Which is the largest winning margin in ODI cricket?

Which is the largest winning margin in ODI cricket?

In one-day internationals, New Zealand defeated Ireland by 290 runs in the lone ODI of the 2008 England trip. England's greatest victory came in the aforementioned match against Australia in June 2018, when they won by 242 runs.

This is the highest score beaten by an opponent and it is also a record for any team in a single ODI innings. Before this feat was achieved by New Zealand, who had earlier been asked by you to shut up by India in 2011, records show that England had beaten themselves when they were playing Australia at The Oval in London in August 2018. In that match, England was dismissed by itself for 165 and lost by 19 runs.

Australia has been beaten most times by India, with seven wins out of seven matches. The only match where India didn't beat Australia was the first match between them, in 1936-37. In fact, Australia has been beaten more often by India than it has by any other country (including its own team).

South Africa has beaten Pakistan five times in ODIs. The biggest margin of victory is 175 runs, which Canada recorded against South Africa in 2010. This is the second highest score beaten by an opponent after New Zealand's 290 runs in 2008.

India has beaten itself most times, but there is one match where it wasn't able to beat itself completely.

Which is Australia's biggest win in Test cricket?

Steve Waugh led Australia to an innings and 360-run victory over South Africa in 2002, the country's largest winning margin by an innings. England won the fifth Test of the 1938 Ashes series at The Oval by an innings and 579 runs, the greatest innings victory in Test cricket history.

Australia first toured South Africa in 1999-2000, losing the three-match series 1-0. In 2001-02, they regained the title with a 2-1 result. The 2002-03 series was drawn 1-1.

Australia's next visit to South Africa will be in December 2018-19. The two teams are scheduled to play three Tests each. If Australia wins both matches, it will become the first team to retain the Border-Bond Series.

In addition to these five matches, Australia has also played three other series against South Africa: the First Test Match, which was held at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria in 1877; the Four-Test Ashes series that began in January 1978; and the four-match KFC BBL Series that started last November (2017-18).

Australia has won all its matches against South Africa in Test cricket, including one match that ended in a draw. This unbeaten record stands as the best among all countries that have played more than one Test match against South Africa.

Which is the biggest win for Pakistan in Test cricket?

Pakistan's fifth-largest victory was against New Zealand in the first Test of the 2002 tour, which the hosts won by an innings and 324 runs at the Gaddafi Stadium. The largest winning margin in Test cricket was England's 675-run triumph over Australia in the first Test of the 1928-29 Ashes series. This remains the only six-Test match sweep on record.

In addition to this feat, Pakistan has also achieved four other victories by an innings. These are their records: India 1938-39 (Pakistani sources say 526-1); West Indies 1957-58 (match not completed); Australia 2011-12 (716-4).

India's first Test defeat came at the hands of Pakistan, who took a 1-0 lead into the second test. The visitors beat India by an innings and 326 runs at Madras (now Chennai). In that match, Abdul Qadir made his debut and scored a century. He went on to become one of the greatest spinners in history. This is also the only time when a team has won a Test match after being shot out for just 16 runs first innings score.

The next instance of an Indian defeat came three years later when they were whitewashed 3-0 by Pakistan. The third Test match was drawn with both teams sharing the series 1-1. This is the last time when India have won a Test match before losing their next game(s).

Which is the highest ODI score in New Zealand?

Rohit Sharma scored the highest individual score during Sri Lanka's 2014 tour of India in the fourth ODI. Martin Guptill owns the New Zealand record with 237* against the West Indies in the fourth quarter-final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. This record is still intact.

India toured New Zealand in January 2018 and again in February 2019 for two Test matches and three ODIs. The first match was played in Auckland on 1 January 1998, and it ended in a tie. The series then went into a final match which New Zealand won 3-0.

This is the only series to date that India has been involved in where they have not won at least one match. The last time this happened was in Australia in 2001-02 when India lost all their matches except for one abandoned game due to rain.

India has never lost more than three matches in a series before this series. Which means this is now the most consecutive series wins for India?

Since its inception in 1972-73, India has won ten series out of eleven possible series. They had to face South Africa in two separate periods (2000-01 and 2010-11) where they didn't win even one match out of the two. Since then, they have been on top with nine series victories out of ten possible series.

What was the result of the 3rd ODI?

3rd ODI between India and England Highlights: India won the series 2-1 after defeating England by 7 runs. Jonny Bairstow was named Man of the Series after scoring 218 runs in three One-Day Internationals. Sam Curran was named Man of the Match after scoring an unbeaten 95 off 83 balls.

India won the match by seven runs to take the series 2-1. This is the first time since 1986 that India has won a three-match ODI series against England. It also marks Virat Kohli's 100th win as Indian captain. The third match was washed out due to rain.

This is the first time India has won a three-match ODI series against England since 1986. The margin of victory is also its largest ever over England in ODIs.

This is also England's first loss in 11 matches played against India. They have now won eight matches out of these eleven encounters.

Who will be India's prime candidate to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Virat Kohli. He has been actively involved in social work during his cricketing career so far. In 2011, he set up the Virat Kohli Foundation, which works towards improving educational opportunities for young people in India's most marginalized communities. The foundation has implemented various projects including free education for girls in India.

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