When did the Toronto Maple Leafs become an NHL team?

When did the Toronto Maple Leafs become an NHL team?

The NHL sold the franchise to new owners in 1919, who renamed the club the Toronto St. Patricks. In 1927, the franchise was sold and renamed the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club. Navy blue and white are the team colors. The Maple Leaf plays its home games at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The Maple Leaf first entered the NHL as a founding member of the league. However, since then, it has failed to win any championships. Today, the team is known for its annual series with the Boston Bruins -- called the "Maple Leafs' Cup". The winner of each series receives the cup.

The Maple Leaf's all-time best season was in 1967-68 when they finished first in the NHL's East Division with a record of 42-20-6. They lost in the first round of the playoffs that year to Montreal Canadiens by four games to one. The following season, they won their first Stanley Cup championship after defeating Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 in overtime of the final game played at Maple Leaf Gardens. That same season, owner Stafford Smythe announced that he was stepping down as president of the team and that his son William P. "Bill" Smyth would take over the role.

In 1971, Bill Smyth was killed in a plane crash along with fellow player Jean Béliveau and coach Jack Adams.

When did the Toronto St. Patricks start playing hockey?

The Toronto St. Patricks were a professional men's ice hockey team that joined the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1919. They played only one season, finishing last in their division with a 3-27-2 record, before being sold and relocated to New York City where they became the New York Rangers.

The St. Pats were founded in 1875 by the Christian Brothers as a sporting organization for young men. In 1917, after two years of play in the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, the team was purchased by Edward Bennett, who moved them to Toronto where they would become part of a rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. The 1918-19 season was the first time the St. Pats played hockey, winning four games without a loss. However, financial difficulties caused by the war led to the cancellation of the rest of the season.

In 1919, the St. Pats joined the NHL and were assigned to compete with the Montreal Canadiens for the title of best hockey team in Canada. Although they had more wins than the Habs, the Pats finished last in their division and all together had three victories. After one season, the team was sold to an ownership group from New York City and renamed them the New York St. Pats.

When did the Toronto St. Pats join the NHL?

On December 7, 1919, the Toronto St. Patricks of the Ontario Hockey Association bought the Toronto Arenas. The pro-NHL team adopted a shortened version of their amateur counterparts and were prepared to enter the ice with a new name (St. Pats) and new colors for the 1919/20 season (green and white). However, financial difficulties caused the team to fold after one season.

The St. Pats name has been used by several other teams in various leagues over the years, most notably the St. Pats of the American Hockey League from 1971 to 1976. The original St. Pats are still considered one of the founding members of the NHL.

However, there is some confusion about the exact year that they joined the league. Some sources claim that the year was 1919, while others say it was 1920. The official website of the NHL states that the year was actually 1919. We will follow this article's lead and list 1919 as the year that the Toronto St. Pats joined the NHL.

After one season under its new name, the team went bankrupt and was replaced by another squad called the St. Patricks who played in the OHA until it disbanded in 1926. The NHL continued to use the name St. Pats through at least the 1931/32 season.

It is possible that someone else used the name St. Pats before or after these teams.

What were the Leafs called before?

Arenas in Toronto Toronto Maple Leafs (Formerly: Toronto St. Patrick's)

The team was formed in 1917 as simply Toronto and was known as the Toronto Arenas at the time. In 1919, the team was renamed the Toronto St. Patricks under new ownership. Conn Smythe bought the team in 1927 and christened it the Maple Leafs.

How did the Toronto Maple Leafs get their name?

Originally known as the Toronto Arenas, they were acquired in 1928 by Conn Smythe, who renamed the team the Toronto Maple Leafs and used the proceeds to support the construction of Maple Leaf Gardens, one of the NHL's primary foundation arenas. The team went on to become one of the most successful in NHL history, winning four Stanley Cups between 1947 and 1954.

The Maple Leaf is Canada's national emblem, appearing on all manner of products from banknotes to candy bars. It was adopted when Canadian Confederation was formed in 1867.

The nickname "Maple Leafs" was first used by the media during the playoffs when they showed footage of trees falling during a storm while talking about how hard it was for the players to find ice time due to all the talent on the roster.

Many claim that the nickname originated with Smythe to honor his love of maple syrup, but this is not true. He originally called them the Victoria Maple Leafs because they had a roster full of veterans like himself who had played for the Montreal Victorias back when the NHL only had two teams. When he bought the team, he wanted to bring in some youth so he changed the name to reflect this new direction.

When were the Leafs called the St. Pats?

1919-1927: The team was known as the St. Pats before changing its name to the Maple Leafs in 1927.

1928-1932: The team was known as the Habs after moving into their new home, Maple Leaf Gardens.

1933: The Maple Leafs won their first of four Stanley Cups.

1934: The Maple Leafs lost in the finals to the Chicago Black Hawks.

1935: The Maple Leafs won their second Stanley Cup title. They went on to win another two titles in a row in 1936 and 1937. These are the only three years that has happened since 1924 when the Canadiens and Maple Leafs both won their first titles.

1938: The Maple Leafs lost in the finals to the Boston Bruins. This was the first time that had happened since 1924 when both Montreal and Toronto won their first titles.

1939: The Maple Leafs lost in the finals to the Detroit Red Wings.

1940: The Maple Leafs lost in the finals to the New York Rangers.

1941: The NHL suspended all hockey activity during World War II.

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