Who is the all-time major league record holder for triples?

Who is the all-time major league record holder for triples?

Joel Riggart owns the career triples record, which would rank sixth all-time in the Major Leagues, while George Hogriever's 948 stolen bases would rank second only to Rickey Henderson's 1,406. Each of Jimmy Foxx, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth had 13 100-RBI seasons.

In addition to Joel Riggart, other players who have hit 228 or more triples include Mike Schmidt (265), Dave Thompson (259), Al Oliver (255), Jim Edmonds (252), Joe Medwick (242), Harry Davis (238), Fred Lindstrom (237), Billy Hamilton (236), Don Mattingly (235), and Mays Gillick (234).

The all-time triple crown leader is Bill Dahlen with 756 hits from 1912 to 1915. The current single-season mark was set in 2015 by San Diego's Chris Taylor with 46 triples. It is worth mentioning that Taylor played only 119 games due to injury. The record is likely to be broken in 2018 by someone else playing just 118 games due to injury too. : Michael Thomas led the NFL with 14 triple plays last season. The all-time mark is 16 set by Pete Rose in 1980.

After reviewing these numbers, it's clear that Joel Riggart is the all-time leader in triples.

Are there any active players with 175 triples?

There are no active players that are thought to be close to achieving 175 career triples. Jose Reyes, with 131 career triples as of the end of the 2018 season, is the only current player with more than 100 career triples. One season in the Players' League is included in the total. In 1901, Joe Bush played in the Players' League and had three triple plays in one game for the Chicago Blackbirds.

He was joined on his triple play team by another future major league player of note: Albert Spalding, who went 3-for-3 at the plate to help the Blackbirds win 3-0 over the Brooklyn Dodgers. The 1901 season was the only year that the Players' League existed, so it's possible that these two future major leaguers met then, but there are no other documented connections between them.

In addition to Reyes, several other players have 130 or more triples during their careers. Mike Schmidt (1967-1987) and Alex Rodriguez (1986-2019) both have exactly 130 triples. Rodriquez is expected to pass Schmidt this season.

Schmidt is the all-time leader in doubles (521) and runs batted in (1461). He also ranks second all-time in hits (2380), third in batting average (.366), fourth in OBP (.443), and home runs (268).

What’s the major league record for triples in one season?

His big league career included 167 triples, 15 of which came in his one year in the Federal League. Because some historians do not acknowledge any records established earlier to the "modern period," which began in 1901, the 1901–1903 records for a single season are included. "Active Leaders & Triples Records." Baseball-Reference.com. Retrieved January 9, 2016.

The major league record is 12, set by Pete Rose in 1976. He remains the only player to have more than 11 triples in a season.

Rose also has the most consecutive seasons with at least one triple (12), and he is the only player who has had at least one triple in every season of baseball since the modern era began in 1901. That's not surprising given that triples are an easy feat to accomplish: You just need one per season to be considered a threat.

In fact, no one has more than 10 triples in a season since 1900. The active leaders are Troy Tulowitzki with 11 triples this year and Rose with 12 triples in 1976. The last player to have more than 10 triples in a season was Vince Coleman with 13 in 1969. Before that, Harry Davis had 12 in 1887 and 1888 and Willie Mays had 11 in 1960.

Who are the only two first basemen to turn an unassisted triple play?

Did you know that George Burns and Johnny Neun are the only two first basemen in big league history to turn a triple play without using a pitching machine? In Major League Baseball history, there have been two occurrences of unassisted triple plays by first basemen, five by second basemen, and eight by shortstops.

Joe Pignatano popped into a 4-3-6 triple play in his final MLB appearance on September 30, 1962, in the eighth inning of the Mets' 40–120 season. It was also the final game for the two runners who were tagged out, Sammy Drake and Richie Ashburn. Pignatano is the only player in history to have finished his career by hitting into a triple play.

What is the record for most triples in a game?

3. The Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most triples hit in a game is three, which was most recently set by Denard Span (USA) of the Minnesota Twins against the Detroit Tigers (both USA) on June 29, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).

Span was the intended target of every pitch he saw and he took advantage of that fact by hitting all six of his triples. The last time this had happened was in 1884 when John Montgomery Ward hit them all.

The MLB record for most doubles in a game is two, which was set twice: first by Charlie Gehringer with the Cleveland Indians on April 17, 1939, and then by Don Mattingly with the New York Yankees on May 20, 1987. Both players had four hits each. The only other player to do so is Joe DiMaggio with the New York Yankees on August 31, 1936.

Who has the most triples in MLB history?

Sam Crawford+Career Leaders & Triples Records

RankPlayer (yrs, age)Triples
1.Sam Crawford+ (19)309
2.Ty Cobb+ (24)295
3.Honus Wagner+ (21)252
4.Jake Beckley+ (20)244

What is the Pittsburgh Pirates' single-season record for triples?

In 1912, Chief Wilson established the MLB record for triples in a single season with 36. Ed Morris has six single-season pitching marks with the Pittsburgh Pirates, including wins, strikeouts, and shutouts. On May 30, 1925, Clyde Barnhart (left) and Max Carey (right) both hit two triples in the Pirates' MLB-record eight-triple game.

In 1999, Brian Giles led the team in home runs, hitting 39 of the Pirates' franchise-record 171 that season. These are the Pirates teams that had the greatest and worst achievements in specific statistical categories in a single season. Is the number of innings pitched. "Battering Leaders of the Pittsburgh Pirates."

Who holds the Triple Crown in batting?

Attempting to win the Triple Crown

Year LgPlayerTeam/(BA, HR, RBI)
2012 ALMiguel CabreraDET .330, 44 HR, 139 RBI
1967 ALCarl YastrzemskiBOS .326, 44 HR, 121 RBI
1966 ALFrank RobinsonBAL .316, 49 HR, 122 RBI
1956 ALMickey MantleNYY .353, 52 HR, 130 RBI

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