Who has managed the most Premier League teams?

Who has managed the most Premier League teams?

Allardyce, Sam. Sam Allardyce has managed the most Premier League clubs, having led Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Everton, and West Bromwich Albion. The English football league system is based on division within the overall structure of the Football Association. There are three levels of division at which all clubs play: Premier League, Division 1 and Division 2. At the top level are 10 clubs who are awarded places in the Premier League on the basis of their performance in the previous season. The other 32 clubs compete in Division 1 or 2 depending on how they are ranked.

Bryan Robson is the most successful manager with ten wins out of thirty one matches he has taken charge of during his career. He achieved this record while managing both Newcastle United and England.

Alan Shearer is the most successful player with twenty-nine goals from eighty-one appearances for his country. He played for five different clubs between 1985 and 2004, including ninety games for Southampton, where he is still regarded as one of the best forwards ever to have played the game.

England's most successful manager is Sir Alex Ferguson, who won a record number of trophies at two clubs - Aberdeen and Manchester United. He is the most successful manager in British sports history, with twelve championships, seven FA Cups, and five Scottish Cup victories.

Who is the only manager to have won more than 10 Premier League games?

Terry Connor (former Wolves manager) is the first manager to take command of more than ten Premier League games and fail to win any of them. Terry is 24 years old. Hull City became became the third team in Premier League history to be promoted and then demoted in the same season (Charlton in 1998/99 and Bolton in 2011/12). No, seriously...

Top 10 Premier League players, including ex-Arsenal and Liverpool players Legends from Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur are also on the list.

There are, however, FIVE players who have played for more Premier League clubs than Anelka, one of whom has played for EIGHT different teams. CRAIG BELLAMY (SEVEN TEAMS) - Former Wales striker played in the Premier League for Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City, and Cardiff.

How many British managers are there in the Premier League?

Notably, England has had the most Premier League managers with 104, the most of any country. Scotland has had the second most with 51 while Germany, France and Italy have each had one manager.

England's most successful manager is Sir Alex Ferguson who managed Manchester United from 1986 to 2013 with a record 672 victories and 33 trophies (including 13 English titles). He is also one of only three men to have won the European Cup/Champions League with two different teams. The others are Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti. Ferguson retired at the end of 2013 after 26 years as United's manager.

His success was based on an innovative offensive style of play that made use of talented players such as Eric Cantona and David Beckham. Under Ferguson, Manchester United became one of the most popular sports clubs in the world. He also established the "Fergie Free Kick" award which is given out annually to a player who has shown great skill in front of the goal.

After retiring from management, Fergie took over as director of football at Old Trafford before being appointed coach of the national team in January 2015. His assistant will be Mike Phelan who has been working with him at Old Trafford.

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