When did Russell Westbrook play for the Thunder?

When did Russell Westbrook play for the Thunder?

Russell has gone a long way from earning the most prestigious awards while playing in college to becoming one of the most recognized "NBA" stars. He made his NBA debut in 2008, when he was picked by the Seattle SuperSonics, who were later renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook, his father, rigorously trained him. When Russell was 18 years old, he signed with an agent and started looking at different teams so he could play basketball around the world if he wanted to. The Thunder gave him a chance and he didn't let them down. In 2010, he became only the second player in NBA history to score 50 points in a game when he did it against the Denver Nuggets. The other one was Michael Jordan.

Now let's see how many points he can score in the upcoming games.

When did Russell Westbrook start playing basketball?

2008 Russell Westbrook was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008 as the fourth overall pick in the draft. He played one season at Georgia Tech before entering the NBA.

Russell Westbrook's career average is 20.5 points, 10.0 rebounds and 8.1 assists per game. He has won the MVP award twice so far during his career.

Westbrook originally wanted to play football until a friend got him into basketball because it was more popular than football at that time in Oklahoma. The friend then helped him get into college where he could play ball.

After playing just one season at Georgia Tech, Russell entered the NBA straight out of college. He immediately became one of the best players in the league and continues to improve each year.

In 2011, he led the Thunder to the playoffs for the first time in their history. In 2012, he averaged 28.0 points, 10.0 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game which earned him his first MVP award.

He is still very much involved in sports outside of basketball too. He plays baseball and football in addition to making an appearance in the WWE wrestling series.

Where was Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets born?

Russell Westbrook of the NBA's Houston Rockets has gotten a lot of attention for his spectacular scoring performances and unique clothes. Russell Westbrook, who was born on November 12, 1988, in Long Beach, California, began to play basketball from his basketball-obsessed father. The family moved to Texas when Russell was a child so he could play high school basketball. He went on to attend UCLA where he became one of the top players in the country. As a rookie, he started at point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder and helped them win the championship.

After three seasons with the Thunder, he joined the Houston Rockets where he continues to produce incredible numbersevery game. He is now one of the best guards in the NBA and is known for his dazzling plays and energetic personality on and off the court.

In addition to playing basketball, Russell also models clothing lines and has his own line of sneakers called "Westbrook 5" with Nike. In 2014, he was named the NBA MVP after averaging 28.5 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists per game.

Now you know more about Russell Westbrook, an amazing basketball player who has been very successful in his career so far. Have fun watching your Rockets take on the Warriors this season!

What is Russell Westbrook’s middle name?

Russell Westbrook III (born November 12, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association's Los Angeles Lakers (NBA). He plays at the point guard position. His nickname is The Thunder and he is a three time NBA MVP nominee.

He played one season of college basketball for the Oklahoma City University before being drafted first overall by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2007 NBA draft. In 2011, Westbrook led the Trail Blazers to their first ever Western Conference Finals appearance before losing to the Dallas Mavericks. In 2012, he helped lead the Trail Blazers to their first ever NBA championship after defeating the Miami Heat 4-1. In 2014, he became only the second player in NBA history to score 50 or more points in a game five times in a single season when he reached the mark against the New York Knicks. The other player to do so was Michael Jordan who accomplished this feat in 1992.

Westbrook has also won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award in 2011 and 2012. He is considered one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.

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