Who is Kimberly Zmeskal from Texas Dreams Gymnastics?

Who is Kimberly Zmeskal from Texas Dreams Gymnastics?

At March of 2014, Zmeskal performed in Jesolo. Kimberly Lynn Zmeskal Burdette (born February 6, 1976) is a former American artistic gymnast who won a national title, a global title, and an Olympic bronze medal. She is a gymnastics coach and co-owner of Texas Dreams Gymnastics in Coppell, Texas, with her husband, Chris Burdette.

Zmeskal was born in San Antonio but grew up in Horseshoe Bay Beach Club in Rockport, Texas. Her mother, Pam, is a physical therapist and her father, Bill, is a financial manager for Southwest Airlines.

She started training in gymnastics at the age of 4 under Ron Flesher at Texas Dreams Gymnastics in Coppell, Texas. At the time, it was one of only two female-specific gymnastics clubs in the United States. The other club was located in Toronto, Canada. Together, they are known as the "Texas Dream Team."

Under Flesher's guidance, she went on to become one of the best female artistic gymnasts in the world. In 1994, when Zmeskal was just 16 years old, she became the first American to win a gold medal in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She added another gold medal four years later in Beijing, China. Zmeskal also has two silver medals from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 2004 Athens Olympics respectively.

What happened to Texas Dreams Gymnastics?

Following the release of "Athlete A," Texas Dreams Gymnastics has become the latest facility to face abuse claims. Former Dreams gymnast Ashton Kim was the first to accuse the gym, especially owners and head trainers Kim Zmeskal-Burdette and Chris Burdette, of abuse. She said they would hit her with belts and rollators (a type of walker) as well as withhold food from her to force her to train further. Last month, two more former athletes came forward with allegations of abuse against the gym.

In a statement, Zmeskal-Burdette denied all allegations of abuse and said she was "shocked" by them. He added that he and his wife were looking into getting help for their mental health issues and might have to close down the gym. Chris Burdette also denied any involvement in any abuse at the gym and said he was "disappointed" by the accusations.

Earlier this year, three other gyms -- including one in California -- faced similar accusations. Authorities investigated but did not charge anyone with a crime.

Texas Dreams was founded in 2002 and had been based in Humble until 2013 when it moved its operations to Austin. The couple had been running the gym together before Kim Zmeskal-Burdette took over as head trainer in 2015.

What kind of sports did Gail Kim play?

She was a natural athlete who excelled in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and badminton. Gail Kim majored in kinesiology at the University of Toronto (the science of movement). The full bio for WWE Smackdown! may be found here: WWE Smackdown! Bio.

Gail Kim made her in-ring debut on January 24, 2012 during a live event in Seoul, South Korea. She was part of the main event, where she and Charlotte defeated Natalya and Eva Marie to win the vacant Divas Championship.

In April 2012, it was announced that Kim would be one of the coaches on the first season of the WWE's new reality television series, NXT. The show features individuals who are not yet established performers looking to make it in the wrestling business. They go through training camps run by WWE professionals to learn the ropes...

Kim left NXT after one season to focus on her career in Japan. She debuted for Pro Wrestling NOAH on July 19, 2013 at their Summer Adventure Festival event where she and Taylor Hart lost to Naruki Doi and Yoshihiro Takayama in an eight-woman tag team match.

Since then, Kim has become one of the top female wrestlers in Japan, regularly competing on all of NOAH's major events. She has also taken part in many other matches, both for charity and as part of World Tag Team Championship bouts.

Who is Marta Karolyi and what country is she from?

Marta Karolyi (Hungarian: ['ma: rta' ka: roji]; née Eross; born August 29, 1942) is a former USA Gymnastics national team coordinator and Romanian-American gymnastics coach. She and her husband, Bela, are ethnic Hungarians from Transylvania, Romania. They trained athletes in Romania before defecting to the US in 1981. Since then, they have been responsible for coaching several Olympic gold medalists out of their respective sports.

She is married to fellow gymnast Bela Karolyi. The couple has two children together, Andrea and Adam.

Before marrying Bela, Marta had a successful career as a gymnast herself. At age 19, she was among the top 10 all-arounders at the Rome Olympics, and went on to win three more medals: one silver and two bronze. She remained one of the highest-ranking all-arounders in the world after moving to America.

As part of her role with USA Gymnastics, Marta has traveled around the country giving seminars to coaches and athletes. She has a reputation for being tough but fair when it comes to training.

After retiring from competitions in 1975, she stayed with USA Gymnastics as an expert witness and adviser. In 1981, she and her husband defected to America, where they've been living ever since. Marta hasn't coached any athletes but has helped out at many events throughout her career.

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