Where was the NHL All Star Game held in 2012?

Where was the NHL All Star Game held in 2012?

All-Star Game of the National Hockey League in 2012. The 2012 National Hockey League All-Star Game (also known as the 2012 Tim Hortons NHL All-Star Game) was held at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa on January 29, 2012. The "fantasy draft" structure, first seen in the 2011 NHL All-Star Game, was used for this year's All-Star Game. The format consisted of two seven-minute rounds, with each team having one captain select players from a pool of nominees selected by fans online. The teams then chose last year's All-Stars to replace those who were unable to play due to injury or suspension.

The game ended in a 3-3 tie after 20 minutes of play and had to be completed in three periods of 10 minutes each. The Metropolitan Division won the "drafting order", which determines how the teams will perform in the all-star game, so they got the first pick in the draft. They picked Fedor Tyutin, Joe Thornton, Brad Richards, and Matt Duchene. The Atlantic Division got Pierre McGuire as their captain and didn't select any players. Therefore, all players selected by the Metropolitan Division will be added to this year's All-Star Game roster while all players selected by the Atlantic Division will be suspended for the game.

The 2012 All-Star Game was the second time that Ottawa has hosted the event, following Montreal's win in 2006. This is also the first time that Ottawa has hosted the game since 2000 when Edmonton took advantage of an empty arena to defeat Nashville 4-1.

Who was the winner of the NHL All-Star Game?

In addition, at 105.9 mph (170.4 km/hr), Zdeno Chara shattered his own SuperSkills Competition record for hardest shot. The event was won by Team Staal, 33-22. The game was won by Team Lidstrom 11-10. The combined total of 21 goals was the fourth most in an NHL All-Star Game.

On January 30, 2011, the 2011 National Hockey League All-Star Game (also known as the 2011 National Hockey League All-Star Game presented by Discover) took place. The game was held at Raleigh's RBC Center, home of the Carolina Hurricanes. The Phoenix Coyotes were set to host the game at first, however...

Is there an exhibition game at the NHL All-Star Game?

The NHL All-Star Skills Competition, which showcases the varied abilities of both all-stars, precedes the All-Star Game. Beginning in 2007, the All-Star weekend included the NHL YoungStars Game, an exhibition game involving only rookies and played under significantly modified rules. The winner of the game receives the Harry Howell Memorial Cup as the rookie of the year.

An exhibition game has also been played at the All-Star Game in even years when a champion is being determined. The team that wins the most games over two periods of time wins the match. If the score remains tied after two periods, then several mini-games will be held to determine a winner. These games include: fastest skater, hardest shot, plus more.

In addition, each NHL franchise is allowed to select one player as a captain for the annual all-star game. The captain chooses his own teammates and is awarded with a gold stick with "All-Star" written on it. He or she is responsible for choosing other players to participate in the skills competition and/or game.

There have been 31 All-Star Games so far, with the Chicago Blackhawks having won the most games with nine. The Edmonton Oilers are second with eight victories.

The All-Star Game was created by the National Hockey League (NHL) as an annual mid-season tournament designed to determine the best hockey team in the world.

What was the score of the 2012 All-Star Game?

The National League All-Star Team defeated the American League All-Star Team 8-0 in the 2012 All-Star Game on July 10 in Kansas City, Missouri. Representatives from both the Giants and the Tigers were crucial to the conclusion. As captain of his team, Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals took the mound first and pitched a perfect game before retiring everyone he faced. After the game, he was named the MVP.

Strasburg's teammates cheered him on from the dugout during his performance. Buster Posey of the Giants hit a solo home run off Angels pitcher Jered Weaver in the top of the first inning; this was Posey's third home run of the All-Star Game and second in as many days (he also homered in the National League's 8-0 victory on July 9).

Weaver gave up four hits and no walks while striking out five in the game. The last out was made by Hunter Pence of the Astros after he struck out looking. The only runner that reached base was Eric Hosmer who walked on an 0-2 pitch from Strasburg with one out in the bottom of the first inning. He was sacrificed over when Pablo Sandoval of the Red Sox got into trouble trying to throw out Juan Pierre at second base; instead of throwing, he tried to beat the throw back to the plate and was caught by camera running away from the bag laughing.

What is the NHL All-Star Game?

The National Hockey League All-Star Game (French: Match des Etoiles de la Ligue Nationale de Hockey) is an exhibition ice hockey game staged during the regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL), featuring several of the league's top players. Each squad consists of four players. The event was first played in 1967 at Montreal's Forum, with the home team winning each time they have since been held.

The format for the All-Star Game has changed over the years but currently sees two 5-minute periods of play, with 3-on-3 action in the first period and 2-on-2 action in the second. The teams change positions, so that each player on one team does not face off against another player from the other team. At the end of the second period, there is a shootout to determine who wins.

This is the only annual sporting event hosted by Montreal. The NHL All-Star Game is usually held around mid-January, just before the start of the new season. However, it was postponed to February 1 due to the Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver and Sochi, Russia. It was again delayed to March 1, 2015.

The event is organized by the NHL and takes place every year except for 1978 when there was no All-Star Game because of a labor dispute between the NHL and its players' union. The last time the game was played outside North America was in 1995 in Japan.

When was the lockout in the NHL in 1994?

The 1994-95 NHL season was the 78th regular season of the National Hockey League. Due to the owners' lockout of the players, the clubs played a shorter season. Furthermore, the NHL All-Star Game, which was set for January 20-21, 1995, in San Jose, California, was canceled. The shortened season ended on April 16 with the Dallas Stars defeating the New York Rangers 4-3 at Madison Square Garden. It was the first time since 1939 that there had not been at least one game per team during the regular season.

There were two meetings of the owners before they finally agreed to accept a deal proposed by federal mediator George H. W. Bush. On the second day of talks, May 21, both sides reached an agreement and announced they had resolved their differences. The deal was ratified by 75% of the owners who voted on it; the remaining 25% were not willing to go along with the settlement.

The 1994-95 season was also marked by the deaths of three hockey people: Bill Muckalt, the coach of the Minnesota North Stars; John MacBain, the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks; and Bob Pulford, the president of player safety for the NHL. Pulford died on October 10 after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 53.

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