Who has the most passing yards in a Super Bowl?

Who has the most passing yards in a Super Bowl?

Brady has 505 throwing yards in a single Super Bowl. Brady's most productive effort in terms of yards came in a defeat. He passed for 505 yards in New England's Super Bowl 52 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the highest total any quarterback has ever thrown in a championship game.

Brady and Montana are the only quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl victories. The Patriots' record holder for most career postseason wins is Tom Brady with six. The former Montana Grizzly stands alone as the only player with multiple Super Bowl MVP awards. Gary Anderson won his second award last year after guiding the Seattle Seahawks to victory over Brady's Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' Terry Bradshaw had the greatest success with four Super Bowl victories. He also led the Steeler team that lost the most Super Bowls (nine). Joe Namath, who played three seasons with the Baltimore Colts/New York Jets, is the only other quarterback who has won more than two games in the Super Bowl.

Rex Ryan is the all-time leader in Super Bowl losses with nine. His brother Rob is third on the list with eight defeats. They are the only two head coaches who have lost more than one Super Bowl game.

Super Bowl winners usually have strong offenses but even stronger defenses.

What quarterback owns the most yards thrown in one Super Bowl with 505 yards?

Brady-Brady also has the most career passing yards in Super Bowl history (2,838) and the most passing yards in a single game (505) in New England's loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. It shattered his personal Super Bowl LII record of 466 yards set against the Falcons.

He is the first player to have two games with at least 500 yards passing in the same Super Bowl season. The other two players to do so are Joe Kapp (St. Louis Cardinals) in 1949 and 1956 and Bart Starr (Green Bay Packers) in 1965 and 1977. Both Kapp and Starr went on to win the NFL MVP award that year.

Brady is the second quarterback in NFL history (John Elway being the first) to start a league-high five consecutive Super Bowl victories. He joined Terry Bradshaw as the only quarterbacks to win the championship while playing for more than one team during their careers. Brady has been with the Patriots since 2001 when he was drafted by New England out of Michigan State University. Before joining the Patriots, he played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2000 to 2001. He was traded to New England along with two other players in exchange for two first-round picks and $10 million in cash. Those two players were cornerback Asante Samuel and wide receiver Deion Branch.

What QB has the most TD passes?

With 581 throwing touchdowns, Tom Brady holds the record. The New England Patriots quarterback is well on his way to breaking the all-time mark of 692 set by Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos.

Brady and Manning are the only quarterbacks to have more than 500 touchdown passes, and they're the only ones who still play for their teams. If anything, the NFL is becoming more pass-happy as time goes on. In 2007, there were only two 300-yard passing games; this year there are four such games so far. It's easy to see why: The drop rate on throws is very low, so even if you miss the target you've got a good chance of getting another shot at it.

Other notable passers with more than 500 touchdown passes include Drew Brees (504), Aaron Rodgers (495), Ben Roethlisberger (481), and Philip Rivers (467).

It's safe to say that Brady is going to break Manning's record any day now. Even with a relatively poor 2018 season so far, Brady is still one touchdown pass away from tying Manning's record.

Who has more passing yards? Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

Rodgers has the seventh-most throwing yards (5,323) and the eighth-highest completion percentage (64.3 percent ). Brady has by far the most postseason throwing yards (11,968) but ranks 18th in completion percentage (62.7 percent ).

Brady is one of only four quarterbacks with at least 11,000 passing yards during their career (Rodgers is the other). The other three are Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Jerry Rice. Brady is also one of five quarterbacks with at least 10 playoff wins (Manning, Brees, Rice, and Ben Roethlisberger are the others).

It's hard to say who is better because they play such a unique game. However, it's safe to say that both Rodgers and Brady are among the best ever to play their position.

What QB has the most 500-yard games?

Examine the quarterbacks who have passed for at least 500 yards in an NFL game.

  • Tom Brady. 505 yards, Feb.
  • Y.A. Tittle.
  • Drew Brees. 505 yards, Nov.
  • Elvis Grbac. 504 yards, Nov.
  • Matt Ryan. 503 yards, Oct.
  • Ben Roethlisberger. 503 yards, Dec.
  • Philip Rivers. 503 yards, Oct.
  • Dak Prescott. 502 yards, Oct. 4, 2020.

What quarterback has been to the most Super Bowls?

Brady, Tom Brady, Tom (7-9) Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time, has been in 10 Super Bowls and won five Super Bowl MVP trophies, the most ever by a single player. He's also lost three Super Bowls.

Ridley, Matt Ridley, matty (6-10) Matt Ridley has been to six NFL playoffs including four AFC Championship Games and two Super Bowls. He's lost both games he played in - 2012 against New England and 2014 against Indianapolis.

Manning, Peyton Manning, pep (5-11) Peyton Manning has won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos and is a two-time winner of the NFL's Most Valuable Player Award. He's also lost one Super Bowl (XII).

Brees, Drew Brees, dre (5-11) Drew Brees is one of only four quarterbacks to win the NFL's Most Valuable Player Award twice. He's also lost one Super Bowl (XIV). Brees' brother, Jerry, was also a successful quarterback in the NFL who played for the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.

Who are the only two quarterbacks to throw for 400 yards in a Super Bowl?

Ken O'Brien is the first quarterback in history to post a perfect passer rating in a 400-yard game. Don Strock is the first quarterback to pass for 400 yards in a game in which he did not play. Kurt Warner is the first Super Bowl quarterback to have thrown a 400-yard game.

During Super Bowl XLIII, Ken O'Brien of the Arizona Cardinals threw four touchdown passes and no interceptions while posting a perfect 158.3 rating. This is currently the highest single-game scoring total in Super Bowl history. The last quarterback to post such numbers in a game was John Elway of the Denver Broncos in 1995. Elway also had three touchdowns called back by penalties during that game.

Don Strock of the Philadelphia Eagles played only part of that 1997 game before suffering a knee injury. He returned later in the fourth quarter but was ineffective as the Steelers defense dominated down the stretch. Warner also suffered a shoulder injury late in his 400-yard performance that year, but he returned the following week for the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers. The injury forced him out for the 1998 season.

Strock and Warner are the only two quarterbacks to ever throw for 400 yards in a Super Bowl game. No other player has even come close. Tom Brady is one of few players with 300 yards passing in a Super Bowl game (409 in 2006). Aaron Rodgers is the only other player with multiple 500-yard games (two in 2014).

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