Who is the all-time leader in home runs at second base?

Who is the all-time leader in home runs at second base?

Only Kent, Robinson Cano, and Rogers Hornsby have hit 300 or more home runs while playing at least two-thirds of their games at second base. Kent leads the way with 377, with 20 or more recorded 12 times. In 2000, he was named National League MVP after hitting.334 with 33 home runs, 125 RBIs, and a 1.021 OPS.

Cano is next with 355 home runs, followed by Joe Morgan (308), Al López (296), Bill Mazeroski (295), and Ryne Sandberg (294).

Hornsby is ninth on the list with 280 home runs. He also ranks seventh in RBIs with 1580, sixth in batting average.443, fifth in on-base percentage.501, and third in hits with 2070.

Kent had an incredible year in 1920 when he hit 54 homers at second base alone. The record has since been surpassed six times but remains today as one of the highest single-season totals ever at the position.

Other notable seasons include 1913 when George Kelly hit 47 homers; 1912 when Billy Hamilton hit 46; and 1946 when Eddie Stanky hit 45.

Who are the major league baseball players with 600 home runs?

Only Alex Rodriguez (696), Willie Mays (660), Albert Pujols (654), Ken Griffey Jr. (630), Jim Thome (612), and Sammy Sosa (609) have hit 600 or more. All Major League Baseball players who hit 219 or more home runs during official regular season games are listed below (i.e., excluding playoffs or exhibition games).

List of items on Wikimedia Commons The following is a list of the 288 Major League Baseball players who have surpassed the 2,000 hit plateau during their careers. With 4,256 career hits, Pete Rose owns the major league record. Rose and Ty Cobb, who come in second place, are the only players who have 4,000 or more career hits.

What second baseman has the most career home runs?

Jeff Kent's After retiring in 2008, Kent owns the record for the most all-time home runs by a second baseman with 366. For the most of his career, Kent was underappreciated, but he was regarded as one of the National League's best consistent hitters for over a decade. During that time, he made three All-Star games and won two Silver Slugger awards.

His career numbers are impressive:.275 average, 33 homers, 105 RBIs, 10 SBs.

The number one contender for this honor is Bill Mazeroski with 275 home runs. He played from 1950 to 1972 for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies.

The other candidate is Joe Morgan with 260 home runs. He was an outstanding hitter who played from 1944 to 1970 for the Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators/Reds, and San Francisco Giants.

In conclusion, Jeff Kent is the most successful second baseman of all time because he hit more home runs than both Bill Mazeroski and Joe Morgan.

Who is the only MLB player to have two home runs in a game?

55. (59) On this list, Pujols is the only active player. His two-homer game on May 11, 2019 was the 55th of his career. When he hit his second home run of the game against the Mariners on July 12, 2018, he broke a four-way tie with the three Hall of Famers listed below.

The most home runs by any player in one season is 60, which he currently shares with Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. He's also one of five players who have hit more than 50 home runs in each of the last 10 seasons (the others are Barry Bonds, Mike Hampton, Jeff Bagwell, and Paul Konerko).

Pujols is considered one of the best hitters of all time. In 2009, Baseball Reference ranked him as the greatest hitter of all time. He's since been replaced on the list by Albert Pujols (his son). However, he remains the highest-ranking player ever to switch teams midseason.

In 2004, when asked what it would take for him to become an All-Star, Pujols said "a.450 batting average or better". That year, he finished with a.447 average. In 2005, when asked what it would take for him to win the MVP Award, he said "50 homers or more". That year, he finished with 47 homers.

Who is the MLB single-game RBI leader?

The Major League Baseball leaders in single-game runs batted in are given below. With 159 lifetime RBIs, Norm Zauchin has the fewest among players with 10 RBIs in one game, while Alex Rodriguez, with 2,086, drove in more runs than any other player in this group and hit the third most in big league history.

Rodriguez's teammate Mark Teixeira, who played with A-Rod for six seasons between 2001 and 2007, led the American League with 147 RBIs in 2006. The Texas Ranger team was not finished there though, as Josh Hamilton came close to breaking the record with 146 RBIs in 2007. He fell two votes short of the mark.

In addition to being a member of the Yankees, A-Rod also played for the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros. His career batting average is.272 with 1,922 RBIs in 16 seasons spanning 964 games.

Leading off every game with a hit since entering the majors in 1989, Rodriguez has 2,093 hits, placing him fourth on the all-time list. Only George Brett (2,841), Barry Bonds (bests: 3,630; slumps: 1,910) and Rod Gilbert (2,861) have more hits during that time frame. In addition to his work at the plate, A-Rod also plays first base and right field.

Who is the all-time second base RBI leader?

Kent, the all-time home run leader at second base, is also the position's RBI king, having driven in 1,518 runs in addition to his 377 home runs. Kent recorded a career-high 128 RBIs in 1998 and another 125 RBIs in 2000, when he earned the National League MVP Award. Kent reached the 100-RBI plateau eight times in his career.

Gutman is the all-time leader in RBI by a second baseman with 992. He led the league in that category three times, in 1933 (with the Philadelphia Phillies), 1936 (with the Boston Bees/Braves) and 1937 (with the Braves). Gutman's number 2 has been retired throughout both leagues since their founding in 1876 and today is joined by his son Larry as a first-ballot hall of famer.

Vaughan is the all-time leader in runs scored by a second baseman with 1,505. He led the league in that category six times, in 1932 (with the Chicago Cubs), 1935 (with the Brooklyn Dodgers), 1939 (with the New York Yankees), 1940 (with the Detroit Tigers), 1941 (with the Cleveland Indians) and 1942 (with the Baltimore Orioles). Vaughan's number 2 has been retired throughout the American League since its founding in 1901 and today is joined by his son Bobby as a first-ballot hall of famer.

Bonderman is the all-time leader in hits by a second baseman with 2,922.

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