Who will win in China vs India?

Who will win in China vs India?

By concentrating all of its combat force on the mission, China could possibly destroy the Indian Air Force. India, on the other hand, is free of such issues. As a result, it stands a strong chance of winning an air battle with China simply because the Indians do not have to contend with a hypothetical second front.

In fact, India has the opportunity to beat China at its own game by using its air power to counter the PLA's numerical superiority. The Indians can use their superior numbers to outflank the Chinese and attack them from the rear. This would cause great havoc among the Chinese troops since they are unprepared for such an attack. However, the Indian army would need to be careful not to get bogged down by its large scale operation since it cannot afford to lose even one soldier during this kind of warfare.

China has the advantage in terms of equipment used by its military. It possesses advanced missiles that could target Indian cities including New Delhi. However, India has the advantage in terms of training its soldiers who are well equipped to face different kinds of attacks coming from multiple directions. They also benefit from being able to use guerrilla tactics against a larger country like China which has rigid rules about how wars should be fought.

India has the ability to fight back if China tries to occupy its territory since there are still many independent countries left in Asia.

Can China beat India in war with Quora?

Yes, India is capable of defeating China in a full-fledged war. However, it cannot win with its own troops. It must engage in different diplomatic maneuvers with the world's other military superpowers. In such a case, it can possibly win because there are more countries supporting it then there are countries supporting China.

Who will win India? Quora: China War 2020?

Without a doubt, sure. In any conflict scenario with India, China's initial reaction is to encourage Pakistan into attacking India, forcing India into a two-front war. This reduces India's military power while allowing China to maintain its strength for a persistent assault.

In fact, according to Chinese analysts, this is exactly what happened in 1999 when India invaded Kashmir. China encouraged Pakistan to attack so it could take advantage of India's distraction to seize parts of Jammu and Kashmir which are now part of China.

Similarly, if there was ever a time for China to invade India, it would be now. China has extensive land borders with India. If China were to invade India, it could easily capture most of the Indian state of Assam where the two countries border each other. From there, China could expand its influence into the rest of India.

In conclusion, China cannot allow India to remain strong because it is a threat to its own existence. China would do anything to destroy India, including sending troops into India to start a war. However, since China does not want a war with India, Beijing will try to contain Delhi by trying to lure it into an ambush.

Which is better, China or India in war?

According to a government report in China...India.

China's economy is about ten times larger than India's and it has nearly five hundred million people. It is also more technologically advanced. But these advantages don't tell the whole story. India has a strong military that has won many battles against much larger countries. And China's own history of conflict shows it can get into trouble even with its powerful army.

The reason why I asked this question was because both countries have very different cultures. So I wanted to know which country would be better at fighting a war.

I think if we look at the history of both countries then it becomes clear that India will win any battle they join. Because their culture is based on strength through courage which is completely opposite to China's culture which is based on winning through cunningness and diplomacy. If you want proof then just look at how India got its independence from Britain. With the help of other countries like America, Russia and China. But still, India fought back against Britain with only its weak military until it was too late.

Who is stronger, India or China, Quora?

No, China is more powerful than Indians believe. The true power of China is its economy. China is the world's largest economy in terms of PPP GDP (2.5 times that of India). China is the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP, trailing only the United States (5 times India's GDP).

China has the world's fastest-growing major economy and it is expected to remain so for another three years. Its per capita GDP is almost twice that of India: $10,000 vs $5,300.

India on the other hand has the third largest economy in the world but it's growing at a slower rate than China's. Its population is also much larger than China's, so it should have more economic clout in theory. But India's economy is dominated by agriculture which grows mostly food crops, not industry like in China. It has few technologies or products to trade with the rest of the world. Also, many Indian businesses are family owned and this creates a barrier to innovation as there is no need to compete to survive.

Both countries have huge populations and middle classes who want better lives for themselves and their families. This leads to strong economies in the long run. In addition, both countries have large military budgets so they can buy all the weapons they want. And both countries have nuclear capabilities so they don't have to depend on anyone else for security.

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