Who scored the most goals in a single Champions League game?

Who scored the most goals in a single Champions League game?

Ronaldo, Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo now holds the record for most Champions League goals scored in a single season, netting 17 times for Real Madrid during the 2013-14 season. The Portuguese forward now shares this record with Ferenc Puskás and Alfred Jarryd.

They both played for Juventus in 1934. The match was held on September 21, 1934. It was their only meeting in the competition as Juventus went on to win 4-1. Ronaldo scored four goals himself with two penalty kicks.

The first player to score multiple penalties in one match was Luciano Pavarotti who did so during his time at Modena. His total of five penalties scored represents the majority of penalties scored in one match.

Pavarotti is also the only player to have won the European Cup with three different clubs: Modena, Liverpool and Internazionale. He left Italy before joining England but returned after English footballers were allowed to play abroad. He stayed at Inter for three seasons before moving to Liverpool. There he became an icon within the club and country. He remained at Anfield until 1995 when he moved to World Club Championship winning team A.C. Milan.

Pavarotti passed away in 2007 aged 56 years old.

Which player has scored in the most finals?

Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored in UEFA Champions League final matches, with four in his career for Manchester United and Real Madrid. Lionel Messi is second on the list with three goals.

The record for most overall goals in the history of the UEFA Champions League is held by Eusebio, who played between 1964 and 1980 for Portuguese club Benfica and Spain's Valencia. He scored 105 goals in 150 appearances for two different teams in Europe's premier club tournament.

Ronaldo is also first on the list for most hat tricks in UEFA Champions League finals - he accomplished this feat three times during his time at Madrid. Lionel Messi is second on the list with two hat tricks to his name (once for Barcelona, once for Argentina).

In fact, only five players have ever won the European Cup/Champions League with more than one club: Alfredo Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás, Luis Enrique, Carlo Ancelotti, and Cristiano Ronaldo. All but Di Stéfano did so twice each.

Di Stefano joined Barcelona in 1957 and 1958 before moving on to help Madrid win their first European title in 1960. The pair then returned the favor by winning the competition together again in 1962.

Who holds the record for most Champions Leagues?

Ronaldo, Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time leader in UEFA Champions League goals scored, with a total of 135 goals. With 120 goals, Lionel Messi is in second position. They are the only players to have reached the century mark.

The first match between two European teams took place on September 19, 1955, when Red Star won 2-1 away from home against Nantes. The first championship was played between Soviet Union and Germany and ended in a draw 1-1. The trophy was awarded to USSR because they had a better goal difference.

Many great players have come out of Europe, including Alfredo Di Stéfano, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini, Marco van Basten, and Arjen Robben. But only five players are able to say that they have won the UEFA Champions League: Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Pirès, and Luís Figo.

Ronaldo and Messi have more than 100 matches each and are the only two players who can say that they have won the title twice.

Where did Cristiano Ronaldo score the most goals?

The Organizations Cristiano Ronaldo has conceded the most goals. Sevilla (Spain) Madrid's Atletico Madrid (25 goals) Getafe No. 3 (23 Goals) Vigo Celta (20 goals) 5 - Barcelona (20 goals) 6 Athlete's Club (17 goals) Malaga is ranked eighth (17 goals) The Real Sociedad (15 goals) Espanyol (15 Goals) Valencia (10 points)

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a total of 554 goals in 736 matches during his career.

He started off playing for Manchester United before moving to Spanish club Real Madrid in 2003. He has won every single trophy available on both domestic and international levels with Madrid. In 2009, he moved to Italian club Juventus for €80 million ($100 million).

After one season with Juventus, he joined American club Los Angeles Galaxy for €112 million ($136 million). In 2016, he returned to Spain when he signed with Portuguese club Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee at the time: $300 million. He has won all major titles with Madrid including three UEFA Champions Leagues, two FIFA Club World Cups, and one Olympic gold medal.

During his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has played against many top European teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool. He has also faced some of the best players in the world including Lionel Messi, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Samuel Eto'o, and Wayne Rooney.

Who scored the most goals against Barcelona?

After 245 games, Real Madrid has scored 411 goals and won 97 games, one more than Barcelona, who has scored 400 goals against their longtime rivals.

In terms of individual players, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals against Barcelona with 56 goals in all competitions. Lionel Messi is second with 50 goals.

Barcelona has beaten Real Madrid seven times in the Spanish League. Here are the other matchups:

June 6, 2009 - 2-1 (Aguero 38', Pedro 87') - Barca wins La Liga title

April 7, 2013 - 1-0 (Suarez 63') - Barca wins Copa del Rey title

March 4, 2014 - 3-0 (Girard 27', Rakitic 49', Suarez 67') - Barca wins La Liga title again

May 12, 2015 - 1-4 (Lukaku 57', Odriozola 77', Ramos 89', Asensio 91') - Real Madrid wins UEFA Champions League

January 5, 2016 - 0-3 (Messi 90', Xavi 117', Iniesta 120') - Barca wins Club World Cup

Who has the most goals in the Euro Cup?

Ronaldo The most goals scored in the Euro CupRonaldo, once again, tops the list with 14 goals. He is followed by France's Michel Platini, who has 9 goals, as well as another Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann, and England's Alan Shearer, who all have 7 goals. Last year's top scorer is Lukas Podolski, who had 12 goals for Germany.

Shearer is the oldest player to score in the Euro Cup. He turned 42 years old in February.

Gareth Bale is one of three players to score in every game of the Euro Cup so far. The others are Marco van Basten and Ronald Koeman. Only four other players have a record of scoring in every match they've played - Pelé, Maradona, Beckham, and Kopa.

England is the most successful country with five victories. Germany is next with four wins. Italy, Spain, and France each have three wins. Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Russia, and Sweden each have two wins.

In fact, only three countries have not won at least one match: Greece, Ireland, and Kazakhstan. Ireland was disqualified after two matches because of political reasons; neither their first match against Romania nor their second match against Germany were played due to both teams being involved in European competitions. As a result, Ireland's record is 0-2.

How many goals did Hugo Sanchez score in one match?

Surprisingly, all 38 of these goals were scored with only one touch. His 38-goal total was a league record until Cristiano Ronaldo broke it in the 2010-11 season with 40 goals. Sanchez scored 47 goals in 45 outings in European Cup tournaments. That makes him the second most successful scorer in the history of the competition behind Marco van Basten (48 goals).

The Mexico international was born on January 4, 1980, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He began his career at age seven when he joined local club Dominguez Lacustre. After five years there, he moved to Europe, joining Portuguese first division club Porto for four million pesos (about $220,000 at the time). In 2000, he returned to Mexico and signed with Club América. There he won two championships, two Mexican Cups and one Liguilla.

After six seasons with América, Hugo Cueto was hired as manager and led the team to its first Liga MX title in 2001-02. The following season, 2002-03, Sanchez made his debut for Mexico against Colombia and scored a goal. He went on to play in three more matches that year without scoring another goal. In 2003-04, he started well but an injury suffered in February prevented him from continuing playing.

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