Who scored three hat-tricks?

Who scored three hat-tricks?

Since the Premier League's establishment, 34 different players have scored a "perfect" hat-trick, although only two have done so more than once: Robbie Fowler has three (all for Liverpool) and Yakubu has two (one each for Blackburn Rovers and Everton). Neither player is still active in the Premier League.

Fowler's third goal came on 23 April 2001, just three days after his 30th birthday. He was playing for Liverpool against Middlesbrough at Anfield. The score was 2-2 when he netted a penalty past Mark Bunn after going down under Graham Kewell's challenge. His first two goals were also penalties.

The most recent player to score a perfect hat-trick was Stan Kroenke, owner of both Arsenal and Denver Nuggets basketball team. He did it in 1983 while playing for Arsenal against Southampton City in the First Division. The Gunners lost 3-4 but Kroenke scored three goals.

He's one of few people who have scored a hat-trick while being substituted in some way. The rule is that you can't be replaced if you score or give away a penalty.

Kroenke wanted to play on after scoring the third goal but the referee wouldn't let him because the game was finished. So instead of leaving the field, he took out a beer and went into the stands to watch some friends play volleyball.

How many people have scored a hatrick for England?

In total, 59 different players have scored a hat-trick for England, with several scoring more than three goals in a single game. The first player to do so was Charles Alcock who scored the first international hat-trick on February 8, 1872. He did so in a 3-3 draw against Scotland at the time known as the Football Association Challenge Cup.

England has been victorious in 34 of these games, lost six and drawn two. The first player to score more than one international hat-trick was John Stead, who achieved this feat four times between 1874 and 1877. Alfred Waterhouse also scored four international hat-tricks during his career which lasted from 1865 to 1878. He is still the highest scorer with 52 goals.

The most recent player to score a hat-trick for England was Harry Kane who did so in a 6-1 win over Slovenia on June 17, 2017. This makes him the second youngest player after Waterhouse (19 years, 309 days) to do so.

Of the 59 players who have scored an international hat-trick, only five are men who have played in this century. They are: Peter Reid, Alan Shearer, Frank Lampard, Arjen Robben and Harry Kane.

Who is the only player to score three hat tricks against the same club?

Luis Suarez of Liverpool is the only player to have three hat-tricks against the same team (Norwich City).

With 12 Premier League hat-tricks, Sergio Aguero holds the record. Luis Suarez of Liverpool is the only player to have three hat-tricks against the same team (Norwich City). On November 9th, 1992, Mark Robins of Norwich City scored the first perfect Premier League hat-trick against Oldham Athletic.

Mario Balotelli scored a hat-trick, including two penalties, in Manchester City's 4-0 win over Aston Villa in December 2010. In May 2011, Somen Tchoyi scored a hat-trick for West Bromwich Albion.

How many hat tricks has Rooney scored?

Who has the most hat-tricks in the Premier League?

PlayerHat-tricksLast hat-trick
Wayne Rooney8November 29, 2017
Luis Suarez6March 22, 2014
Dimitar Berbatov5December 26, 2011
Andy Cole5August 30, 2009

Has anyone scored a hat-trick on their debut?

Van Basten (for Milan; he is the only player to score four goals on his debut), Faustino Asprilla (Newcastle United), Yakubu (Maccabi Haifa), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Vincenzo Iaquinta (Udinese), Grafite (VfL Wolfsburg), Yacine, and others have all scored a hat-trick on their Champions League debut.

Rooney is the first player to do so while playing in all three formats of the game. He scored once in the Group Stage match against Shakhtar Donetsk, twice in the Round of 16 match against Marseille, and once more in the Quarter-Final match against Chelsea. This makes him the first player to score in each round of the tournament. He also became the first player to score in multiple knockout rounds in the same season when he netted in the Last 16 match against Marseille.

Asprilla's debut was a nightmare for Newcastle as he scored four times in all competitions against Middlesbrough. It is worth mentioning that Asprilla had been sent off during his debut match and it didn't affect Middlesbrough at all because they won 5-1 away from home.

Iaquinta scored a hat-trick in the Coppa Italia match against Sassuolo on 8 January 2016. He also came close to scoring a fourth goal but his effort was saved by Antonio Mirante.

When was the last time Les Ferdinand scored a hat trick?

Les Ferdinand scored two league hat-tricks in three days in 1992-93, a 4-3 home win against Nottingham Forest on April 10th and a 5-3 triumph at Everton on April 12th. The next season saw 19 hat-tricks scored by players such as Alan Shearer, Andrew Cole, Robbie Fowler, and Ian Wright.

Luis Suarez of Liverpool is the only player to have three hat-tricks against the same team (Norwich City).

Is it possible to score a hat trick in the Champions League?

Scoring one goal in the Champions League is a remarkable achievement in and of itself, but getting a hat-trick is something exceptional. England has produced more than its fair share of hat-trick scorers, with eight Englishmen scoring three goals at least once throughout their European careers. However, only two players have managed to do so in the Champions League.

The first was Italian striker Giuseppe Meazza who played for Milan and Italy between 1919 and 1943. He scored his hat-trick in a 7-0 win over Pontedera on 25 September 1938.

The second is Spain's Alfredo Di Stéfano who was part of Real Madrid's squad that won the tournament in 1958, 1960, and 1962. He scored his hat-trick in a 6-1 win over Euzkadi on 4 October 1959.

So yes, it is possible to score a hat-trick in the Champions League. Two greats of their time scored three times in this prestigious competition and they are the only ones to do so.

What is the perfect hat trick?

In football, a perfect hat trick occurs when a single player scores three goals in a single game, one with their head, one with their left foot, and one with their right foot. Tapins and penalties are also included. The feat is rare but not impossible. There have been 37 players who have scored a hat trick in the NFL (including playoffs), with only nine doing so more than once.

The first known case of a player scoring a "hat trick" occurred on October 7, 1879, when John Montgomery, who played center for Princeton University, scored three times in a 9-7 win over Harvard. He did this using all parts of the body except his hands, which was legal at the time. The last known occurrence before 1950 was by Gordon Hill of the Chicago Bears in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. From then until now, no one has been able to duplicate Montgomery's feat.

The first known case of a woman scoring a "hat trick" occurred on September 12, 1930, when Margaret "Maggie" Dixon of Millbrook College (now Millersville University) scored three times in a 10-7 win over Ursuline College. Like Montgomery, she used only her head and shoulders as weapons. Maggie went on to score another hat trick eight years later for her school team.

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