipe Finals.

Cocona Hiraki, at the age of ten, became the youngest X Games medalist in history, winning a silver medal in Women's Skateboard Park. Gui Khury, a skateboarder, became the youngest participant at an X Games and the youngest person to achieve a 900 at an X Games. 2020 Minneapolis X Games

How many medals has Paul Rodriguez won at the X Games?

Rodriguez has won eight X Games medals, four of which are gold, with his most recent first-place finish coming in July 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The "X Games Gold Medal Standings" is a cumulative medal stand for all athletes at the X Games throughout their careers.

He is the second best male snowboarder after Tucker West has won more than once (eight times). He is also the highest earning female snowboarder with an annual salary estimated to be $200,000 per year.

Of those eight medals, five have been won while competing as part of the United States team and three while representing Canada. His brother Alex Rodriguez has also competed in several events but has not won any medals.

Paul Rodriguez was born on January 4th, 1979 in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. He grew up in Cypress Creek, a suburb of Vancouver and began learning how to ski when he was just 3 years old. He became one of the world's top skiers by the age of 14 when he won his first Olympic gold medal at Salt Lake City in 2002. Since then he has gone on to win two more gold medals at St. Moritz in 2006 and Park City in 2014 and has also won silver and bronze medals respectively at Nagano and Vancouver.

Who are the gold medal winners of the 1994 Winter Olympics?

Alpine skiing is ranked first. Cross-country skiing is number two. 3: Speed skating on a short track Nicky Gooch of the United Kingdom obstructed Derrick Campbell of Canada. 4 Skating at high speeds 5 Medal winners Athletes with at least two gold medals or a total of three medals are mentioned.

German Christa Luding-Rothenburger and Canadian Clara Hughes are the only medal-winning speed skaters who have also won a medal in cycling at the Summer Olympic Games. In terms of total medals (121), as well as gold medals, the Dutch speed skaters have been the most successful (42).

What 2012 athletes had 3 gold medals?

Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin each won four gold medals in the games. Phelps also won the most medals overall, taking home six in total. Franklin won three gold medals and one silver.

Phelps became only the third man in Olympic history to win more than two individual events after Carl Lewis and Rod Stewart. He also holds the record for the most gold medals awarded in a single Olympics with eight. Franklin finished with three gold medals of her own, giving her the most out of any athlete this year. She also has the most gold medals ever awarded in a single Olympics by a female athlete- three- the same number as Phelps.

American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte both had 4 gold medals awarded to them this week at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. With these victories, they have now tied Missy Franklin for the most gold medals awarded in a single Olympics. (Franklin won three gold medals in Beijing in 2008.) If either swimmer wins another medal event, they will hold that tournament's highest award available. The most medals ever awarded in a single Olympics is held by China's legendary swimming star Yang Yang who took home nine gold medals in 1976 Montreal.

Phelps is also looking to become the first person ever to win five consecutive gold medals in an individual event.

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