Who has the most hits for the Yankees?

Who has the most hits for the Yankees?

Derek Jeter's bio This statistic displays the all-time hit leaders for the New York Yankees as of October 2020. With 3,465 hits, Derek Jeter holds the record for the most in New York Yankees franchise history. He is also one of only eight players to have reached 3,000 career hits. Players are selected in order of their total number of hits, or if they played only part of a season, then they are selected in chronological order based on their birthday. A player can only be included once in this list; therefore, if a player already has another person listed under them, they will not be added again unless that previous listing is removed.

In addition to Jeter, who else is on this list? Barry Bonds (532), Willie Mays (489), and Alex Rodriguez (467). All four players are members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The top two spots on the list are held by players who were more than capable of hitting 500 homers but chose not to. Barry Bonds has been accused of using steroids and human growth hormone during his time with the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates. His record has never been challenged because baseball has no drug policy and he was able to play at a high level while using performance-enhancing drugs.

Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez both had legal issues of their own despite being among the best hitters of all time.

Who is the longest-tenured Yankee?

This statistic displays the all-time games played leaders for the New York Yankees as of October 2020. Derek Jeter has the most games played in New York Yankees franchise history, with 2,747. He is followed by Joe DiMaggio and George Sisler with 2,731 and 2,714 games played, respectively.

Derek Jeter became the youngest player to hit a ball into the stands at Yankee Stadium when he did so on April 3, 2001. The 21-year-old shortstop from Massachusetts hit a ball that landed in the upper deck of the stadium's right field area. It was called a home run because it went over the fence. This accomplishment made him the third player (after Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth) to have their first major league home run go over the roof of the stadium. The ball is now mounted on the wall of his locker room at the new Yankee Stadium.

Jeter remained in the lineup the following day despite suffering from food poisoning. Manager Joe Torre said of Jeter, "He's a special kid. He doesn't feel sorry for himself, and that's what you want in a player."

After playing only 77 games due to injury, Jeter announced his retirement on September 20, 2016.

Who was the greatest Yankee homerun hitter?

Babe Ruth: As of October 2020, this statistic shows the all-time home run leaders for the New York Yankees. With 659 home runs, Babe Ruth holds the record for the most in New York Yankees franchise history. Second on the list is Mark McGwire with 584 home runs.

The most recent Yankee to break the 500-home run mark was Aaron Judge in 2017. Judge hit 507 homers from 2016-2017. Before Judge, it had been 15 years since another Yankee reached 500 homers. Alex Rodriguez broke out of his 2003 slump by hitting 501 homers from 2004-2005. From 2006-2012, there were at least three Yankees who hit 500 homers.

As for other great Yankees hitters, Johnny Damon led the team with 571 home runs from 2007-2011. In fact, he became the first player in MLB history to hit 50 or more home runs five consecutive seasons from 2005-2009. During that span, he averaged 52 homers per year. Bernie Williams was next with 479 homers from 1991-1995. Mike Mussina had the third highest total among Yankees pitchers with 445 homers from 1998-2005. Andy Pettitte finished with an average of 42 homers over that eight-year period.

Ruth, Williams, and Pettitte are the only three players in MLB history with 300 homers and 3000 hits. They're also the only three to win both awards.

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