Who has the most consecutive starts at quarterback in the NFL?

Who has the most consecutive starts at quarterback in the NFL?

Wilson, Russell Russell Wilson is currently the active NFL quarterback with the most straight starts. Rivers was a pillar of stability for the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers for 16 seasons and the Indianapolis Colts for one. The five-time Pro Bowler started 152 games during his career — the most of any quarterback in the league over that span.

Wilson became the starter in 2013 when he replaced Flynn during Seattle's preseason game against the St. Louis Rams. The rookie from Wisconsin went on to lead the Seahawks to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. He also set multiple NFL records including most touchdown passes by a rookie (29) and most wins by a rookie quarterback (12).

Rivers started every game for the Chargers from 2004 until 2016. His streak is the longest current active streak among starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is next with 100 starts behind him. He will likely break the record this season after signing a contract extension earlier this year.

Other notable names on this list include Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Favre, Manning and Brady all have several more years before they can be considered for this honor while Rodgers is still just 29 years old.

Who holds the most records as a quarterback?

Brees was the first player in NFL history to complete 7,000 passes, surpassing Brady (6,778) and Brett Favre (6,778). (6,300). He holds the top three single-season completion numbers, including the NFL record of 471 in 2016. Brees has 468 yards in 2011 and 456 yards in 2014, placing him second and third in the NFL. He has also thrown for over 3,500 yards eight times.

Brady is the all-time leader in career completions (15,083), attempts (21,246), and yards (176,213). He also ranks first with 509 touchdown passes.

Brees is second on this list with 15,583 yards, having passed for 471 yards in 2016. He has also thrown 509 touchdowns during his career; he is only two behind Brady.

The greatest quarterback of all time is Joe Montana (8,948 yards, 78 touchdowns).

Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl XIX championship game where they lost to the New York Giants 17-7. He is one of only four quarterbacks (Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers) to win the NFL's highest individual honor: the MVP Award.

Brees is the closest thing we have today to a better version of Montana; he is an incredibly accurate passer who knows how to get the ball into tight spots inside the field goal range.

Who has the longest starting streak in the NFL?

Brett Favre, the quarterback, has Quarterback Brett Favre holds the record for the longest active stretch of 297 straight games started. Jim Marshall's 270 yard run is the longest among defensive players. It's been more than 10 years since Marshall last played a down of football.

The next highest-paid player in the league is New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks at $19 million. He's scheduled to make just over $14 million this season.

So it would appear that players from small schools are better represented in the long streak than one might think. There are nine players on the list who attended schools with total budgets less than $20 million; only two of them came from large programs (Oklahoma and Alabama). The other seven come from Texas Christian, Miami (Ohio), Illinois, North Carolina State, South Florida, Cincinnati, and Virginia Military Institute.

Big school vs. little school? It seems so, but only because there are so few big schools in the NFL. Only 16 percent of all players come from programs with annual revenues exceeding $50 million, while 84 percent come from institutions spending below that figure.

Who are the undefeated quarterbacks in the NFL?

Except for Frank Reich, who had two starts, all of the quarterbacks who are unbeaten in postseason action have only made one appearance as starting. Y. A. Tittle, a Hall of Fame quarterback, is tied with Andy Dalton for the most postseason starts without ever winning a game (4).

Tom Brady owns the NFL record for the most postseason wins by a quarterback (34), as well as the record for the most playoff games started (45). With 14 post-season wins in non-home games, including Super Bowls, Tom Brady owns the record for most post-season wins by a quarterback in non-home games.

Last season's loss to the Titans brought an end to this period, and a dwindling roster pushed Brady to Tampa, where he is now in his second conference title game. The Jim Harbaugh-Trent Baalke era got off to a good start, with the coach-GM duo revitalizing a team that hadn't made the playoffs since 2002.

With the exception of Frank Reich, who made two starts, all of the quarterbacks who are unbeaten in playoff play have only made one start. Y. A. Tittle, a Hall of Fame quarterback, is tied with Andy Dalton for the most postseason starts without ever winning a game (4).

Which quarterback has the most Super Bowl starts?

Starting quarterbacks who have been in the most Super Bowls

NameSuper Bowl AppearancesSuper Bowl Record
Tom Brady10 107-3
John Elway5 52-3
Terry Bradshaw4 44-0
Joe Montana4 44-0

Which quarterback holds the record for most passing yards in a season?

Peyton Manning: Peyton Manning now holds the record for the most passing yards in a single season with 5,477 in 2013, with Drew Brees falling just one yard short. Drew Brees is the only NFL quarterback to have accumulated 5,000 yards five times.

Manning also owns the record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass (17). He broke this record when he threw his 49th touchdown pass of the 2012 season against the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 1st, 2013.

The record was previously held by Jerry Rice who had 4,928 yards from 1987 to 1998. Rice retired after the 1998 season and hasn't played another down since. Manning now stands as the all-time leading passer in NFL history.

Other notable quarterbacks who have passed for 5,000 yards include Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Montana. All of these players attended one or more post-season game during their career.

In addition to Manning, three other quarterbacks have thrown for over 4,000 yards in a season: Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, and Alex Smith. All four players attended at least one post-season game during their careers.

Cunningham's 1999 season was cut short when he suffered a neck injury that required surgery.

How many starting quarterbacks have the Colts had?

Colts owner Robert Irsay relocated the franchise to Indianapolis after 31 seasons in Baltimore. In the franchise's history, the Colts have had 33 starting quarterbacks (QBs).

This is a list of NFL quarterbacks ranked by total career passing yards. This list features the top 50 quarterbacks in terms of career passing yards during the regular season. Drew Brees holds the all-time throwing yardage record.

The Colts were defeated by the Cleveland Browns by a score of 38 to 21. The Colts won the first overall pick again in 1990, this time selecting quarterback Jeff George, who was already renowned as a world-class talent with a dubious attitude.

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