Who won, Cena or Rock?

Who won, Cena or Rock?

Highlights, Recap, and Review of John Cena's Performance The Rock reclaimed his rightful spot atop the WWE with a thunderous win against John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday night in Miami, transforming a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity into a second shot at superstardom.

Cena has been the number one contender since he defeated The Rock at SummerSlam to end their feud. The match at WMXXVIII was definitely not your typical wrestling match. Both men put their careers on the line in a battle that included tables, chairs, and even the ring canvas! It was a brutal series of matches that defined what it means to be a champion.

Cena is not only the longest reigning number one contender in history, but he is also the first wrestler to ever win the title twice. The Rock will likely never lose his top spot again, but this time around, he was the man being chased by the fans!

John Cena recently announced on Twitter that he had signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that will keep him with the company through 2015.

He wrote: "Yes, I've signed with @WWENetwork through 2015. But that's not all... I'm also taking over as the face of WWE."

Who won: John Cena vs. The Rock?

The Rock reclaimed his rightful spot atop the WWE with a thunderous win against John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday night in Miami, transforming a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity into a second shot at superstardom. With no title on the line, The Rock did what he does best: He dominated Cena with his fists and his charisma, winning out over him in every category except for one: score. The match was awarded to Rock due allegedly to a controversial rollup victory by Cena.

Before the bout, The Rock announced that he would be appearing on the cover of the next issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. The publication's editor David Epstein said in a statement that "the world has never seen a sports entertainer who can combine comedy and tragedy like The Rock. It's been an honor to have him appear on the cover of our magazine."

During the buildup to the match, it was rumored that if Cena were to defeat The Rock, he would be given a championship match at SummerSlam. However, with no title on the line, the match turned out to be merely competitive.

After the match, both men went backstage where they shook hands with Vince McMahon before heading up to the stage to celebrate with their fans.

Who is the Rock fighting at WrestleMania 29?

The Rock will defend his WWE championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in a fight that will be fought for both men's dignity as well as the title. John Cena was defeated by The Rock last year and has determined to show to himself and the world that he can do it again. He has been training hard for several months now, traveling all over the world to take part in combat sports events and even acting as his own manager/valet by helping The Rock with his wardrobe and grooming needs.

The Fight: After The Rock defeats Cena, he will have another chance at beating him down like they did last year but this time around, The Rock will be wearing a CENA tattoo on his chest. This will make him face away from the ring when he takes on Cena, giving the winner immunity from being drafted into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at the end of the show.

Cena will no doubt use this opportunity to attack The Rock's body (especially his chest) during the match and try to knock him out so he can win via countout or disqualification. But The Rock is too strong and tough to be beaten by just one blow, so he will need to use all his skills and experience to defeat Cena.

Did John Cena beat The Rock at WrestleMania?

In the main event, John Cena defeated The Rock to capture his record tenth WWE Championship and revenge his WrestleMania XXVIII loss to The Rock. The match was highly acclaimed by critics who praised both men's skills but also for its length with the score being a close call, ultimately deciding in favor of Cena.

Cena winning the match made him the first wrestler to win the championship more times than The Rock (6 vs 5).

This is one of the most discussed topics in wrestling history and has been cited as one of the greatest matches in WWE history.

When did The Rock lose his last WWE match?

The Rock was slated to face John Cena in his last match at WrestleMania 29. He lost the WWE title to Cena in this encounter, signaling the end of an era. Finally, he handed the titles over to Cena before exiting the ring. This will be The Rock's final wrestling appearance.

Rock made his debut on January 16, 1995. He went on to win 10 championships during his time with the company including the WWE Championship twice. His departure was announced on July 2, 2016.

He is now working as a actor and has appeared in several films and television shows.

Did The Rock ever fight John Cena?

The Rock faced up against John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXVIII. Rock did a Rock Bottom for Cena after the contest. This was The Rock's last match before he retired from wrestling.

He came out wearing a black shirt with yellow stripes and black pants with his catchphrases written on them (i.e., "This is my house," etc.). He also had a black belt wrapped around his waist. At one point, he removed his shirt to reveal an "X" painted on his chest. He then lowered his pants to show a red mark on his leg that appeared to be from a knee injury.

Cena came out wearing a white t-shirt with black writing on it (i.e., "Make My Day"). After some time, they went face-to-face and argued about who was going to be the next world champion. They then fought each other with no winners so they both retired from wrestling at the same time.

However, this story was only done as a joke because they are both wrestlers so they will never retire.

The Rock fought John Cena in WrestleMania XXVIII on March 28, 2015.

Who wins: The Rock or John Cena?

After performing a second Rock Bottom (his signature move) and achieving a 1-2-3, The Rock triumphed over John Cena and gained a hard-fought victory.

Cena has been the winner of every single Rock/Cena match thus far with the exception of one (which you'll read about in a minute). So it's safe to say that these two guys really want this match.

They are both very talented performers who have taken their craft extremely seriously over the years. They are also both larger-than-life characters who have inspired many fans across the world. It's no surprise then that they have attracted such large audiences during their career.

Their matches tend to be very intense with both men going all out for the win. These matches usually have several great spots including at least one Rock Bottom.

So who is going to win tonight? I'd say The Rock has the advantage because he's been training hard for this moment all year long while Cena has had to spend most of his time promoting _The Cena Show_ on WWE TV. However, since this is WWE we're talking about here there can be plenty of twists and turns before this match is over.

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