Who are the current world record holders in the shot put?

Who are the current world record holders in the shot put?

The current world record holders are as follows: The current records held on each continent are as follows: As of September 2020, this is correct. The following are all other performances (excluding auxiliary throws) that are equal to or better than 22.40 m: Randy Barnes also threw 23.10 in 1990, 22.66 in 1989i, and 22.42 in 1989. (1988). This list may not be complete.

Shot put is a track and field event where athletes throw a metal disc called the shot put toward a target. The distance between the thrown shot put and the target when it stops moving is the shot put score.

World record holders who have also held the Olympic title are indicated by an asterisk (*). There are three ways to break a world record: using technology designed to improve performance (such as shoes with carbon fiber plates for more speed), being an exceptional athlete, and timing things correctly (for example, with the use of GPS). Only one of these methods can happen at once. For example, Carl Lewis broke his own record six times, but none of them were helped by any technology. World records are recognized by two organizations: the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

Below is the list of current world record holders. They were determined in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. These people also hold the national record of their country.

Which is the greatest sporting record of all time?

To put Sharma's record-breaking innings into context, his total is 18 runs more than the average total achieved by teams batting first in one-day internationals this decade. As a result, we invited you to tell us about additional world records that stand out in athletic history. You nominated Roger Bannister, who in 1954 became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. He did so by breaking his own 4-minute mark by more than two seconds.

Bannister's achievement was remarkable, but it wasn't the first time someone had broken their own record. In 2003, American Carl Lewis broke three men's long-distance running records with his winning performance at the World Championships in Paris. At the time, it was believed that no one could break all four long-distance running records simultaneously. But in 2009, American Derek Miles accomplished this feat.

So both Bannister and Miles broke records that stood for more than 20 years. That's not surprising given that modern sports science has made huge advances over the past few decades. Now, athletes are able to train harder and longer than ever before, which helps them succeed on challenging events where luck plays an important role.

That said, there are some events where good fortune doesn't play any role.

How many shot put world records are there?

The IAAF (and before it, the FSFI) has recognised 50 world records in the event as of June 21, 2009. "12th IAAF World Championships In Athletics: IAAF Statistics Handbook." aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az bah ba bb bc vc vd ve vi vo wf xy yz zh zi

World record holders are shown below along with their country and year of achievement.

Shot put world records by distance:

1. Put by Matt Arnett - USA (NACAC Championships / FISU Asian Games): 62.05 m (2006)

2. Put by Aleksey Dmitriev - Russia (Azerbaijan International Championships): 61.94 m (2007)

3. Put by Liu Hongjing - China (National Games of China): 60.96 m (2009)

4. Put by Li Xiangzhong - China (National Games of China): 60.73 m (2005)

5. Put by Zhang Guowei - China (National Games of China): 60.66 m (2003)

6. Put by Wang Zhiqiang - China (Asian Games): 60.59 m (2010)


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