Whom did the New England Patriots lose to in the Super Bowl?

Whom did the New England Patriots lose to in the Super Bowl?

Eagles of Philadelphia In the 2017-18 playoffs, the Patriots made their tenth Super Bowl appearance, however they were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. This was also the first time the Patriots lost a game played in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The Patriots had won nine games in a row before being defeated by the Eagles in Minnesota. The last time these two teams met was in the 2016 AFC Championship Game with the Patriots winning 17-14 at Gillette Stadium.

Before that it was the 2015 season when the Patriots played the Eagles in Philadelphia and lost 26-20 in one of the most exciting games of the year. The win gave the Eagles a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs while the Patriots went on to play the Seattle Seahawks in Foxborough.

It was another exciting game with the Patriots taking an early lead before the Eagles came back to take control near the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, both teams were tied at 20 going into overtime where the Patriots won it's lone Super Bowl victory 31-27.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was responsible for five touchdowns against three interceptions while running back Dion Lewis had 92 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries.

Where did the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl?

By a score of 24-21, the Patriots beat the Eagles. The game took place on February 6, 2005, at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, marking the first time the Super Bowl has been held in that city. New England also became the second club in NFL history, behind the Dallas Cowboys, to win three Super Bowls in four years.

The Patriots were led by quarterback Tom Brady, who had won his fourth championship ring. He passed for 268 yards and two touchdowns during the game. Running back Corey Dillon was much more effective than in previous games - he gained 105 yards and scored two touchdowns. Wide receivers Terry Glenn and Troy Brown each caught nine passes from Brady.

The Eagles were led by Donovan McNabb, who had won his first Super Bowl title. He completed 21 of 35 passes for 278 yards and two touchdowns. Fullback Mike Cox ran for 68 yards and a touchdown and caught eight passes for 76 more yards. Wide receiver Terrell Owens had seven catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. Defensively, Philadelphia stopped Dillon twice for no gain and intercepted McNabb once when he was trying to throw toward Glenn downfield with less than 2 minutes left in the third quarter.

In the first half, neither team was able to move the ball consistently through the air or on the ground. Brady was 5 for 10 for 50 yards while McNabb was 8 for 13 for 103 yards.

How many Superbowls have the Patriots been to?

Six occasions The New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl six times in a row, most recently in February 2019 with Super Bowl LIII... NFL clubs who have won the Super Bowl between 1967 and 2021

CharacteristicSuper Bowl wins
Pittsburgh Steelers6
New England Patriots6
San Francisco 49ers5
Dallas Cowboys5

Who beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Falcons of Atlanta The New England Patriots of the American Football Conference (AFC) beat the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football Conference (NFC) 34-28. Super Bowl LI saw the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, with the Patriots coming back from a 28-3 deficit to win. This victory also marked the first time that an undefeated season ended in defeat.

Both teams entered the game as heavy favorites, with most picking the Patriots to win in an overwhelming fashion. It was believed that the Falcons were lacking in key players such as quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones who both missed significant time during the season due to injuries. The Patriots on the other hand were considered to be one of the best teams in football history, having won their first 14 games before being defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.

The game itself was close throughout, with each team taking the lead twice during the fourth quarter. With just over two minutes left to play, Tom Brady found James White for a touchdown pass to put the Patriots up 29-28. On the following drive, Ryan threw an interception to Malcolm Butler who returned it 74 yards for a touchdown to seal the deal for New England. This is now the ninth Super Bowl victory for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. It also marks the first time that an Atlanta-based team has lost.

After the game, Brady stated that he believes his team plays better when they're behind.

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