Who won the Sytycd juniors?

Who won the Sytycd juniors?

But who of the quartet triumphed over the competition to win SYTYCD season 13: Leon "Kida" Burns, J.T. Church, Emma Hellenkamp, or Tate McRae? Kida was ultimately named the winner, and at 14 years old, she is the youngest individual to hold the title of America's Favorite Dancer.

Burns and Church were both runners-up; they are both 17 years old. Hellenkamp and McRae were eliminated in the semi-finals.

Kida is from Chico, California, while Burns and Church are from Las Vegas, Nevada. Hellenkamp is from Melbourne, Australia, while McRae is from Atlanta, Georgia.

All four dancers were selected by fan vote from among twenty-four candidates during season thirteen of America's Got Talent. The judges used their one-in-three chance to select another dancer after missing their initial choice. They chose Kida because they believed she had what it took to be a successful dance artist.

Before auditioning for AGT, Kida had been dancing since she was three years old. At ten years old, she began teaching herself how to skateboard so she could perform better on stage. She also learned how to play guitar so she could soundtrack her performances.

Who won Sytycd 2010?

Froderman, Lauren Lauren Froderman is the winner of Season 7 of SYTYCD 2010. Lauren Froderman was crowned the seventh season winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" on Thursday. In the final, Kent Boyd finished second. Robert Roldan finished third.

Lauren received $100,000 from FOX and a recording contract with Hollywood Records as well as a spot in SYTYCD's all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. She also won a car from Fox Broadcasting Company.

Before winning SYTYCD, Lauren was a dental assistant living in California. She says she decided to try out for SYTYCD because she wanted to pursue a career in dancing instead of dentistry. She had no idea it would become such a huge success or that millions of people would watch her compete every week.

Lauren plans to use some of the money she has earned to go to school to get her degree in medical imaging. She also says she wants to travel around the world if she can afford it.

In other news, former champion Mandy Moore canceled her scheduled appearance on this year's SYTYCD after being diagnosed with pemphigus, a rare disease that causes the skin to blister and peel.

Who is the youngest MasterChef junior winner?

Osta Smith, Addison (season four winner) At the age of nine, she became the show's youngest winner and the first female winner in 2016. Someday, the reality star hopes to launch her own food online program. She also has a blog where she talks about cooking with her family.

Smith was born on January 4th, 1996 in South Carolina. She moved to Indiana at a young age with her mother and two siblings after their father died when she was five years old. Her family didn't have much money, so Osta had to help out by working during school days and weekends. It was here that she learned how to cook for others while earning some extra cash. After graduating from high school, she moved back home to Indiana where she now lives with her mom and two sisters.

She was discovered by the show's producers while attending an open call at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most successful contestants ever, winning season four and placing second twice more. In addition to competing on the show, she has also appeared several times as a guest judge including two seasons as a permanent judge alongside Gordon Ramsay and Matt Maloney.

Smith has also done some hosting work for the show including hosting an episode that focused on kids' cooking skills.

Who won season 1 of SYTYCD?

Season 1 Winners of So You Think You Can Dance U.S.A. are: first place winner Tyce Dior and second place winner Casey Abrams.

Casey was a student at The American University in Washington, DC when he was selected to be a part of this competition. He studied mechanical engineering and had an interest in music before joining the show. He is also a member of a band called Good Old War. Tyce was a student at California State University, Long Beach when he was picked to be a part of this dance contest. He aspired to be an actor before joining the show. He is also a member of a band called Hot Chelle Rae. They both received $100,000 as prize money for winning the competition.

Besides their professional career, they both have another passion outside the dance field. Casey is interested in fashion and owns a clothing line called Evil Eye Clothing. He also has his own podcast called The Casey Files with his friend Matt Wilson. Tyce works as a visual effects artist and has been featured in movies such as Star Trek Into Darkness and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. He also appeared in a music video by P! Nk called Get Your Girl Back.

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