Who was the winner of the 2013 SEA Games?

Who was the winner of the 2013 SEA Games?

Ho's gold medal victory is most likely only the beginning. Ho's gold-medal performance had already made Singapore proud, but the absolute dominance of the country's table tennis squad was another highlight of the 2013 SEA Games. With three titles in hand, it looks like Singapore is well on its way to reclaiming its throne as the top table tennis nation in Southeast Asia.

In addition to its gold medals, Singapore also claimed five other medals - three silver and two bronze - at the recently concluded tournament. This makes it clear that there is still room for improvement for our athletes, who we are sure will use this experience as motivation for their next campaign.

Singapore's table tennis team has always been among the best in the region, but it wasn't until Lee Yong Dae took over the role of coach that the country's players started performing at a high level. Prior to his appointment, none of the Singaporean table tennis players were even making it to the world stage. Since then, however, our athletes have proved themselves on many occasions, most notably at the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships in Shanghai where they reached the final before being defeated by China's Li Yuhao and Zhang Jike.

It is safe to say that Lee Yong Dae has done a fantastic job so far.

Who is the gold medalist in the SEA Games?

Singaporean swimmer Joscelin Yeo holds the most Southeast Asian Games medals with 55 as of 2019. (40 gold, 12 silver, and 3 bronze). She accomplished this achievement during the 2005 Games, when her last medal surpassed the previous record of 39 gold medals held by another Singaporean swimmer, Patricia Chan. The youngest player to be selected for an NBA All-Star Game was a 17-year-old rookie named Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors; he did not play due to injury, but went on to become one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Yeo's teammate Chua Kim Peng also has two gold medals from the 2007 Games in Shanghai, China. He is the only swimmer in SEA Games history to win multiple gold medals. The youngest player to be selected for an NBA All-Star Game was a 16-year-old rookie named Andrew Wiggins of the Minnesota Timberwolves; he played one game and scored 19 points off the bench for Team LeBron vs. Team Steph. He became the first number one overall pick in NBA draft history to attend a high school outside of the United States.

Kim's younger brother, Boon Hee, is also a swimming star. He won two gold medals at the 2018 SEA Games in the men's 100 m butterfly and men's 200 m individual medley events. His sister, Kim Boong, is a former world-class sprinter who still competes in her 40s.

Who won water polo at the Olympics 2016?

Serbian males Tokyo, 8 August (Reuters) – Serbia won its second straight Olympic gold medal in men's water polo on Sunday, defeating Greece 13-10 in a dramatic final at Tatsumi Water Polo Centre.

The victory gave Serbia's Miroslav Vujacic his third gold medal and named him player of the tournament. He was joined on stage by his wife Jelena Vujcic who is also an athlete and played a key role in her husband's victories.

Vujacic scored seven goals and provided three assists in the final as Serbia overcame a 10-8 halftime deficit to claim its first ever Olympic title. The Greeks took a 3-1 lead before Vujacic found the back of the net with two quick-fire goals to make it 5-4 for Serbia. However, they could not find another goal and were defeated by their opponent's poor shooting performance.

This is also Serbia's first gold medal since it joined Olympic water polo in 1996. China has been undefeated so far this year and is the current champion of the 2015 World Cup of Water Polo. It also means that Serbia has now reached the top of the podium more times than any other country. China has been ranked number one by all the major poll agencies including Infostrada Sports, IFFHS and Vector.

Who are some famous athletes from the Singapore SEA Games?

Even though it was not a regular component of the Games program, bodybuilding was a successful sport for Singapore in the late 1980s and early 1990s. There were numerous elite Singapore bodybuilders, including Fatholomein Ali, Ismail Muhammad, and Simon Chua, who all won three gold medals in separate editions of the games. Bodybuilding has become an established sport in Singapore, with many major competitions being held annually.

Ali, who was also a two-time Asian bodybuilding champion, is considered by many to be the father of modern-day bodybuilding in Singapore. He opened the first gym in Singapore, Ali's Gym, in 1986. Today, there are more than 100 gyms in Singapore that cater to both local and foreign patrons. In addition to running his own gym, Ali has also been involved in coaching several young bodybuilders from Singapore who have gone on to win international titles.

Another famous athlete from the Singapore SEA Games is Simon Chia, who won a total of five gold medals in the weightlifting events between 1988 and 1996. Chia also holds the record for most gold medals won by a single athlete at the Southeast Asian Games: 3. His other four medals came at those same games in 1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002.

When he isn't competing in weightlifting tournaments, Chia works as a security guard during off days from training. He began training weightlifting when he was just 12 years old and soon became one of Singapore's best competitors.

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