Which country will host the Champions Trophy in 2021?

Which country will host the Champions Trophy in 2021?

India India, which will host the next Champions Trophy in 2021, were blasted by Pakistan by 180 runs in the finals at The Oval on Sunday. This is the first time India have been beaten by another country in an ODI match.

The Champions Trophy is an international cricket tournament held annually by the ICC between the top five countries according to Test match result. It was originally known as the Duleep Trophy until 2003 when it became the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier. In 2004, it changed its name again to the ICC Champions Trophy.

India won the last edition of the tournament in 2017. They also went on to win the 50-over World Cup the same year. This is their second consecutive title triumph.

Pakistan played exceptionally well in this game and could've won by more than 200 runs if they had taken advantage of some good bowling opportunities. But they fell short by just four runs and that is a fair result considering how well India started their campaign. This has come at a good time for Pakistan who were going through lean patches in terms of results. However, they must now focus on regaining the lost confidence of their players who seemed very nervous before the start of the game.

Who will host the next Champions Trophy?

The ICC Champions Trophy will be held in India in 2021, followed by the World Cup in 2023. The BCCI has expressed its interest in hosting the event.

In 2008, Mumbai was selected as one of the hosts for the Champions Trophy. The other country that made it to the short list was England, who were also chosen as one of the hosts for the World Cup the following year. However, after the financial crisis of 2009, both countries withdrew themselves from the race, leaving India as the only remaining candidate for the tournament.

India is already hosting a series of major events every year: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is being played across four cities throughout India, while the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore plays an important role in India's cricket team. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced in March 2010 that they had signed a deal with the government of Maharashtra to hold the 2011 Champions Trophy. The state government will pay Rs 500 crore ($80 million) as compensation for not holding the event in 2011 and 2012. In addition, another $20 million will be paid as security against future losses if India fails to deliver on certain commitments.

Which is the only country to win in the 60s, 50s, and 20 World Cups?

India India is the only country to have won the 60-over, 50-over, and 20-over World Cups. After winning the last 60-over World Cup in 1983 under Kapil Dev's captaincy, India went on to win the 20-over and 50-over World Cups under MS Dhoni in 2007 and 2011, respectively.

India won its first World Cup in 1951 by defeating England in the final of the tournament held in Australia. The match was known as the 'Test match' because it was played between two of the leading Test nations at the time. It has been estimated that over 85 million people watched this game live on television channels across the world. India has also won the World Cup in 1967 and 1971. In between, it came second three times in 1953, 1955, and 1959. No other country has ever won more than two World Cups in a row.

India won its second World Cup in 1983 by beating Pakistan in the final. This was also the first World Cup final to be decided by a single run after both teams scored 500+ runs during their respective innings. India had earlier lost to England in the semifinal of the 1930 World Cup when they were still called "British Indians".

In 2007, India became the first country to retain the title of World Champion after winning the tournament for the third time. In 2011, India won its fourth World Cup title after defeating South Africa in the final.

Who will win the T20 World Cup 2020?

India won the inaugural ICC Men's T20 World Cup, with Pakistan finishing second... Hemant Singh.

WinnerRunner upYear/Host
6. West IndiesEngland2016/India
7. Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemicPostponed due to COVID-19 pandemic2020/Australia
8. TBDTBD2021/UAE and Oman
9. TBDTBD2022/Australia

Where is the next ICC Champions Trophy in 2021?

The ICC confirmed in August 2020 that India will host the 2021 event, with Australia hosting the 2022 tournament. The final will be held at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne.

The decision was made after both countries gave their consent to the ICC. India hosted last year's tournament in England and Australia hosted in 2015. This is the first time that both countries have hosted the event simultaneously.

The ICC Champions Trophy is an international cricket tournament that has been played annually since 1956. The trophy remains within the ownership of the founder member country of England, but it is contested by the winners of each regional tournament. The current champions are India who beat New Zealand in the final held on Saturday, 2 June 2020 at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.

India won the right to host the tournament through a series of regional finals that included South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They defeated South Africa in the final match of the group stage to claim the top spot and guarantee themselves a place at the 2021 ICC Champions Trophy in India.

Other nations that have appeared in the tournament are England, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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