Who was the first player to hit two home runs in one series?

Who was the first player to hit two home runs in one series?

Molitor is also the only World Series player to have at least two home runs, two doubles, and two triples in a single series (1993). He belongs to a select group, having hit.300 or greater in entire seasons over three decades (1970s, 80s, and 90s). He batted over.300 a dozen times during his career.

On October 11, 1993, Molitor went 2 for 4 with a walk, scoring four times as the Brewers beat the Indians 6-3 at Milwaukee County Stadium. It was his only multihit game of the season, as he finished with 32 homers and 102 RBIs.

In addition to his home runs, Molitor had two double plays turned around him on the outfield grass, including an inning-ending DP in the ninth. He was a bit unlucky not to have had more hits considering he had the third highest batting average on balls in play among players who appeared in at least ten games.

After leaving baseball in 1999, Molitor returned in 2003 as a coach for Milwaukee. He stayed for six years and then returned for another stint in 2009 before retiring for good this time around.

Overall, Denny has a great record of success at the World Series. He has a.500 average (10-20) and has helped bring home at least one win for his team every year he has been involved.

When did Bob Horner hit four home runs in a game?

Horner established personal high points in 1986. On July 6, 1986, he became the eleventh player in Major League Baseball history to smash four home runs in a single game, and just the second to do it in a game in which his club lost (the first one being Ed Delahanty). Horner's Oakland Athletics were defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers 24-7.

The A's left town that day still very much alive with dreams of winning their first World Series title in 30 years, but they returned home empty-handed. Horner had been the star of the game, hitting four homers and scoring ten times. He was voted MVP by his fellow players.

Before the 1986 season, MLB banned home runs from being hit into any part of the stadium. The goal was to make games more exciting and reduce injuries. But many fans complained that this change ruined baseball. Before the ban, there were few balls put into play per game; now there are many. There used to be time for nine innings; now there are usually only six or seven.

In 1989, Horne failed to reach three hundred hits for the first time in his career. But he still finished the year with thirty-two homeruns and 101 RBIs. In 1990, he had his best season yet, batting.292 with 39 HRs and 102 RBIs.

When did Billy Williams hit three home runs in a game?

On September 10, 1968, Billy Williams hit three home runs in a game, tying the Cubs' record for most home runs in a game. On April 9, 1969, Billy Williams hit four doubles in the same game, tying the National League record for doubles in a game. The Cubs lost the game 7-4.

Williams' three homers came in one game vs. San Francisco on September 10, 1968. The first two homers were hit with two outs in the ninth inning of a 1-1 game. The third one was hit with two men on base in the tenth.

He had already hit two homers when he came up in the ninth, but the Cubs didn't score any more runs and lost 1-3. He again hit two homers in the tenth but this time the Cubs won 4-3.

In addition to his four doubles, Williams walked five times in the game. The record for most walks in a single game is held by Albert Pujols who did it twice. In addition, Williams struck out just once during that game.

The Cubs played in Wrigley Field through at least 1975. When they moved to Chicago's U.S. Steel Yard in 1940, they took their name with them - the Chicago Cubs.

What’s the most home runs Babe Ruth hit in one game?

No player has ever hit four home runs in a playoff game; the previous high was three, set by Babe Ruth in Game 4 of the 1926 World Series....

PlayerName of the player
Career HRThe number of home runs the player hit in his MLB career

Who are the players with the most home runs in the World Series?

Who has the most World Series home runs? Babe Ruth hit 15 home runs and appeared in 167 plate appearances. Yogi Berra hit 12 home runs and appeared in 295 plate appearances. Duke Snider has 11 home runs and 149 plate appearances. Lou Gehrig hit ten home runs and appeared in 150 plate appearances. Reggie Jackson has 10 home runs and 116 plate appearances. Joe DiMaggio has 8 home runs in 220 plate appearances. Barry Bonds is next with 8 home runs in 152 games.

Babe Ruth is the greatest hitter of all time, and his career.918 winning percentage is also very good. But he played in a more offensive-minded era than today's baseball, so it's not surprising that many more people have gone yard during this series than anyone would have imagined back when it first started. In fact, no one has ever gone deep as often as Ruth did during these playoffs - until now!

In recent years, baseball has become a much more defensive-oriented game, which makes these World Series home run totals even more impressive. However, it's still possible for someone to break the record if one of these teams gets back into the series after being down 3-1.

Ruth's retirement in 1951 was supposed to be permanent, but he came out of retirement in 1955 when the Red Sox were looking for another shot at glory. He ended up playing six more seasons, hitting over 200 homers twice, scoring 100 or more runs five times, and driving in 100 or more bases eight times - finishing with 914 home runs and a.546 average.

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